The Aftermath

A Torchwood Hurt/Comfort/Angst Fanfic

Many loose ends were not taken care of in the train wreck of the events with the 456. This is an attempt to address a small portion of that failure.

Rated K for light angst.

Disclaimer: Tony belongs to CBS. Bond references belong to whoever owns that copyright. Torchwood belongs to RTD. The quotes and inspiration come from enigma-kar's "Weevil Afloat".

A/N: I've had this knocking around my computers for ages. I read "Weevil Afloat" – which is quite good, if you like or at least know both fandoms – and was inspired to write this by the two lines that appear in "Chapter" Two.

I couldn't decide which of these two versions to put up. I like them both, but also think that neither one properly gets my idea across. What do you think?

Chapter/Version One (211 words)

Cardiff. It was only a stone's throw away, considering everywhere he could have gone, from London. From the Thames House, where it all went down. Where they arrived. Still, it had seemed the right decision, at the time he had made it. It met his requirement of being out of the country – even off-continent.

And maybe it would meet another. It was barely a year ago that he had me them but only know that he believed their outlandish claims of liens. Sure he'd always want to, but here was the proof.

Proof of aliens. Proof of government conspiracies. Proof that governments were willing to sacrifice one tenth of the world's children to correct their mistakes.

Oh, what a wonderful movie this would make. What a wonderful movie that no-one would have believed possible, before it was truth. What a wonderful, unbelievable, secret-agent movie it would make, seeing this disaster from the inside.

That was what he needed he decided. 007 and someone who knew what was going on, whether or not he would tell him. Whether or not he could tell him.

And so, Tony DiNozzo set out to find one Ianto Jones, somewhere in the city of Cardiff, four months after the incident with the 456.