Grissom could hear the click of the camera, see the blinding white flash of the bulb, but everything else had faded into the background, just a dull rumble of voices and sounds. He was completely fixated on the body, a Caucasian man with three gunshot wounds to the lower abdomen and a long laceration to his upper thigh, severing the femoral artery. The blood pool told him that. He spotted a shiny fibre on the pale white boxer shorts and collected it quickly and efficiently. Sara came and sat next to him. She brushed his hand gently, startling him. He turned his head towards hers.

'What?' he murmured quietly.

'The feds are here.' Grissom looked up and saw two figures walking towards him. He stood up and dusted his hands off on his vest. He held it out to the man, smiling slightly.

'I'm Gil. Gil Grissom.' The man took his hand and shook it, a firm dry grip.

'And I'm Seeley. Seeley Booth.' Sara smiled at the woman and shook her hand.

'Sara Sidle.'

'Temperance Brennan.' Brennan squatted down next to the body. 'Fascinating.' She whispered, snapping a photo of the blood pool with her digital camera. Grissom kept looking at her, and Sara glowered in his direction. He caught the tail end of her glare and blushed darkly, walking over to stand by her, his fingers gently brushed the back of her hand. She looked up to him and smiled, lighting up her chocolatey brown eyes. God her loved her smile. He just wanted to kiss her right now… but people were watching and if anyone found out about them all the cases they had worked together would be thrown into doubt, every case reopened. They couldn't afford that, not now. Brennan crouched by the body, collecting stray fibres from the clothes of the body, processing quickly and efficiently. Sara walked over to her and knelt down, avoiding the congealing blood staining the concrete floor dark reddish brown. She brushed her hair out her face but it immediately bounced back into her eyes. Brennan handed her a band, smiling as she handed it over.

'Thanks.' Sara smiled, the smile not quite reaching her eyes. Sara wanted to say something, but didn't. The silence was heavy between them until Brennan finally broke it.

'I may be called Temperance Brennan, but everyone in Washington calls me Bones.' Sara looked at her.

'Bones?' Brennan smiled slightly.

'I'm a forensic anthropologist.' Sara smiled.

'Like a coroner? You and Doc Robbins would get on well.' Bones sighed and straightened, brushing the knitted cotton fabric of her trousers down with the palms of her hands. Booth walked over to them, adjusting his gun holster as he did so.

'So, Bones, ready to meet the rest of the team here in Vegas?' bones nodded, turning her back on Sara and walking towards Grissom. Sara stood and followed them, stopping a couple metres away from Grissom's side. He caught her look and walked towards her.

'Are you okay, Sara?' She shook her head slightly, running a hand down her face.

'Just… jealous I guess.' She flashed him a sheepish grin.

'Of Brennan? Would I ever like her? Sara, I love you.' She smiled and hugged him, looking quickly around before doing so. He blushed and kissed her forehead quickly.

'I love you too Grissom,' He grinned and looked down at her hands. She smirked and walked away from him, lowering her eyelids and grinning. She passed Nick and Catherine on her way out, walking straight to her car and sliding in, clutching the steering wheel. She checked her watch and smiled. As soon as the evidence had been delivered at the Police department she, and Grissom were off shift. She smiled at the thought of that. She shivered, one long motion, rolling her shoulders and her back. The car growled into life and she pulled away from the kerb, heading towards the PD.


'Warrick… do you think you could cover this for me? I've already pulled two double shifts this week.' Sara asked the tall man in front of her.

'What? Oh sure.' He muttered, concentrating solely on the cream boxer shorts.

'Thanks 'Rick, I owe you one.' Sara smiled and walked out, jangling her keys and whistling. Grissom walked past her, brushing his hand against her waist as he did so. She turned and brushed his hand.

'I'll be home soon.' He said quietly, so that she was the only person to have heard him. She smiled and walked quickly out of the smoked glass doors and into the fading sunlight.


'Bones?' Booth said to Temperance who was relaxing in a chair beside him.

'Yeah?' She replied, turning the page of her thick novel.

'What do you think of the team here in Vegas?' She looked at him over the top of her book.

'They're all right I suppose. And we're only here because that man was one of ours.' She looked back at her page, but couldn't concentrate. She looked back up at Booth who was staring at the wall. 'Are you all right?' Booth looked up, startled. He shrugged.

'I guess so. I just miss our lab…' He trailed off, staring into space again. Bones stood up, marking her place in her book.

'What do you miss about our lab?' She asked, almost inaudibly. He turned towards her.

'Just the atmosphere I guess. And what we have seems to be… less her in Vegas.' Bones laughed softly.

'Technically, we're the same people in a different place. Nothing should have changed,' She murmured, staring into space. Booth came up behind her.

'I guess… but the atmosphere here is different. We're new aren't we? No-one fits in on their first day.' Bones smiled at him.

'Well then… we should get some sleep for tomorrow.' She walked into the bathroom and closed the door, hiding Booth, and Vegas from view