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Hidden Intentions



Full Summery: Being one quarter of the Golden Quartet and also a muggle-born, Bella was among Voldemort's most wanted list, and though she planned on helping her best friends find Voldemort's Horcruxes, disaster strikes and she gets separated. Aware that she can't go to the Burrow because of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, she decides that the safest place for her would most likely to leave the country and live with her Dad in Forks. Unknowingly, she had also just walked into the territory of a coven of Vegetarian vampires, and one of them happens to be the subject in one of the portraits at Hogwarts for being the first notable vampire to refrain from drinking human blood.

Chapter One - Seperated

Oh no!

Why did this have to happen? Why?

We were supposed to stay together!

I'm screwed! I'm so screwed!

Frantic, I paced outside number twelve Grimmauld Place, my thoughts flying all over the place. Yet one thing was clear. I had to leave. Now.

I growled in frustration and glared at the unconscious Yaxley lying partially on the pavement.

It was his fault that I got separated from Harry, Ron and Hermione in the first place. We'd finally managed to grab the Horcrux, Salazar Slytherin's locket, from that vile Dolores Umbridge. We were just about to apparate back here when the bloody Death Eater Yaxley had grabbed my arm and came along for the ride. Hermione, on instinct, had cast a Revulsion jinx at him, but unfortunately for me, Yaxley had tugged me in front of him and I had taken the brunt of the spell, propelling both me and Yaxley backwards. I knew that now that he knew the location of the place, my friends had to leave immediately, and it was impossible for me to follow with the Death Eater gripping my arm. I'd pleaded silently with them to leave without me and Harry looked dead set that he stay, but Hermione, who was the one who was holding the locket, knew that they had to leave. So with a heartbroken nod, she'd grabbed Harry and Ron's arms and apparated them to someplace where no one would be able to follow them, even me. The last thing I heard from them was Harry shouting, "No!"

It was pure luck that Yaxley was now out cold. He'd grabbed both my arms after my friends had apparated in an attempt to stop me from grabbing my wand, and in a desperate attempt to get free, I had thrown my head back so it had collided with Yaxley's nose. There was a crunch, he'd cried out and grabbed his nose (letting me go in the process) and with a huge shove from me, he'd over balanced backwards and hit his head on the curb, knocking him unconscious.

Like I'd said, pure luck.

Now here I was, pacing in front of the abandoned location of the Order of the Phoenix, trying desperately to decide what to do now.

The whole ordeal had seemed like hours, yet now that I looked at my wrist watch; it had only been a minute since my friends had apparated away.

I needed a plan.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to find my friends, and I knew that they wouldn't come back. It was too risky. They wouldn't be able to know what had happened. Hell, for all they knew, I had been kidnapped by Yaxley, taken to Voldemort's lair and tortured for information, and quite possibly killed. That was probably what would have happen if luck hadn't been on my side. I was now the one with the upper hand, especially since I now had my wand in my hand and Yaxley's tucked into my pocket. I was okay. But my friend's didn't know that and it killed me thinking that they were most likely grieving at the moment now. I'm sure that Harry is most likely finding a way to blame himself. He'd probably want to come right back here, but I knew that Hermione would stop him.

I sighed and continued to pace.

I couldn't go to Hogwarts; I'd be arrested on the spot because of the Muggle-born Registration Commission. I wouldn't even be thrown into Azkaban because of my close friendship with Harry. It was just too dangerous.

That meant that it was also too dangerous to go to the Burrow. I'm sure Mrs Weasley would welcome me in with open arms, but I couldn't put her in jeopardy for hiding me if I were found. She would most likely be placed into Azkaban. No, I couldn't do that to her. Just thinking of sweet Mrs Weasley in that wretched place was something I never wanted to do again.

I felt like crying, I had no where to go, but now wasn't the time for tears.

I continued pacing, wracking my brain for some sort of plan. It should be easy to come up with something; I was one of the smartest witches in our generation!

I knew now that the safest place for me would be to leave the country, especially since I'm a muggle-born, but I couldn't bare the thought of being too far away from my friends.

There was no way I could contact them, an owl would most likely be intercepted and I hadn't yet been able to send a message with my Patronus, but just being in the same country as them was a sort of comfort.

But I had to be realistic, so I would leave the country.

