"I'm back, young master." The demon frowned walking closer to his master. "Oh what has happened to you?" He groaned. The decomposing flesh soaked into the bench and the ground creating this black spot around the body.

Not even a demon could stop the decaying of anything but Sebastian would do all he could to prevent it. "Let's get you clean." Being as gently as possible Sebastian gathered Ciel in his arms picking him up bridal style. No matter how gentle the devil was his earl was still as fragile.

The sacrum disconnected from the lumbar with the sound of a light pop. A few of the spinal bones fell off on to the ground with little clatters. The butler held his lord close to his chest trying hard not to drop him. The legs dangled slightly but that was enough for the leg to detach from knee.

He stuttered out an apology knowing the child didn't want to be treated that way without carefulness. Sadly he gazed at the pieces that broke into thousand or more shards knowing there was no way to fix them. "I have been neglecting you lately haven't I? I'm sorry young master."

He drew a handkerchief from his inner pocket; wetting it with his tongue then wiping it across the dirty bones. The servant didn't stop till the bones were white as if there were bleached. Softly he removed the head from the cervical rubbing the top of his head like he was a pet.

Each bone was thoroughly cleaned all the bacteria killed. Sebastian then put his sire back together minus his skull. The head laid in his lap like a lap cat begging for attention.

"I fear the next time I come home you will not be here to greet me." Deeply his gazed into the empty socket-in an almost romantic manner-. He trailed the handkerchief through the eye sockets. "Young master you look so empty…or maybe that's me." The demon frowned his shoulders dropping.

"Oh yes! I have something for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Phantomhive family ring. The shinny blue sapphire that fit perfectly in his thumb. "You don't have much need for it now but I refuse to let a minor pedigree touch it." Like his earl had many times before he kissed the navy ring. "No one has ever come close to your magnificent taste. They all give pathetic orders too, I'm completely wasted."

The ring was placed in the black socket; from a distance it looked like one hole was glowing blue. "Amazing."

Looking back at his aristocrat's body most of it was still intact but not for long. He picked up one of the spinal bones watching it shatter in his hand, and then blow away in a guest. He picked up a bigger and stronger bone; it was cracked a little but wasn't as fragile. Ciel couldn't survive here for much longer and it was he fault for not taking better care of his master.

He picked the head up by the sides holding it close to his face. "I failed your order, Young master. But I want to ask would you do me the honor of being by my side forever?"

A/N: This is dedicated to Saku for giving me the idea. I hope you like it but I didn't have the heart to completely turn him to dust. Doesn't this remind you of Richard who wouldn't let go of that skull because he thought it would be lonely? Aww Sebastian is lonely.