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Prompt: perfect blue

'she implies by not blinking when she's talking to you'

As an only child, he'd always craved siblings of some sort. The closest thing he'd had to them growing up had been Aidan and Winter. Five years older and a more than certified genius, Aidan had more played the part of idol and mentor than the ideal older brother, especially when he insisted on calling him by title in mixed company. And Winter…Winter had always been a girl. He'd known that night when they had last heard their mothers that she would be the one he'd eventually marry.

Preciousness was a genetic trait of the Hellsing line.

Through the years, his education and upbringing kept him from worrying over what he lacked in a family. Then, one day, a month after his father's death, he realized that some part of him had always been waiting for his father to have another child, to give him a brother or a sister. The realization that his family was completely gone struck him hard that night and for the first time since his early childhood, he cried.

Yet, the night passed and the pressures of his role fell heavy on his shoulders. Winter and Aidan had stepped up to help him establish his foothold in an institution full of hardened veterans who saw him as a too young leader. It was then that the last hopes of even surrogate siblings fell to the wayside as both took up arms as soldiers in his army forcing distance in a bond that had always been close. He knew it was a show of support and respect. He appreciated it and even joked about Aidan's preference as a rank and file soldier instead of the higher rank advisor he should have been.

He felt alienated.

That's how he found her.

Frequently, his father had referred to the journals of their forebearers, a side commentary to a lecture or an answer to a pointed question about how such and such did something at a particular time. It had become evident that even while his father kept a journal for the sake of tradition, he'd never read them. His lack of interest had doused Elliot's so it wasn't until the end of his eighteenth year that he dug them out of their storage box and began reading in a desperate reach for some connection to his family.

"binding ritual… experiments…pet vampire… purposefully enraging…calculating insanity…incomparable violent force…amazing insight…avenging angel…Hellsing's savior…unwavering dedication…Hellsing's vampire…"

Short references had turned into quick treaties that had evolved into detailed analysis. The commentary had mutated from scathing comments on a deranged animal to a psychotic killer and then, weirdly, to a wise council and then, in the years of his great-grandmother, a companion and savior. The early entries were so drastically different from the latter that at first it gave him pause. After a month of perusal, he began to rationalize that hundreds of years of life would change anyone over time. It was the final writings that mattered most. They described someone dedicated and devoted to the Hellsing family not just trapped to it.

"she really did save us, in the end…"


"Are you sure you want to do this, Elliot?"

"Well, Winter, I don't know about you, but I think we need a little help and people aren't exactly clamoring for the job."

"…. You're the leader."

"Yes…I guess I am."


He could never say later what he'd been expecting. The reality of two vampires had solved a few mysteries and he had immediately shied away from the psychotic killer that had been described in gruesome detail. His eyes had fixed on the almost mournful figure of the woman attached to the wall. His determination had wavered but still, when she had taken his blood and come to life, when she had placed the gun of his great-grandmother in his hand and paid silent homage to her companion all without an expression on her face, his emotions had twisted into something else.

He felt like crying.


Her dedication had been absolute. She truly was an avenging angel and a savior to the soldiers of the Hellsing Institute. She swooped in and spared lives and destroyed foes. When she was asked to lead those men into hell, she stood straight and dove into the fray. When she was asked to train those soldiers, she dedicated her time and skills to the task. When she was asked to play Reaper of Souls and Angel of Death, she rose to the occasion without question. She was the perfect soldier.


She started seeking him out when he was by himself. Her appearances were at first subtle, often in the space after a meeting. She would come to his study as he stared into the hearth fire, thoughts pressing ever downward on his stressed shoulders. Most times he couldn't guess when she actually arrived, so silent was her arrival. It wasn't until he unconsciously addressed a question to her that he would even realize her presence.

Her answers were always honest and thoughtful. She used her long life and experience to guide him in the choices forced upon him. Never, though, were her answers absolute or colored with any emotion that she might have felt when reflecting upon the similar circumstances that created her answers. She became his wise and impartial advisor.

Until, one day, she came to him when he had no solid question to ask and no real need for counsel. She came and sat in her usual chair in silence. Her air was unexpectant and for once her lack of emotions invoked calm instead of curiosity. She was simply there.

For a long while, the only sound in the room was the soft crackle of a fire trying to warm the cold stones of the ancient fortress. It was a comfortable silence that allowed him to fall into his thoughts with an ease he hadn't felt in years. And it was then, when his thoughts idly tripped from one subject to another, that he realized the truth.

It was reassurance.

Her silence was unexpectant because she had no reason to be there except that somehow she knew he wanted – needed – someone else to be there. He needed someone to silently stand at his shoulder and let him know that they would be there and things would be okay.

She would be there. She would protect him and the institution he struggled to lead.

And, for the first time in years, he let himself relax.


He didn't particularly like Alucard. The damn vampire tried to be annoying at every turn and reveled in the violence that he'd spent most of his life trying to minimize. Even if he was an ancient warlord who understood the art of war and could predict the tactics of every foe that they faced, he was still a necessary evil in Elliot's mind most days.

Until the day Seras made her first joke in his presence.

On that day, he understood what it was for a brother to accept the rough and ready boyfriend his sister brought home.

All to make her happy.


He watched the airlift fly away and stared at it long after it was gone. When it was far past a speck in the sky, he turned and walked with purpose to his own transport. For the first time since he woke Alucard, he went back to the ruins of his ancestral home. His path was aimless as he combed through the halls. He knew very little of what the interior had once held but when he opened a door into a wide room with checkered tile floor, a memory sparked and he walked in further.

The walls were charred in fire and riddled with holes and destruction. Several portraits hung askew on the wall and others leaned against the remains of brutalized furniture and others were stacked in piles. A quick perusal told him that these were the more personal portraits of the Hellsing family. Something told him he had found what he was looking for.

When he saw it, he gasped.

Several of the paintings on the floor had showed the pet vampire of the Hellsing family standing with the current leader of the institute. They were cold paintings lacking any warmth of emotion aside of the small humor that curved the lips of the master vampire. But this one was different.

Staring back at him were two sets of blue eyes. The painter had been a master and had captured perfectly the emotion of the moment and the aura of the two as the one stood behind the other. These two were beyond master and servant. They had a bond greater than that. Seras' eyes twinkled with a happy devotion borne of true affection and his ancestor gleamed with a light of a similar nature.

Something told him, as he stared at the portrait, that his ancestor had loved her pet vampire as a sister. That she would have done a great deal to make sure those eyes shone with that same happy glow.

A sentiment he realized he very much shared.


He found Sir Integra's personal diary inside the painting. He brought both home and began to read through the volume, somewhat horrified at the detailed descriptions of the horrors his great-grandmother had suffered. As he turned the pages, the accounts began to soften and develop warmth as she discussed the vampires of Hellsing. While it disturbed him slightly to hear about the very weird relationship between her and Alucard, it was worth going through to read about Seras from the beginning.

It kept him company as he waited, trying with every ounce of effort he could muster, to not think about how his entire family was in a foreign company facing death in a place he could not reach.

It kept him company through the long day and as he read Integra's growing doubts about her son, the phone rang.

They were coming home.


They were safe and home.

Well…Aidan was hurt but.…

Alucard plucked her from the craft and even though she was dressed in a way she would never normally choose and her hair was unbound and her face held such expression as to transform it so completely, he knew it was her.

Her eyes were a dazzling, sparkling blue.

All the tension left his shoulders and a grin grew wildly on his face.



His family came home.

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