My heart clenched at the thought of leaving. It felt like I was betraying my friends. We'd been together through thick and thin, and now I was leaving for my own safety. I knew they wouldn't hold it against me. In fact they would probably encourage me to do that, to do anything that would keep me alive.

I suddenly felt so useless. They were out there somewhere, hiding from Death Eaters and I should be with them. We were going to do this together and know I was alone. I didn't even have anything with me except my wand and the clothes on my back. Hermione had all my things in her beaded bag. She even had my broomstick.


She didn't have everything.

With renewed excitement, I pulled my necklace out from around my neck and held up to my face. It was my D.A. coin, the fake Galleon that we'd used to tell when the next meeting was going to be. It wasn't the master coin, so I couldn't send a message, but at least with this I had some sort of connection with the other D.A. members. I was positive that whoever had the master coin would alert all D.A. members when Harry, Ron and Hermione returned to Hogwarts. And that's when I'd see them again.

I knew they would need to go back there at some point, we'd already established that the only way to destroy the Horcruxes was to use Basilisk venom. And seeing as the only Basilisk we knew of as currently rotting in the Chamber of Secrets, they'd have to go there eventually. So I would wait.

Now that I had some shred of hope, I was more prepared to leave. I only had to figure out where to go.

The easiest place to go to was most likely to my Dad in Forks, Washington. Charlie knew about me being magical. Renee, who was ecstatic about learning that magic was real, had gotten told him immediately.

When I was two, my mum had divorced him and on a whim, decided to move to Brighton in England, taking me with her. My mum was always rather impulsive and was eager for the new experience. So, I grew up here in England and despite both my parents being American, I picked up the English accent with ease. Renee told me that she loved my accent, that it made me sound posh. I had rolled my eyes at her. She had never lost her American accent, despite the amount of times she tried.

When I was eleven, I got my letter from Hogwarts delivered to be by Professor McGonagall who told Renee and me all about magic and Hogwarts. She'd accompanied us to Diagon Alley to get my school supplies and then on September 1st, she'd taken me and mum to outside Kings Cross Station where we met up with Hagrid and Harry.

That was when I had first met Harry, and I'd stuck by his side ever since. Everyone at Hogwarts had always assumed that we were going out, but our relationship wasn't like that. The only people who really understood our friendship was Hermione, Ron and the other Weasley's. Especially Fred and George, who after a few years of knowing them told us that Harry and I must be twins separated at birth.

We weren't twins, but that was what we were like. When we met, we were both new to magic and he was the first Hogwarts student I had ever met. I wasn't even concerned about his celebrity status; to me, he was just Harry; my friend and brother. It was hard to be away from him like this, even if it had been only five minutes.

I paused in my pacing and quickly wiped my eyes. I needed to stop thinking about him. I couldn't afford to start crying now.

With determination, I looked around for something to make a portkey to Charlie's back garden. It was too far away to apparate, I'd end up splinching my head off if I even attempted it and even if I had my broomstick, it was far to easy to be spotted if I flew.

Finally, I spotted an empty coke can so I quickly ran to grab it. I immediately pointed my wand at it and successfully cast Portus at it and set to leave in 30 seconds. Then I put my wand into the pocket that held Yaxley's wand, not wanting to drop it during my transportation to Forks

I looked back over to Yaxley and saw that he was still unconscious. I suddenly realised that it would have been a good idea to change his memories as to why he was out here. But just as I considered that, there was a tug from behind my navel and I was spinning to Forks.


I landed with a groan and had to lie still on my back to wait for the queasiness to pass.

Hesitantly, I sat up and looked around. Charlie's back garden hadn't really changed from what I could see, but it was dark and the only source of light was from the window looking in to the living room.

I wondered what the time was here, but from what I could tell with the light being on, Charlie was either watching television, or had fallen asleep on the Sofa.

I opted for him being asleep on the Sofa.

I stood up and stretched my back before walking to the back door. It was locked, but I just pulled my wand from my pocket and cast Alohomora and easily opened the door.

I walked quietly through the kitchen and made my way into the living room. I was right; Charlie was asleep on the sofa. The television was also on to some sports program, so I turned it off and knelt besides Charlie's head.

"Dad." I whispered quietly, not wanting to startle him too much. He just groaned.

