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This goes back to Spock POV

The words that McCoy had eloquently passed between his lips and the love that followed from him like a river had been enough to break down any Vulcan dams Spock had his emotions tied behind. Spock had only kissed one person, that had been Nyota, but the kiss he planted on top of McCoy's head was the single most human action he had ever done, and there was no trance of remorse or shame in his mind over the action. When McCoy had pulled him into his arms he could feel the warmth, love and safety of someone who truly cared, just like his mother had done when he was very small. Never before or since, had anyone held him with such compassion and true acceptance. Not even while dating Nyota, had Spock felt this accepted. Spock did not now how long he stood allowing McCoy to hold him and wrapping his own arms around the other man. He was content to let his head rest on McCoy's shoulder and remember the wonderful memoires of the time he had with his mother. In he arms of a human, Spock was finally able to grieve as befitted his human mother.

It was neither Spock nor McCoy who broke the hug, but a laugh from the door way. Spock noted that McCoy did not jump and pull away quickly; instead he only loosened his grasp and turned to face the door. Spock stayed like he was just long enough to hear the deep rubble of McCoy's reciprocating laugh in his chest. Spock leaned away, not wanting to relinquish the hold, keeping his hands on McCoy's side. He turned to see who had thought such a wonderful emotional oasis was so funny. He was not surprised to see Jim standing in the door way practically glowing. There was a gleam in those bright blue eyes, so Spock slowly broke all contact with McCoy, afraid for a fraction of a second that he had over-stepped some unseen boundary.

McCoy clapped him on the shoulder, still smiling, relieving Spock of his fear. "I believe that Jim is jealous that he wasn't part of the family hug, Spock!" McCoy wrapped one arm around Spock's shoulders and the other waved Jim with his other. "Oh come on you big cry baby, we'll hug you too." Spock could sense the amusement and peace from McCoy.

Jim nearly ran into McCoy's arms. He put one arm around McCoy and reached placing the other one around Spock. Almost on reflex, Spock mirrored his actions. The three men clutched each other with their heads leaning in the middle to touch sides of their foreheads together. "I believe that my mother once told me a human saying that fits this situation." Spock's voice was low and filled with hallowed emotion. "She told me that what every the universe brings your way it is sure to bring along those people who will help you to see it thru." He paused only slightly unsure of himself before continuing. "Some people come into your life for a short while, some come in to your life for just a little longer, but some people come into your life forever. Those who stay will help guide your way and lend a hand to whatever difficulties you face. They will stay by your side as if they were your own brothers, loving, caring, honest and truthful to the end." Spock had memorized those words, because deep down the little Vulcan had wanted them to be true.

Spock had not known he was crying until Jim reached up and wiped the tears off his cheek. "Your mother was a very wise woman and you loved her deeply." Jim smiled slightly. "We are your brothers; we are here for each other no matter what." Jim squeezed McCoy and Spock to emphasize his point. "The universe might have brought us together, but it's going to take more than a fleet of Klingons to tear us apart." This time Jim really did smile, one of those dazzling smiles that went all the way to his eyes, the one that warmed Spock's heart.

"Damn straight!" McCoy's voice was raw with emotion as well. "You two, Kid and Hobgoblin, are going to have to put up with this cranky, country doctor for as long as you both shall live!" McCoy squeezed the two men in his arms and laughed heartily.

"I believe that I must concur. I am thankful to have found such wonderful friends, such wonderful unrelated brothers." It was Spock's turn to squeeze the other two men. In a strangely human sentiment it felt as if a burdening weight had been lifted off Spock's chest. Just to be able to say such things out in the open to completely receptive audience had helped healed the lasting wounds of Vulcan's destruction, the wounds of being unaccepted as a child and the wounds of not showing his mother enough love. As Sarek had told him, he was a child of two worlds and like his father Spock was grateful for that.

Years later when Admiral McCoy, Admiral Spock and Admiral Kirk were all teaching at the academy, they would still remember their conversation in the Med Bay all those years ago. Though that was the only time that the love between them was mentioned unless one of them was nearly dying, their love was just as strong. They would eat every meal together as their schedules allowed, often reflecting on their time aboard the Enterprise. When ever one of them was off-planet with a group of cadets, the others would worry and sit together never mentioning how worried they really were. When ever one of them had a bad day, the others would spend the night cheering them up usually bad-mouthing who ever had upset their brother. When ever one would get asked if he regretted giving his whole life to Star Fleet, they all three would laugh and say that it took running off to the 'Fleet to find their family and smile knowingly (or twinkle in Spock's case) at one another.

The End

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