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Summary: Sebastian took Ciel's soul but he is finding it rather hard to move on. Slight morbid warning

By Your Side Even After Death

The cold lifeless body sat elegantly on the bench. The demon grinned. Even dead there was a certain amount of charm to the Earl. The color left his face because his blood stop pumping through his veins.

Reaching out Sebastian touched the cold cheek running his bare fingers over the whole face like he did moments ago when the boy was alive. What was next? He had nothing to do now.

He sat next to his ex-master just waiting to be summoned again. He didn't move for days on end the smell or the corpse wasn't at all bad to him. In fact he actually liked the scent of Ciel. Normally after one's meal then would drop the body someone and let someone else find it. To keep one was slightly different it meant that you actually like serving your meal.

Ciel was by far his favorite pry. Never before had the butler felt so "alive." The impure soul of his master was truly a delicacy dare he say it but he was slightly upset it was over.

Sebastian continued to sit next to the rotting flesh awaiting his next victim. Then he called; his new master. The demon stood brushing off his clothes making sure they were clean for his next appearance. He turned to look at his master once more. His lips were pressed into a thin line not showing any emotion. Respectfully he bowed and kissed the bony hand of the Phantomhive heir.

"I must go now I don't know when I will see you next." He paused as if waiting for a reply he knew would never come. He let the limb go watching it fall to the bench cracking the palm area. Then Sebastian left.

A heart beat of a small boy raced faster then a race car. His pants echoing throughout the cold night. His shoelace untied while running eventually leading him to trip and hit the hard dirty ground. The boy sat up immediately but it was too late for his was surrounded. "You no longer have faith for that you have summoned me. Let us now make a contract!" A loud voice came from now where.

The child looked around then back up at his attackers. They were grinning at him the voice unnoticed by them. "Help me!" The boy shouted closing his eyes not caring what other though about him crying out like that.

"Yes, My Lord." The child's eyes stayed shut when he felt no pain from his attackers. He covered his face when the boy let out a blood curdling scream. When he opened his eyes the attackers were dead. Sebastian stepped forward coming out from the darkness.

He went down on one knee. "My Lord." He greeted. The evil spirit got a good look at his new master. The boy was a few years younger than Ciel and came from a poor peasant family. He was dainty with a less graceful skinny skeleton form. "My name is Sebastian; your butler."

"I can't afford you." The tall male chuckled.

"I don't want your money. I shall see that all of your orders are carried out and in return your soul is mine." The kid nodded in agreement without heatation the devil just smirked.

Sebastian stood reaching for his new master. His pointer finger made contact with one of his eyeballs. The child screamed in pain the proof of their bond embedded on his eye. Weary the child tipped over his servant catching him. The dark butler grabbed an eye patch from his pocket and tied it around the sleeping boy's head. "Now show me all of your hate for the world ,young master. "


"I'm home, young master! There you are right where I left you." He chuckled running his hand down the body. The flesh on Ciel's body was completely gone and his outfit half eating. "How are you today?" Hid long digits were placed under the mandible lifted the skull.

"My master after you was full of hate but no like your hate." He brought his forehead down to touch the skull's gazing deeply into empty eye sockets. He breathed in deeply to the human nose the body no longer smelled. The demon could smell him like it was back when he was first decaying.

In his abyss he heard the cry of another boy waiting to be his meal. "Young master I need to go." He kissed one hand then bowed like normal. "I'll see you later."


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