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I smiled as my cousin sat beside me in the grass. "Hey Curly Que." I laughed at the old nickname. " Hi Penguin." Jamie sighed and shook his head. "That was one time! It was for the talent show! You weren't even born yet." My hand now rested on his shoulder. "Aunt Haley showed me the picture. She also showed me the picture of you holding me when I was a baby. You were a chubby little guy." Jamie's mouth fell open. "Well excuse me! We can't all have the Sawyer family skinny genes!" I smacked Jamie in the back of the head. "Shut up Jim Jam. You're just jealous." I said with a devilish smirk. Jamie put his arm around my shoulders and laughed. I felt a dull ache in my heart. I wished he was my brother. "Remember that one time when Fergie and Junk babysat us?"


"You were a total bitch to them!" I slapped my cousin again and laughed. I had been a bitch to them. "Alright you two! Break it up!" Nathan yelled as he sent the ball sailing through the basket, "Last time you guys talked like this you took Joel to an R rated movie!" Jamie stood up and took the basketball from Nathan's hands. "Hey Dad, wanna play against Sawyer?" I immediately stood up. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You expect a 5'3'' girl to play basketball against to men who are both over 6 feet and play basketball for a living?"

"Hell yes!" Jamie responded and I played a game against my Uncle and cousin.

"So tell me again why you have to wear my clothes?" I asked my aunt. She sighed loudly and glared at me. "Because all of your clothes were made personally by Brooke Davis and I want look hot tonight!" I rolled my eyes. "So you want to dress like a hooker?" Lily gasped. "Are you calling me a whore?"

"No. But Lil, when you're 22 and dressing like you're 16, it makes you look like a slut." She groaned and sat beside me on my bed. "I don't know what to do Sawyer! I really like this guy and I want to look nice!" I stared at my aunt for a few seconds before commenting. "You know it's kinda sad that you have to ask a 16 year old for dating advice."

"Shut up!" Lily smacked my arm. I laughed and grabbed my phone. "Hmm, here's an idea…WHY DON'T YOU JUST CALL BROOKE?" Lily frowned and grabbed my phone.

I was settling down for the afternoon when there was a knock at the door. The door opened to reveal a tall teenage boy. I chuckled. "Hello Kyler. My dad's not home right now. He'll probably be home soon though and-" Kyler cut me off. "I didn't come over to see your dad. I wanted to see you." I smiled. "Why?"

"Well," he started, "Why don't we go somewhere. It's a beautiful day and we haven't spent much time together in a while." I smiled. "I'd like that." After I accepted I realized that I didn't want to wear sweatpants in public. "Um…can you excuse me for a moment?" Kyler nodded and I raced to my bedroom.

"So you've never seen a play live? Ever?"

"I have never seen a theatrical production live! What is so strange about that?" I laughed at Kyler's response. We were sitting comfortably on the bleachers at the River Court, talking about random things. "Theatre is amazing! If I had it my way I would be an actress on Broadway." Kyler's became all knitted up. "What do you mean?" he asked me. I sighed. "My family is centered around sports." Kyler continued to look confused. "As a Scott, everyone expects me to enjoy sports. But frankly, I'm impartial to them." He laughed and it was my turn to look confused.

"There's a simple solution for this."

"Oh really? And what is this solution?" Kyler smiled. "Do both. Isn't the fall musical coming up soon or something." I nodded. "You know…you're a lot harder to figure out than I thought Sawyer Scott." I smiled, "You are a wonderful person Kyler Eben. How on earth is Jensen your best friend?" A frown formed on Kyler's face. "I'm sorry for what he did to you. You deserve better than him anyway." Wow. Our faces were so close by now. And as my blue eyes met his green ones our faces grew even closer as we both leaned in. Just as our lips were about to touch…My psychopharmacologist and I, it's like an odd romance…Sunnie….always one to ruin the moment. "Sorry," I whispered to Kyler as I answered my phone.

A frown formed on my face as I went to unlock the front door. Why weren't the lights on? Shouldn't Mom and Dad be home? As the door swung open I let out a dramatic gasp and immediately covered my eyes. "OMIGOD! LILY! WHY ARE YOU MAKING OUT WITH A GUY ON MY COUCH? OMIGOD! I'M SCARRED FOR LIFE! AGGGGGHHHHH!" Lily sighed and stood up from the couch. "Stop being so dramatic Sawyer. Ahem. Erik, this is my niece, Sawyer. Sawyer, this is my boyfriend, Erik Dane." I made no move to greet the man as I hurried to my room and shut the door.

Sorry this chapter is super short. I have had no inspiration lately. And sorry it took me so long to write this short chapter. Also, this story will not be turning into High School Musical…because I hate HSM.