Hey, wassup! I wanted to write this. It's going to be short. Maybe 1-3 chapters, I don't know. Anyway, it's about Harry and Hermione after the war. Like, right after. And Harry decides just what exactly he wants to do with his life now that he can live.

Weasleys exist in this story, however, Hermione never dated Ron and Harry never dated Ginny. Instead, Ron is in a strong relationship with Luna Lovegood; and you'll see with Ginny.

This is a father-mother-son kind of story between Harry and Hermione and Teddy. Teddy was born in April 1998, but in this story he was born in December 1997. I wanted to make him a little older.

Once again, Hermione in this story was born AFTER Harry. So she's younger than him.



The wind blew through his hair as he stood up on the hill. He closed his eyes and felt it for the first time. The wind. He never got to enjoy it until now. The war was over. Many died. Some lived. All grieved. All celebrated.

He stood there in a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, and a gray zip-up hoody. He had just gotten out of the Hospital Wing. He had been in there for a few days recovering. He was so happy to get out of there.

What was he to do now? Should he become an auror like he wanted to before the war? Should he live in solitude? Should he run and leave without a goodbye? It would be the easiest thing to do. He had done his job. He saved the world from a dark corruption. No one no longer needed him.

So many had died. Fred. Dobby. Ted Tonks. Moody. Colin Creevey. Remus. Tonks. They left their baby son orphaned. Harry's godson. He and Hermione's godson. Ted "Teddy" Remus Lupin. He was five months old, Harry guessed. So innocent. So vulnerable. Harry had never met the tyke and already he was making comparisions between him and himself. They were both orphaned, and were sent to their only living relatives; only this time, Teddy was actually loved.

"Hey, Harry!" a voice called from afar. He turned to the voice and saw red hair. It was Ginny Weasley and another figure. She waved a little sadly, obviously for her brother, Fred. He gave a small one back. The figure wrapped his arms around her. Harry squinted his eyes to focus on who it was. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. That blonde hair, he knew it.

Draco Malfoy.

What was she doing with Draco Malfoy?! And why was he holding her?! Harry was concerned, but didn't want to deal with it right now. After all, he didn't seem to be hurting her.

He looked straight ahead again and sighed deeply.

And he thought for a while. He didn't want to face the funerals. He didn't want to see people crying. He didn't want to see their grief. But he knew he had to pay his respects. He heard a noise behind him, pulling him from his thoughts.

"Come on, you can do it, Teddy. Just move your feet," came a familiar voice. He turned around and smiled slightly. Hermione was walking up the grassy hill to him. In her fingers were two small hands that were attached to a tiny body. Little Teddy Lupin was being held up by his godmother. He had brown eyes and yellow hair. She practically carried him by his arms. He giggled when his feet left the ground. "Hehe," went his laugh, making Harry break out a wider smile. "Show Harry how you can walk...or attempt to walk actually." This last part she said to herself. The walking wasn't getting anywhere, but he was still young to start walking. Hermione lifted him into her arms and walked up to Harry, who moved down to her, getting away from the cliff as it was very dangerous for the little one.

"Hey," he said simply.

"Hey," she replied and hugged him gently, careful not to crush Teddy between them. "Hey, buddy, you like Hermione?" he asked his godson who just laughed and clapped his hands.

"He better," Hermione playfully warned.

Harry looked at her. Really looked at her. She looked a little happier than last he saw her. The black bruises around her eyes were gone, indicating she was getting more sleep now. Her hair was down today, waving in the wind, framing her face. Harry thought she never looked more beautiful. "So, this is Teddy?" he asked stupidly.

"Well, obviously," she said with a smile. "Andromeda let me have him for a bit, while she went get some sleep." She became serious now. "She's weak, Harry. She can't take care of him anymore."

"Wh-where is he to go?" he asked concernedly.

"With his godparents, of course!" she said.

"Us?" Harry asked shocked.


"I-I don't know how to take care of a baby." He backed up a bit nervously as if he carried a disease and didn't want the baby to get it.

"Harry, it's okay. I'll help you," she reassured him. Teddy looked at his godfather curiously and reached out for him. Harry didn't know what he wanted.

"He wants you to hold him," the female told him.

