It was a chance encounter, that brought her to his attention. Just a simply and tiny, surely an insignificant encounter for someone like him. And yet he was intrested in her from the moment he tried to kill her, and she stared him down as if he were tiny. Insignificant. Worthless even. It was a lovely sight to behold for one like him. The helpless innocent maiden soaked in rain and blood, but she didn't faint, or cry, or even beg for her life. She stared him down with the fearlessness of youth as she bled from the wound on her shoulder, dangerously close to her neck, and told him quite plainly that he could go fuck himself.

He had never been so shocked. Or delighted to hear such cold words from such a young girl. She looked like an intresting person, so he would let her live. And he would watch her, and study her, and then when he got bored; he would kill her. Still the image of her face was engraved in his mind, so fragile, so lovely, so devious, his maiden. He could'nt wait to see her again as he walked away from her.

Each step sending wonderful tingles of anticipation down his spine. Tomorrow was as good a day as any to see her again.

She was on her way to kendo practice, it was unbelievable considering the horrible night she'd had. What with almost being murdered in cold blood and all. The first thing she had done once she got home the night before was tell her worried parents and brother that she had tripped and fallen while helping some students at school move a large mirror. Unfortunatly for her story the mirror had been dropped and broken in such a way that she had lost her ballance and fallen and gotten hurt. Her mother bought the story easily enough but her dad and brother were a whole other matter.

They knew that she rarely tripped, lost her ballance or anything of that nature. No matter how distracted, or suprised by something she was, she had taken far too many dance lessons and done too much martial arts training to do such things. On the other hand she was a bit prone to accidents. She could often be found walking and talking with someone and end up walking herself into a door or something.

So yeah falling at school was a bit of a leap of faith for her dad and brother. Still the two had said nothing as they helped her mother patch her up and put her to bed so that she could go to school the next day.

She was half way to the gate when she noticed a tall man waering a dark red shirt and black jeans. He had such pale flawless skin ivory skin, spiked reddish orange hair that would fall ot his shoulders if it was'nt spiked, his eyes were strange almost slitted, and he had a maniacal smile on his handsome face. Holy fucking god. It was the man from the night before!She thought as she stopped dead in her tracks just long enough for her rage to surface.

It was a distgustingly short wait. She really needed to learn to control her temper better, was what she thought as she charged him with a loud shriek as she dropped her kendo things and charged him with the intintion to kick his ass.

He only looked mildly suprised as she charged him and threw a punch at his grinning face. "You!" She swung....and missed. Goddamn him. She tried again, and again, and again. And missed some more earning a frustrated growl from her.

"Bastard." She snarled as she threw another. She knew it was hopeless but hope did spring eternal, or so the saying went. She was almost shaking with rage at this point. I'm going to fucking kill you! She thought as she tried to hit him one more time as he caught her fist in his hand.

What a delightful display of temper. I must have upset my maiden so. Hisoka thought as he caught the small fist aimed at his face and used it to pull the little spit fire off ballance and wrap his arms around her slender body and trap her against him. He chuckled at the merderous look on her sweet face and decided to tease her a bit more.

"My, my, such a temper for such an adorable girl. If I didn't know any better I would think you are'nt happy to see me." He said with a grin as he leaned his face in so close that she could feel his breath fanning her face.

"I'm not, you mad clown! Let go of me right now." she hissed from between clenched teeth. He chuckled again and touched the tips of their noses together.

"But if I did that, then we could'nt dance the waltz of life together." She had a 'huh' look on her sweet face as he started to lead her around in a waltz like fashion for two or three minutes before dipping her.

She made the cutest little 'ekk' sound that tugged at his heart and made him feel peculiar as pushed again against his chest in an vain effort to get him to let her go.

"Your crazy aren't you?" Yes that must be it. He was crazy, and she knew just how much fun it was for the crazy people to fixate on her instead of some of the fifty billion other people on the plant. For only god knows why. He dropped her suddenly, and then started to sing 'Crazy for You' to her.

She was starting to think that he was an excaped mental patient. As she picked herself up off of the ground the school bell rang interrupting his little song.

Yay! Saved by the bell! She could kiss the woman in the office doing the morning announcments.

"Well, I would say that it was nice to meet you, but your a total phyco. So I'm going to go to class and, you can go be your charming phycoticself...and I will forget that we ever met since you plainly need to be heavily medicated. Later!" she said as she took off running for the main building as fast as she could but was forced to stop when he grasped her wrist and would'nt let go.

"What the hell are you doing? Let go!"

''No.'' He said with a stubborn look on his face as she tried to pull her wrist free from his grasp.

"Let me go!" She hissed as she tried to get free again. A dark look crossed his face as he crossed as he framed her face with his hands and looked into her eyes. God she was beautiful when she was pissed.

"Never. I'll never let you go." He said fiercely before planting a quick punishing kiss on her lips and vanishing from her sight.

She stood there for a second before screaming "Fuck!" and kicking the brick wall behind her, hurting her foot.