a park bench on the Tidal Basin

"Okay, your turn. Umm...those two over there by the tree."

"They're having an affair. She wants out, though."

"What makes you say that?"

"She's still got her coat on even though it's warm enough to take it off and she isn't looking at him. She's working up the courage to break it off."

"You can tell all that from way over here?"

"Women can tell these things about other women."

"Sure, play the female-intuition card."

"I have to, you have the genius card to play. Your turn. That family over there by the water."

"You mean the tourist family from Wisconsin?"

"The tourist part is easy. How do you figure they're from Wisconsin?"

"They're Midwestern judging by their clothing and hair. Illinois is the most populous state in the Midwest, but 80% of their population lives in the Chicago metropolitan area, and these people aren't from a major urban center."

"How do you know?"

"Look at their shopping bags. They're hitting some of the major retail chains, more expensive ones than where they'd usually shop, which tells me they're taking special advantage of the access. They're from somewhere where there isn't a Nordstrom's nearby. So if they're not from the Chicago area the most likely state of origin is Wisconsin, which is the most populous Midwestern state after Illinois. Also, they favor their oldest daughter, the husband resents this vacation, probably because he's afraid of taking time off work, and their son is experimenting with drugs."

"Not bad, Dr. Reid."

"I am a trained professional."

"We're creepy, you know. Sitting here profiling random passersby."

"It makes me wonder how we look to outsiders. What do they think of us when we walk by?"

"You mean, besides 'My, what a devastatingly attractive couple?'"

"Or 'What in the world is she doing with him?'"

"To which she'd reply, probably having way better sex than you."

"Damn straight."

"It doesn't matter how we look to outsiders. I doubt anyone gives us a thought or a second look."

"You're probably right. Just another boring married couple."

"We are not. Boring, I mean."

"Yes, we are. To other people. Happiness is boring. It's only exciting to the people living it."

"Then I'm glad no one else knows how exciting we are."

"We hide it well."

"Oh, it's almost four. We better get going."

"Okay. Don't want to be late for another evening of being boring."

"Soooo boring. I've never been so bored in my life as I've been with you."

"I know, right? I'm practically asleep on my feet."



"I hope we're always this boring."

"Me, too."

The end! I hope you enjoyed this little series of inconsequential vignettes.

I'm not finished yet. I hope. I always hesitate to announce my plans ahead of time because one never knows when the muse will drop out from underneath and that'll be all she wrote. But I feel pretty confident about these plans since I have significant inroads made on them.

I am writing a multichapter fic that's more of a sequel to HTFL, although it will not be nearly as long (maybe ten chapters). A BAU casefile element plus a personal story for our favorite couple, plus a significant plotline for Morgan.

I am also working on a series of shorter stories (some one-shots, some like 3-4 chapters) which will all go under the title "Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius," which will NOT feature BAU casefiles but instead will follow Emily and Spencer in their ordinary lives and the situations they encounter where they have to use their profiling skills in everyday situations. One of these stories, which is about half written, is about the trip to Yale that Emily gave Spencer for their anniversary. Another is about a life crisis that brings Emily's friend Germany to their doorstep at three in the morning. And so on and so on.

As always, I post nothing until it's complete. I don't know which of these things will go out first, it'll depend what gets finished first. I wouldn't look for anything new for a couple of weeks, everything I have is like half done. Again, I recommend you put me on Author Alert if you want to be kept in the loop.

Thank you all for your continued support. Now go out and write some Reid/Prentiss!