"Oh...I've never held a baby before," he said reaching for his godson and took him in his arms, holding him tightly. Teddy smiled and stared at him with a strange expression on his face, as if he was trying to figure out if he liked this person or not. He apparently did because what he did next made Hermione want to die. Teddy wrapped his tiny arms around his godfather's neck, hugging him. Harry was stunned, but didn't falter. He kissed the side of his head and rubbed his back soothingly.

"He likes you," Hermione said with a smile, stroking the little boy's light blue hair, which probably meant calmness.

"Yeah," he agreed. He looked at her. "Hey, what's the deal with Ginny and Malfoy?"

Hermione's smile never left her face when she told this story. "Actually, I think this is pretty cute. He saved her in the Battle."

"What?!" he cried in disbelief.

"Yep," she said. "A Death Eater shot an Avada Kedevra at her and Malfoy pulled her out of the way, saving her. And he's a Death Eater as well! And get this, it was Lucius Malfoy who threw the curse at her! He went against his own father to save a 'blood traitor'. Apparently, he's in love with her. She's beginning to fall in love with him. She saw him in a new light when he saved her."

Harry couldn't believe it. An ex-Death Eater and a poor pureblood together. Their fathers hated each other. But they were in love. It was like a Romeo and Juliet story. "How are the Weasleys taking it?"

"Well, Ron and his brothers are furious. Mr. Weasley's not too happy either. Mrs. Weasley's trying really hard to see the good in this. It's like she changed him into a good person or something. I really hope they see that."

"I don't blame the Weasleys for being angry, but I think they should give him a chance. I mean, she's happy! She deserves him, I guess. But if he hurts her, I'm going to hunt him down...and kick his ass," he said. No one was going to touch his surrogate sister.

Hermione covered Teddy's ears. "Harry! Language!"

"He doesn't know what it means!" he reasoned with her.

"Yeah, but how would you like if that was his first word?" she shook her head.

She was right, of course, as always.

"So, when are the funerals for his parents?" he asked.


Harry put on his black suit with white button-down shirt. Hermione wore a black dress that was very pretty but she was not trying to be. In her arms, held a well-dressed Teddy. He had electric-blue hair today. It seemed that he knew what was going on and it made him depressed.

They stood with many other people at the graves of Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin and Remus Lupin. Andromeda stood by them and watched as her daughter and son-in-law were being buried. Harry held her as she cried.

He looked around at everyone else there. The Weasleys were there. Ron was holding onto Luna, who he had a strong relationship with. A few of the students that Remus Lupin had taught were there. The remaining of the Order.

What he saw on the other side of the graves made him angry. Narcissa Malfoy and her son were fighting very quietly. Well, Narcissa was talking to him, but he was not really listening.

Harry walked over to the broken family and said, "If you're going to do that, I want to ask you politely to continue this somewhere else or wait until the service is over. Please, show some respect."

Narcissa grabbed her son's arm and pulled it. "Come on, Draco."

"No!" he hissed at her and pulled away from her. "I'm in love with Ginny Weasley! Deal with it!" he went to her side and comforted her as she cried.

Narcissa folded her arms and stood her ground. She was going to wait until after the service to talk to him. Harry walked back to his spot next to Hermione and their godson. He noticed Andromeda staring daggers at her sister.

After the service, Andromeda rushed to her sister and asked, "What are you doing here?! You don't belong here!"

"Meda, she was my niece. Besides, I'm here to talk to my son. He doesn't belong here either," she said innocently.

"You are not welcome here! Your son has been forgiven and he doesn't want anything to do with you!" Draco stared daggers at his mother as well. His arms still around Ginny. He was very possessive about her. He didn't want his mother to come near her.

Narcissa suddenly turned her gaze to Teddy, still in Hermione's arms. She, along with Harry saw what she was looking at and the former held him tightly against her chest. Harry wrapped his arm around Hermione. Narcissa sneered and turned and left.

Everyone left the graves, all except Harry, Hermione, and Teddy. Teddy wiggled out of his godmother's grasp and onto the ground. He crawled over to the graves and touched a palm on his mother's and then on his father's. He knew. He knew it was them. Hermione started to cry and Harry held her.

