Nathan is worried. He'd known, when he first went to the President, that he was crossing a line that he wouldn't be able to get back over, ever. Never mind how long it took to wipe the 'Now Nathan, I understand you've had a very stressful year…' look off the President's face. Things began to spiral from the minute he opened his mouth.

First he was stuck with Danko, who remindes Nathan of a crazed pit bull on a fraying fabric leash.

Plus, Peter won't speak to him, Bennet's loyalties are quite severely compromised, and now his Mother can't control Claire. Then it gets complicated. If his mother loses her hold on Claire, then he has to take Claire in or lose Bennet. If he loses Bennet then he's lost the most experienced man he has, and if he lets Claire go free she's bound to tell someone. So, what he really needs is some kind of hold over Claire, which he doesn't really want to have to do. She is his kid after all.

Speaking of kids, his youngest leaves him sad messages on his phone about once a week, inviting him to the zoo, but he never has time to call back, let alone take the kid out to the damn zoo. So his wife isn't on speaking terms with him again. His Mother's not happy with him either, only agreeing to help at all because she doesn't want to be rounded up like all the others.

All of that is just background noise now though. His usual, manageable level of stress. Today Nathan Petrelli is almost biting his nails while he paces his office. Today they're going after their first one. Tracy Strauss. If Danko pulls this one off, then they're also going to hit Peter, Suresh, Sylar, and Parkman today. It's morning in New York, so the team'll be going after Nakumura in an hour or two.

Nathan Petrelli does not think of a childish, chubby face trying to pronounce 'Villain', he does not think of Tracy jumping off that bridge, and he absolutely does not think about Peter. Not teaching Peter to play ball because Dad wasn't around, not how Peter trusted him when he first discovered his powers, and defiantly not about the look of Peter's face when they last spoke.

Tracy Strauss is taken from her living room in a bathrobe.

Hiro Nakumura is abducted from a warehouse in Tokyo.

Mohinder Suresh is cornered in an empty parking garage.

Peter Petrelli is hugging his big brother in his New York apartment.

Claire Bennet surrenders in the middle of her rescue attempt.

Matt Parkman is shot through a window with his back turned.

And it continues to spiral downward from there.

To Be Continued...