"Dad." I said, a little louder this time. He jerked and bolted upright, looking around the room before settling his eyes on me. They widened comically at the sight of me kneeling on the floor before rubbing his eyes and looking at me again.

"Bella? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at that school of yours?" He asked groggily.

That's right; Charlie didn't know anything that was going on in the wizarding world. He didn't know that an evil wizard had taken over the Ministry of Magic and had decreed that all Muggle-borns be thrown into Azkaban for 'stealing' magic. He didn't know that I had been on the run with my best friends to find Horcruxes that needed to be destroyed in order to kill said evil wizard.

He didn't need to know.

I bit my lip. "Yeah, about that." I paused for a moment, wondering what to tell him. I had never been a good liar, so anything I tell him, he would immediately see through it. "Dad, I really need to stay here for a while." I told him seriously.

He looked at me suspiciously. "Why?"

"I can't tell you Dad, I just can't. But I need you to trust me, please." I pleaded him, my head tilting downward in my despair.

I felt Charlie's hand on my shoulder, so I looked up. "Bells, of course I trust you, and I won't throw you out. If you really need to stay here, you can. There will always be a place for you here." I smiled at him. He was blushing all through what he was saying. Charlie wasn't one to be so sentimental, so it was quite an accomplishment for him to be saying this. "But I think that if you're going to stay here, you should call Renee." He told me.

I grimaced. I would rather not. Renee had moved back to the States after I had finished my fourth year. She had allowed me to stay in England though, so I had lived with the Weasley's. But the deal was that I had to stay in Phoenix for the Easter holidays and for the first month of the summer holidays. I think that was the best arrangement for both of us because after a couple of weeks of living in Phoenix, she met Phil and had soon married him. Phil was a minor league baseball player, so he moved around a lot, and because Renee wanted to go with him, she didn't need to worry about me being alone, seeing as I was at school or at the Weasley's.

I knew Charlie was right. I knew that I really should call Renee, but I didn't want her to worry about me. Like Charlie, she didn't know much about the wizarding world, and I would prefer it if they both didn't find out that they're daughter was here because she was in hiding. Ignorance was bliss, and everything would be so much better for them if they didn't ever find out.

"Dad, it would be...easier if Mum didn't know that I wasn't in school, I don't want her to worry." I told him.

I could tell that he wasn't pleased, especially since he didn't even know why I was here. "Bella, are you in some sort of trouble?" He asked me sternly.

I hid my grimace. 'Trouble' didn't seem to be the right word for this situation. In fact, I couldn't even find the right word that would correctly describe the situation.

"Dad, please. We can't ring her, and I can't tell you anything, I'm sorry." I felt so bad not telling him, but I didn't want him to worry. It was much safer for him to not know anything.

His stern face softened and he nodded his head. "Okay honey, we won't ring your mother, and I won't ask any more questions. I'm not happy about not knowing anything, but I can see that it's upsetting you."

"Thank you Dad." I told him sincerely and pulled him into a hug. That's one thing I loved about him, he didn't pry. If it was Renee, she would demand that I tell her everything that was going on and would not stop till I tell her.

Charlie pulled away and coughed gruffly, clearly embarrassed. "So, I think that now would be a good time to go to bed, you must be exhausted." He told me. I shrugged my shoulders, not really answering. I didn't want to let on just how emotionally exhausted I really was. "You know where your bedroom is, there isn't any clean sheets on the bed though." He told me.

It had been years since I was last here. I think the last time was when I was twelve. I had hated that I had to leave the country to go visit Charlie, so after a lot of persuasion, he had agreed to come to England for two weeks a year to visit me.

"Don't worry about that Dad; it won't take me any time at all to do that." I told him, flashing my wand.

"Right, right." He said awkwardly. He'd never seen me use magic before, mostly because I was underage, so he was clearly uncomfortable. When it came to magic, Charlie was out of his element. He stood up slowly and looked around the room, a frown forming on his face. "Didn't you bring anything with you?"

Great, just what I needed him to notice. Who travels halfway round the world and not bring anything with them? Someone on the run, that's who.

"Err, no. I didn't." I told him, stammering a little.

I had to hand it to Charlie; he didn't ask anything, despite the concerned expression on his face. "I'll give you some money for you to buy some new clothes. You won't be able to get anything in town, so I'll drive you to Port Angeles. I have a day off tomorrow, so we'll go then."