"Come on, buddy, we have to go inside," Harry said to the little boy. Teddy looked at his godfather and sat down on the ground, looking down sadly. Harry walked over to him and lifted him into his arms. "Come on, let's go see Grandma." Teddy wrapped his arms around his neck and gazed at his late parents' graves. He waved to them as if saying, "'Bye-bye."

A month later, Harry and Hermione were living in the Potter Manor in Godric's Hollow. They had made a nursery for Teddy when he came to spend the night a few times, usually once a week.

However, Harry had him by himself tonight as Hermione went to Australia to restore her parents' memories and bring them back to England. He was sad when she left. But she should be coming back soon as she had phoned him not long ago.

"It's just you and me, buddy, remember from last week?" he said when Teddy looked around for his godmother. He loved her like a mother. His hair turned a light shade of blue, a little depressed. He loved his godfather, but when both of them were together, he was the happiest. "Hey, it's okay. 'Mione's going to be back. Don't worry." Harry had the little boy by himself once before, and he figured he could manage one more time. After all, it was night time and he was to give him back the next day at around two. "You hungry, Teddy?" The little boy's hair turned a faint brown, indicating that he was happier once he heard the word "hungry". He clapped his hands and giggled. "Alright then, buddy."

He took him into the kitchen and set him in his high chair. He snapped his bib on him and got to work on making his dinner; or getting the jars of baby food out of the cabinets. He had a jar of strained peas for dinner. Harry wanted to vomit when he saw the "food". Teddy was eating it up happily. "How can you eat this stuff, Teddy?"

The happy baby just ate and twiddled his forefingers happily. After he ate, Harry gave him a bath and put his pajamas on. He sat in the rocking chair and rocked him to sleep. The little boy lay in his godfather's arms with a pacifier in his mouth. Harry watched it go back and forth. He twitched every now and then, but didn't wake up.

Suddenly, he felt someone watching him. His head snapped up and he smiled. She was back.

His best friend, Hermione Granger stood there with a smile on her face and a suitcase in her hand. She set it down. She loved moments of walking in on Harry and Teddy. It was the cutest thing. "Hey," he whispered happy to see her.

"Hey," she replied and walked to the rocking chair. Two people he had only seen once or twice before, but had never properly met stood at the door. They smiled as they saw the baby. Harry believed these were her parents. He could see Hermione's beauty in her mother and her brown hair in her father.

"Are those your parents?" he asked after Hermione kissed the little boy's forehead gently. She nodded. "Yeah, I told them about Teddy and they wanted to meet him. I guess they can tomorrow when he's awake."

Harry nodded and stood up, kissing the baby's forehead and laying him down in his crib. Hermione pulled the blue blanket around his tiny body. "Goodnight, sweet baby boy."

"Goodnight, buddy."

Harry turned on the magic turning lamp that gave off lights of fish around the room. Hermione turned out the big lamp and turned on the baby monitor, taking the portable twin with her. Then, with Harry, they left the room, shutting the door, but leaving a crack.

When they got outside the room, Harry wrapped his arms around Hermione properly. "I've missed you so much." He kissed the side of her head.

"I've missed you, too, Harry." When they parted, Harry went to the two Grangers and introduced himself. "Hi, my name is Harry Potter. You must be Hermione's parents. It's nice to meet you." He stuck out his hand to Mr. Granger.

He smiled and shook it. "Jacob Granger, Harry. It's nice to finally meet you."

Harry went to shake her mother's hand, but he was surprised and shocked when she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "Thank you so much, Harry. Thank you for keeping our daughter safe."

Harry just hugged her back nervously. "Erm...no problem, ma'am."

"Call me 'Charlotte'. You're practically family," she said after they parted.

"Erm...okay," he chuckled. "Would you like something to drink? Tea?" he offered.

"Yes, please," they said.

In the kitchen, the three sat down at the table while Harry made tea. When he put the kettle on the stove, he turned to look at them and asked, "So, when did you get in?" The question was more directed to Hermione.

"A few hours ago," she answered. "I went with them to get settled back into our old home. There was no damage at all. I was going to call, but I wanted to surprise you and Teddy. And Mum and Dad wanted to meet you two."

