It was over, and done. She had put her plan into action hoping that it would work, but it had'nt. As soon as Kurapika had regained his senses, he and Hisoka had started fighting. She had snuck out the bathroom window and called her twin brother and had him pick her up. Shortly after taking her home she told him and her dad that she would be leaving York Shin City, and she was'nt sure when she would be coming back. If she ever came back. Gin had understood easily enough, but had laid down several conditions.

1) Gabriel would be going with her. 2) They would keep contact with their father, since he was'nt likely to tell anyone where they went. and 3) If they ever got into trouble they were to come right back home.

Shortly after that the two were packed and in the car on their way to the airport. Gin had bought their tickets while they packed, and had given Gabriel a slip of paper containing information on some unused bank accounts. There was enough money in all seven account to keep them from needing anything for a good long time.

Their father had predetermined their destination before leaving because he knew that no one would ever think to look there, on Whale Island and had given them each a hug before sending them on their way.

they bordeed the plan without incident and as they were taking off, Uzu looked out over the sparkling lights of the city that she had once called her home and thought as she cried.

Goodbye everyone.

Five months later-

Kurapika walked off of the ship behind Gon, and Killua. It had been six months since Uzu had left York Shin City, and while he and Hisoka had both been looking for her they had always come up empty handed. It was as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth, and would never be found. He was still a little upset by the fact that she had been made to feel like she had to leave her life behind to restore order to Kurapika and Hisoka's lives.

Something that both men had a bad tenancy to get upset about all over again. "So this is where you live Gon?" The blond asked absent mindedly. Gon grinned at him, a rare sight considering that Gon had withdrawn into himself when Uzu had left, and taken his only older brother with her. On one hand they had been worried about her being out in the wide world all alone, but the fact that Gabriel had gone with her gave them some measure of comfort, especially Gon.

He had missed his siblings terribly, and would often go out in different cities and towns to see if he could find them there. Kurapika felt guilty for putting his young friend through this, but right now there was little that he could do.

"Hey, Hisoka! Are you coming?" Killua called out to the man sitting on the railing on the ship watching them, Hisoka had left the phantom troup to search for Uzu with Kurapika and the others. Apparently he missed her too.

The man shrugged and jumped down from the ship, and landed next to Kurapika. "Are you sure your Aunt Mito wont mind if we just show up?" Killua asked as he followed behind Gon with the others.

"I'm sure. It'll be fine." Gon said with another grin.

That night they all camped out and told scary stories around a camp fire before turning in for the night.

Gabriel ran out of his Aunt Mito's house with his arms up over his head, to protect his skull as Uzu threw some pots and pans at him. Her mood swings had gotten considerably worse, in the last three months since finding out that she was pregnat. Jeeze, all he had said was that he could see her tummy now. In fact he had been suprised that she even had a tummy. She now offically looked like she was carrying a baby instead of two, her normally flat stomach had filled out with the two babys nestled in there. According to the doctors the babies were smaller than they should be, but they were healthy. And so was she, something that Gabriel was eternally grateful for.

"Stop throwing things at me you lunitic!" Gabriel yelled as he ran around the corner of the house and slammed into someone and fell to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs.

"Ow, ow, ow." Killua hissed as he rubbed his nose. Had this guys knee caught him there? It hurt like it had.

"Brother!" Gon cried happily as he threw hisself at the young man sitting on the ground next to Killua. Gabriel looked startled to see Gon, hanging around his neck.

"Gon! Oh my god, when did you get here?" Gabriel asked as he pried his little brother's arms from around his neck and looked at him, then at the others.

Oh shit, Uzu was not going to be happy to see the two older men there at all. "Is Uzu here with you?" Gon asked innocently and Gabriel felt the nearly irresistable urge to throttle him in front of his freinds.

"No! Yes. I cant really say." Gabriel said with an alarmed look on his face as he looked at the group and slowly got to his feet. Kurapika and Hisoka pushed their way past the teen and ran around the corner to the front door, and threw it open and stopped when they saw Uzu standing a few feet away, behind a counter cutting yellow peppers.

She tensed up and growled without looking up. "I swear to god Gabe, if you say anything else about my condition, I'll rip your lungs out through your ears!" She snarled as she deposited the cut up pieces in a frying pan and looked up at the door and froze.

Kurapika and Hisoka stood there in the doorway with Gon and Killua, Gabriel was over at the window signing for her to stay put while he went to get their Aunt Mito.

"Uzu, your okay." Kurapika said with a gentle smile. Hisoka had a look of maniacal glee on his face as she moved around the counter and stood where they could see her better. Her long black hair had been cut off at the middle of her back, and was in a thick braid that fell over her shoulder, her slender figure had blossemed in the five months that she had been missing, her breasts were bigger, and her stomach was bigger too, and gently rounded.

"Uzu, you look..." Kurapika started to say something but Gon cut in.

"Sis, your going to be a mommy!" Gon yelled as he pointed at her stomach, a happy expression on his face as Kurapika, and Hisoka both fainted at the same time.

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