A Jailbird's Postlude

Roxie Hart's Views after getting out of prison

A Chicago Fan Fiction

Since I got out of the slammer I have turned over a new leaf. Velma Kelly and I kind of formed a friendship while we were in jail. We did not hit it off at first. In fact for awhile she flat out resented me. She did give good advice that was really helpful when I was going through my trial and how to prepare for it. We now have our own touring vaudeville show which is going fantastic. It is so much fun to work with her and see the sights of this beautiful country. Right now we are in Boston and I honestly love it the best out every place we have been to so far. I think I may move her eventually.

As far as my relationship with Amos goes that's been over since before I got out of the slammer. We were growing distant and he didn't trust me when I told him I shot Fred Casely out of self defense. Why else would I shoot him? Just for kick? Honestly, I don't know what he was thinking. Time to focus on my new life and find a new man.