"Oh, maybe you could meet him tomorrow," Harry suggested. "He'll be here until two o'clock when his grandmother comes to get him. I'd really like if you'd stop by for lunch."

Hermione smiled at him. Harry was so cute and sweet.

"Sure, that would be lovely," Charlotte said.

The kettle hissed and Harry took it off of the stove and poured the hot water into four teacups. He gave one to each person and they put their teabags in.

"Thank you, Harry," Jacob said gratefully.

"So, Harry, what do you do?" Charlotte asked.

Harry took a sip of his tea and said, "Oh, uh, I don't have a profession just yet." He blushed. "But I would like to be an auror. That's a Dark wizard catcher, kind of like police officer. My parents were aurors and it sounds really interesting. But, um...I'm not sure if I want to do it anymore."

Hermione looked confused. Harry's always wanted to be an auror. Why didn't he want to be one anymore?

"Why?" her mother voiced.

"Well, I have a baby to take care of. I really just want to be there for him and not have to go off to work all the time. Besides, my parents left me with enough money to go without working for a few lifetimes," he chuckled to himself. "And I really don't want to work. I want to pay attention to my godson."

"Our godson," Hermione corrected.

"Right, our godson," he agreed.

"We're in this together, Harry."

He smiled and nodded. "I just...want to live, you know? I haven't really had a life in seventeen years. I think I would like to spend time enjoying my life instead of working. I think, in a way, I guess,...I deserve it. I don't mean to sound conceited."

"You don't sound conceited at all, son," Jacob said. "You just sound like a teenager who has had a troubled life and wants to live the most of his life. Do whatever you want. Go sailing. Go fly a kite. Go jump out of a plane...with a parachute, of course."

"Don't you dare, Harry!" Hermione warned and they all laughed.

"I won't," he assured her.

"I'm just giving you examples of what you could do now that you're a free man. Enjoy your life. If you want to take care of a baby, go ahead. That will be a lucky baby because it was raised by a wonderful person who did whatever he could to keep everyone safe, including him," Jacob said. His words touched Harry's heart. "No one can dictate your life but yourself."

Harry nodded and said, "Thank you, sir."

"Hermione, you live here now?" her mother asked her.

The seventeen-year-old blushed and looked down. "Erm...yeah, actually. I've been living here for a month. Well, two weeks because I went get you two in Australia. Harry asked me if I wanted to live with him, so I told him I would to help with Teddy when he comes over every week."

"It has really made my life easier," Harry added in. "Really, she watches him when I go shower or whatever. Go to the store. She's really great with him. He loves her very much. He's very attached to her. If you want her to move away, please don't. I really like living with her."

The Grangers looked at each other and smiled. "Harry, we weren't going to pull her away from here. We wouldn't do that. Besides, we couldn't anyway. She's emancipated from us."

Harry blushed and nodded. He finished his tea and put it in the sink.

The Grangers finished their tea and decided to go home and unpack and get to bed.

"We'll be back at noon tomorrow for lunch and to meet Teddy," Charlotte said hugging the both of them. "Goodbye."

They said their goodbyes and left by Floo.

In the kitchen, Harry put the teacups in the sink and turned to his best friend who was behind him. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her. "I've missed you so much."

She hugged him back and chuckled. "Harry, you've already said that."

"I know, but I really did. It hasn't been the same without you. Teddy's missed the hell out of you, as well." He kissed the top of her head. He laughed. "You should have seen me with him today and last week. Oh, it was a nightmare without you. But he's still alive. That's the important part."

She laughed as well. "Of course it is. Oh, I missed him so much, too. I missed his little giggles. I needed a baby in my arms."

"Come on, let's go talk." Harry took her hand and they went upstairs. Hermione picked up her suitcase and brought it into her room. Harry put the baby monitor on the dresser so they could hear him.

Hermione put her suitcase on her bed and unzipped it to unpack it.

"So, how was Australia?" he asked sitting on the bed where it wasn't occupied by a suitcase.

"It was alright, I guess. It took me a week to find them. I restored their memories and they..." she stopped short as if she was about to cry.

"They what?" he encouraged her to finish.

"They were quite furious with me for making them forget me. But I told them what happened. That it was safe to come home. That I did it to save them. Then they forgave me," she smiled weakly at him.