Perfect. I didn't really want to be driven around in a police car, but seeing that I can't drive, I had no choice.

"Thanks Dad."

"No problem, now go to bed, and you might want to throw that can away." He told me, pointing to the used portkey that was still in my hand.

"Alright." I quicky threw it away before walking up the stairs. "Night Dad."

"Night Bells."


The shopping trip passed quickly, despite the fact that Charlie was with me. The most embarrassing thing was shopping for underwear. That was one thing I never wanted to do again.

It didn't help that I was still overly tired. I'd cried for hours last night, praying that my friends were okay. I missed them so much. It had only been one night away from them yet it felt like I hadn't seen them in years.

"Bells?" I heard Charlie shout from downstairs. I was currently sat in my room, rediscovering why I hated Charlie's internet connection.

"Yeah Dad?" I shouted back.

"Can you come here for a moment?" He asked.

"Sure." I didn't bother shut down the computer properly; I was not in the best of moods today, so I just turned it off from the mains.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked Charlie as I came down the stairs, careful not to trip. It was well know that I couldn't walk on a flat surface without finding something to trip over. Somthing Fred and George never let anyone forget. I sighed sadly and saw that Charlie was sat at the dinner table, a serious look on his face, so I walked over and sat opposite him.

"Alright, I was thinking, seeing that you're staying here and it's the middle of school term here, I signed you up to attend Forks High School." He told me, not batting an eyelid.

I paused, waiting. He couldn't be serious could he? He had to be pulling my leg. Yet his expression stayed the same and he didn't say anything else.

"Dad! You really can't be serious."

"I'm sorry Bells, but I am. People are going to notice that you are here sooner than later, and they're going to be wondering why you aren't going to school." He told me.

"Dad, I haven't been to a normal school in six years! I won't understand anything they're teaching!" I wasn't usually one for arguing back, but he really couldn't expect me to go to a normal school with normal students and where I would have to hide who I truly was.

"Now don't give me that Bella." He told me seriously. "Renee had told me about how she was home schooling you during your stays with her. She told me you were a fast learner and that if you had taken all of your high school exams age 15, you would have passed with flying colours."

I gaped at Charlie. Since when had Renee told him that? It was true though. Renee had insisted that I be home schooled when I was with her in case I had decided to get a job in the muggle world, as unlikely as that is. I didn't say no, I liked learning, and I had nothing else to do during summer holidays. Plus, it helped that I was able to learn things pretty easily without forgetting facts. That was also why I was so good at Hogwarts. I never really forgot anything I learned.

I sighed in defeat. "When do I start?" I asked him.

Charlie looked uncomfortable and mumbled incoherently.

"What was that?" I questioned, suddenly becoming nervous.

"Tomorrow." He repeated a little louder.

"Tomorrow?! How on earth did you manage to get me to start tomorrow? Isn't there procedures that need to be followed through?" I asked angrily. I wouldn't be able to prepare myself mentally if I had to start tomorrow.

Charlie looked sheepish. "Well, being the chief of police does give me some benefits. Principle Greene has quite a few unpaid parking tickets and I told him that if he lets you start earlier than expected, I'll give him extra time to pay for them, seeing as he was unable to come up with the money in time."

I was shocked. "Dad! That was abuse of your power as chief of police!" I really couldn't believe Charlie would do that just to get me to go to school.

"Hey, I didn't do anything illegal. I even asked the other officers down at the station if it was okay to give Mr Greene an extension and they were okay with it." Charlie said, defending his actions.

I rolled my eyes, but didn't say anything. Instead, I was thinking. I shouldn't be going to high school. I need to stay out of the public eye. What if somehow, unlikely, that word had gotten to England that I was here in America attending high school? I could just imagine what sort of rumours that would be spread. There would also be a chance that Voldemort and his Death Eater would here and come find me. They would come straight here for me.

I sighed. I was being paranoid. The chance of that happening was a billion to one; the same chance of someone at school knowing that magic was real.

I was safe here. Well, as safe as possible. But I would feel much more comfortable if I had some potions with me, or my broomstick, or some books...or my friends.

I sighed again.

"So, tomorrow?" I confirmed reluctantly.