The Aftermath

Disclaimer: Tony belongs to CBS. Bond references belong to whoever owns that copyright. Torchwood belongs to RTD. The quotes and inspiration come from enigma-kar's "Weevil Afloat".

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Chapter/Version Two (278 words)

The one thing that stuck in his head most, while the entire event was in the process of occurring, was how good a movie it would have made. Proof of aliens! Proof of secret government agencies gone rogue! Proof that governments were willing to sacrifice one tenth of the world's children to correct a mistake!

For the five days that it took for anything to be resolved, he was sure that he was going to wake up and find it all a bizarre dream brought on by the wrong combination of booze, girls, and violent movies. And work. Too much of it.

However, this was one nightmare he never woke up from. And, unlike most such movies, it didn't end on a positive note with all the extraneous plot-twists tied together in a fancy bow. It simply left him much more confused than before, and sure of one thing: he needed a break.

And maybe a good movie or two. A large amount of time spent drowning his sorrows in a good secret agent movie wouldn't be wasted. A movie with crimes that made sense and all the answers. Answers he wasn't going to get staying at home.

In a flash, he remembered Torchwood and something one of its members had promised.

"Hey, Ianto. If you're ever in DC in the future, we've got to meet up and watch some Bond, yeah?"

"Sure, Tony. Same goes if you're ever in Cardiff."

Now was the time to take that month-long vacation he'd been planning for ages. And he knew where he'd start, despite its proximity to 'Ground Zero' of the 456 incident.


And one Ianto Jones.