Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Summary: "Why do you get all the girls?!" Naruto fumed at his best friend. "Why do you get all the guys?" Sasuke shot back, equally angry. Well…not all of them. SasuNaru and others. AU, high school fic.

Genre: Romance

Rating: M (eventually)

Warnings: Slash, pro-Sakura

Pairings: SasuNaru, KakaIru, more later.

This was originally going to be a humorous one-shot, but I really don't like writing one-shots all that much. I'm a sucker for character development I guess.


- - - - -



Chapter 1


- - - - -


"Get away from me," Naruto calmly said for the third time, the guy's stupid perfect hair just brushing against his face. His equally calm features, with the exception of that slight cocky smile, seemed to relax.

"No," He smiled, sitting down "I'm not leaving."

Naruto fumed as the boy, who pulled out what seemed to be a full-course meal from under the table.


Something inside Naruto might have exploded just then. It's okay Naruto. You can handle this without getting expelled. Just. Don't. Kill him.

"Look," the blond boy put his hands flat on the table, attempting to reason "I barely know you. I don't know what it is with you guys around here. Could you just..just leave?!"

Two minutes later, Naruto squashed the lovely prepared lunch into the poor guy's face. Eyes blazing red, he felt his energy die down as the principal motioned him over from the corner of the cafeteria.

"But-but, he was…and then the-"

"Naruto," Tsunade lowered her voice, hands on the drooping boy's shoulders "I understand. But another act like that and the cops will be all over this. Kyuubi just…can't control himself"

"Stupid fox…"

"I'll talk to Iruka, all right?" Tsunade smiled, referring to Naruto's guardian

"Yeah, so he doesn't blow up over me,"

"We'll work this out Naruto,"

Storming off to his locker, he thumbed out his combination and grabbed his books angrily. The action calmed him somewhat, but his anger rose again as he found that yet another jerk had shoved a love letter through the gaps of his locker door.

"Stupid Kyuubi with his stupid pheromones. Stupid boys with their stupid gay boy stupidity," He threw the letter to the floor, closing his locker and punching it repeatedly. His anger had grown in the past couple of years, so Iruka had experimented with different outlets to release it. Any form of team sport would just anger him more, as all the boys would spend so much time ogling over him that they'd forget the game. Eventually they had settled on martial arts, and Iruka-sensei, being the master that he was, had promised to become his tutor. At the moment, however, Naruto still had his moments.

Sinking to the floor, he clawed at the floors of the empty hallway, as if his whole body was on fire. He gasped for air, and felt his voice lowering, the scars on his face deepening. His fingernails began to grow, and an otherworldly aura began to surround him…

"Naruto," A voice came from right next to him. He must have been in some mood, not to notice the careful, clipped steps of Sasuke Uchiha. The fallen letter was in his hand, and he was smirking slightly. Naruto growled.

"Give me that!"

"You threw it, so I guess you don't want it," Sasuke opened up the letter, a fancy Hallmark-like card lighting up with joy. Angrier than ever, Naruto rose and threw a fist. Sasuke dodged easily; Naruto's anger had made him clumsy.


"Oh Naruto, how my heart beats for you," Sasuke mocked "Every day I wait for you by the bathroom at 10:36AM…"


"…after gym when you shake the sweat from your soft, pillowy blond hair. Oh how I wish I could touch it" Sasuke continued in his steamy voice, ruffling Naruto's hair as he dodged another punch "How I wish I could be beside you, Naruto, every day and every night…"

Normally, any other man-loving being on Earth would have just melted on the spot, but our little kitsune was much too noble for that. Instead, he just kept screaming.

"And that's why I want to meet you. Turn the card over, my dear," Sasuke finished, turning the card over. A small pocket inside contained two slips of paper.


"Oi, dobe. Movie tickets."

"Tickets?!" Naruto squeaked.

"Hah, the spaz put them both in. His hands were probably trembling so much from thinking about your soft, pillowy hair…"

The two shared a look, and then Naruto burst out laughing. He fell to the floor, clutching his sides.

"You-you…jerk!" He gasped. Sasuke chucked lightly. Idiot…

"Well?" Sasuke motioned, waving the tickets in front of his face "Movies at 7:00?"

"Che, sure." Naruto replied lightly, blood beginning to cool. Having Sasuke for a best friend was usually infuriating, but it calmed him from time to time.

"You're coming after school right?"

"No way! Iruka-sensei is teaching me martial arts today. Because of, y'know, kyuubi and all that."

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Sasuke crossed his arms, feigning sadness through his bittersweet smile.

"Ano…you into martial arts?"

"Only a master myself,"

"Ah, whatever you want. I'm taken until six though"

The lunch bell rang loudly, and the two walked off to English class, discussing their plans for the day. In a way, Naruto was the only real family Sasuke had, save his older brother Itachi. A family tragedy had wiped out the rest of them. Perhaps this was the reason he understood Naruto so well. Naruto still had elders watching over him, but Sasuke was that vent for the weird teenage stuff. He helped him get through the school day. They helped keep each other sane through all this.

O – o – O

"Good afternoon class!" the creepy English teacher greeted the class with a smile, turning to Naruto in particular "How's my little Dolphin?"

Naruto game him an irritable look.

"Knock it off sensei," Sasuke grumbled

"Defensive aren't we," Kakashi replied, maintaining his annoying smile "Into groups everyone! Fours please"

The next couple of minutes were rather tiring for both boys. Sasuke was flooded with girls, Naruto with boys.

"Please Sasuke, let me be your partner!"

"NO. ME!"

One girl stood to the side, pencil behind her ear. She sketched in a notepad nonchalantly, as if alone in a far off place.

"Not jumping in, Sakura?" Kakashi asked. She had been one of Sasuke's greatest admirers. Sakura gave a smile, but it was not a sad one.

"Oh, Kakashi-sensei! You surprised me," She looked up, then went back to her sketching

"Well?" He asked again, and Sakura's mouth visibly tightened

"That's a waste of my time," She said simply "Everyone knows he's after Naruto"

Over the past couple of years, Naruto and Sakura had grown closer. Naruto's little "crush" had deepened, but not into love. Sasuke was usually there for him, and if not him, Naruto usually went to Iruka-sensei or Jiraya, or even Tsunade. But every so often, whenever Sakura was having an off-day, Naruto would be there to cheer her up. It didn't work the other way as often, but she came to appreciate whatever she got.

"You knew that then,"

"Yeah. It just doesn't feel right though. Chasing after him when it's not realistic"

"I understand,"

"I don't deserve it," She said suddenly, head down


"No. It's not about love. I don't deserve Naruto caring for me," Sakura bit out, almost in anger "He never owed me anything."

"Hmm," Kakashi mused, looking over at the boy "That kid knows how to brighten up anyone's day. But it's not as if he doesn't have his down days either. You don't know what you've given him, do you?"


"All that love he had for you, it wasn't just a "little crush". You're family to him, Sakura. You're home, familiarity, solidarity, for him. Something you've taken for granted, perhaps?"

Her brow furrowed in thought, for once at a loss for words. He turned around, but not before he got a good look at her drawing. He smiled.

A little orange fox. A little blue raven. Standing together in a field of cherry blossoms.