He smiled back. "That was very strong of you to do, Hermione. You made them forget you to protect them. I'm glad they came to their senses."

Once she finished unpacking, she put her empty suitcase in her closet and laid on the bed with Harry, exhausted. Harry lay back against the pillows and opened his arms up. She laid her head down on his chest, wrapping her arm around his torso. Harry wrapped his arms around her, keeping her close. "I'm so tired," she yawned.

"Then sleep," he said kissing her on the top of the head again. He took his glasses off and tokk out his wand. He extinguished the light so that she could fall asleep. Holding her against him, they both fell asleep.

A baby's cry woke them up the next morning at seven o'clock. Hermione groaned and rolled off of Harry, who opened his eyes and looked at her chuckling a bit. "Come on, let's go get him." They rolled out of bed and went into the nursery to get the little boy.

He was standing up in his crib, holding onto the bars. There was a smell in the air as Hermione said, "Whew! We have a Code Brown over here!" Harry laughed at her joke.

Once Teddy saw Hermione, he stopped crying and his lonely blue hair turned a happy yellow and he laughed and giggled excitedly. "Hey, Teddy Bear! Did you miss me?" She lifted him from his crib into her arms. She put him on the baby changing station and changed his diaper.

When she was done, she threw away the dirty one and picked him up again. "Come on, Harry, let's get him some breakfast." Harry followed them out of the room and tickled Teddy. He giggled really hard, satisfying Hermione, who missed his giggles.

They got to the kitchen and Hermione put him in his high chair and snapped on his bib. Harry got out applesauce in a baby food jar, a tiny spoon, and a bottle of milk from the fridge. Hermione took them and fed the baby.

At noontime, the Grangers came over as Harry was cooking stew. Hermione answered the door with Teddy in her arms. "Hey, Mum, hey, Dad!" she greeted and let them in. She hugged them and said, "This is Teddy."

"Hello, little one. My name is Charlotte Granger and this is Jacob. We're your godmother's Mum and Dad. I guess we're your surrogate grandparents," Charlotte said kissing his forehead. Hermione blushed.

Teddy looked at his godmother unsure of what to do. "It's okay. 'They're nice. Wave to them. Tell them 'hi'. Go on, Teddy Bear." The six-month-old waved to the both of them smiling and his hair turning a dark yellow, almost cream-colored.

Harry came out from the kitchen and greeted them, "Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I see you met this one here." He gestured to his godson.

"It's 'Charlotte' and 'Jacob'," Hermione's Dad corrected and Harry nodded. "And, yes, Hermione just introduced us."

They ate lunch and talked some more about the future. At one-thirty, they decided to leave as Teddy would be leaving in half an hour.

Harry packed up his godson's belongings, just the essential things, like some of his toys he loved and a few of his clothes. At ten to two, he brought them down to the living room, where Hermione was playing with him. He hated when Teddy left. Hermione wasn't as lively when he left and there was no one to brighten his day, just Hermione.

Teddy saw his bag and frowned, his hair turning blue. He knew what it meant. He loved his grandmother, but he didn't like leaving his godparents. Harry came and sat next to them on the ground. He laid down and Teddy crawled over to him laughing at him. He threw himself on his godfather. Harry laughed and grabbed him, tickling him with no mercy. Teddy laughed hysterically and couldn't stop. Harry only stopped when his arm got tired.

Two o'clock passed. And then three. Soon it was four o'clock.

Andromeda was supposed to be there two hours before. Harry and Hermione were getting nervous that something bad had happened to her. They tried Flooing her and calling her, but no one picked up.

Finally, there was a knock at the door, so Harry stood to get it. He opened it and was confused. It was a Ministry official it looked like and a woman who looked to be in her forties. He smiled sadly. "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"Yes, is this Potter Manor?" Harry nodded.

"Yes, sir, it is."

"You're Harry Potter?" Harry nodded again.

"Do you know an Andromeda Tonks?" Harry's heart dropped, but he nodded slowly.

"What happened?" he asked urgently.

Hermione heard the old woman's name and stood with Teddy in her arms. She walked and stood behind her best friend, awaiting the answer.

"We found her dead body in her home."


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