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Summary: VideoGameShipper. Ash learns secrets about Sailor Venus but a darker secret not only puts Mina in danger but may bring chaos to Ash and his world.

The Darkest of Secrets

Chapter 1: Sailor V for Voltage

There was a small city passing a long plain of grass which bared a few trees. The city was loaded with all sorts of shopping centers and mini-malls to go around. So why were we focusing on a hobby shop? That's where a fingerless green gloved hand picked up a six-inch doll of a female dressed in purple. She had a helmet on which donned two protruding horns. Her small cape seemed like it's from a glider suit for cliff jumpers. She had pink claws and boots on and posing with one leg up and arms straight out. "Well, it's about time for Latoya to get the spotlight," a young man huffed a smile. "This Gligirl doll looks almost lifelike."

("Now, all she needs is daddy's Gligar,") someone squeaked. Panning the camera around, the Gligirl doll was being held by a raven-haired young teen male wearing a red cap and a blue sweat-tee. On his shoulder was a yellow mouse with a lightning-shaped tail. One more person was there: a younger raven-haired boy with glasses wore a green polo t-shirt. All are wearing pants, don't worry. The clerk came forward and noticed the glare the teen was giving and the names he spoke out.

"Are you saying that you've met Gligirl in person?" he gasped. "And her alias is Latoya?" The teen gulped, believing he let a big secret out. "What's her full name? I can go track track her down and pose for me to complete a calendar project I've been working on for the past month!" The teen had to act quickly and snagged the collar of the clerk on duty, ready to set him straight.

"No one knows about the secret identity of Gligar-Man and Gligirl other than me and Pikachu, you understand?" he threatened. Realizing what the Pikachu was capable of, the clerk swiftly surrendered.

"Okay, okay, don't hurt me! My lips are sealed!" Satisfied, the teen released him, allowing the clerk to recover. "Well, since you've been close on-hand to Gligirl, I do have another action figure that you can enjoy. I believe that there are ten in the set but I only have one and can't seem to find the other nine." What, more super-heroines? He pulled out a figure of a blond girl with her hair down to the linen of her short blue skirt and had a large reddish-orange ribbon on top. She wore wide blue goggles and appeared to be dressed so sexually. She had a white shirt which almost reached her skirt and left open, but it had the same ribbon in the front around her breasts. She also wore blue stiletto high-heels that had matching straps around the ankles. One more detail was the white gloves that extended up her arm to the forearm. Her pose had one hand on her hip and the other hand with the peace sign sideways over her forehead. Okay...so, who is this?

"What are you showing Ash?" the smaller kid asked the clerk.

"You mean you haven't heard of her?" Neither one did. "It's Sailor V! She's the soldier of justice and enemy to the Dark Agency. She fearless, compassionate and gorgeous." Sailor V? Ash tilted the doll to check up the skirt, but...KAPOW! Denied by a nasty glowing tail swipe to the back of the head. Ash hit the ground hard. Ouch.

("I'm surprised that you'd try and be more lecherous than Brock,") Pikachu growled. Yeah, that was deserving of a steroid-felt slap to the head. Ash got up, knowing much better than to do that.

"Sorry," he groaned. The clerk forgave him for that bit of perversion.

"A lot of customers do that," he scoffed. "Don't worry. Say, I'll throw a deal at you. If you want Sailor V, I'll give you Gligirl for half-price." Not a bad deal, but Ash chose to forgo Sailor V.

"Keep dreaming. I'll stick with Gligirl and good luck finding the other nine of the bunch." He handed Sailor V back and picked up the Gligirl. With the purchase, they exited the store. "Do you believe that this Sailor V exists, Max?" Max scoffed, saying no.

"Come on," he laughed. "Why would I believe anything that kooky clerk was selling? Then again, I didn't spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons." Ash chuckled, getting what Max came from. "I was too busy helping Dad with the Pokémon in his greenhouse. Anyway, we need to return before May bothers her Beautifly in order to find us."

"True enough." As they walked off, a flash in the distance caught Pikachu's attention. Whatever it was...

("What's that flash?") it alerted. Ash and Max looked out there, viewing the open plain in the outskirts before gazing back at the mouse.

"You saw something, Pikachu?" Max questioned. Pikachu frantically pointed out that far. Ash thought quickly about whether to ignore or scope the situation. Scope, he chose.

"Lead the way, buddy," Ash acknowledged. Pikachu leaped down and dashed off, going after the flash. It lead out of the city where the unthinkable appeared. There were five figures...real, moving and in battle. One looked a lot like Sailor V...except that the areas of her clothes that were blue from the figure were orange and the bow on her dress was blue in addition that her shirt was tucked in. Instead of the oversize glasses, there was a tiara. The others were ugly. They appeared to be green human/mantis hybrids that snarled at the girl. Ash and Max realized that the girl was heavily outnumbered. However, Ash was a bit captivated by the showing of the female and how she looked to be Sailor V. "Can it be?" Not quite.

"Ash, I don't think so. Sailor V is mostly blue. She's orange." Fair enough. The girl heard the two, knowing that their lives were in danger.

"Get outta here!" she warned. "You're not safe." Whoever she was, she may be right. These were beasts that she seemed to know about. Ash would bite but with the situation and odds, he chose to step forward and help out, much to the girl's chagrin. "I said get out!"

"What, and let these guys run over you?" he retorted. "Not on my watch!"

("That goes for me, too!") Pikachu added. One of the hybrids chose to make a move, racing at the three. The girl's index finger was glowing brightly. She aimed it at the gaining hybrid.

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" A yellow beam of light shot out, nailing the hybrid in the head. It fell to and hit the ground hard to cause a depression to the plain. It rose back up, reeling from that blow. 'Come on, Serena. Get your meatballs over here!' Serena? Who exactly was she? The reeling hybrid came racing back. Ash had to make his move as he tossed a red/white ball out.

"Grovyle, Leaf Blade!" he called out as the ball opened to find a human height green gecko with leaves on its arms and a vine on its head. The new creature turned the leaves on its arms into glowing green blades which...SLASH! SLASH! A little too much... The blades ripped the hybrid to ribbons before fading out. That one's done. "Way to go, Grovyle!" Grovyle returned to place a twig in its mouth, being a hotshot. The girl was astonished with how Ash was able to see this situation and act in the matter he performed.

'He has beasts in his control and is using it to help me against these minions?' She peered back at the rest of the green squad, feeling a little more comfortable with Ash hanging around. "Your friend...he calls you Ash, like remains from a fire, right?" Ash smirked, knowing that she had paid attention.

"That's right." He looked over, noticing how damaged this girl was. Some of her skin had splits and blood seeping from the wounds. She had to be feeling weak. 'Look at her. She had to be battling for some time. She can't last long.' Two more of the hybrids came charging in. The girl in orange/white had the floor once more.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" A chain of hearts linked together snagged the two approaching fiends. Ash was back on the go.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on the chain!" The girl realized that he wanted to attack the chain to conduct something and hit the fiends. Pikachu squeezed the cheeks and fired a massive blast of electricity. The girl released the chain at the moment a bolt tagged it. ZAP! The electricity nailed the hybrids and shocked them to defeat. They also hit the ground, out for the count. The girl was amazed with Ash's quick responses with the coordinated attacks.

'Ash is...using some impressive skills with these creatures he works with. Serena and Amy could learn a thing or two from this young man. I mean...I'm even getting a quick lesson from him.' Go figure. "If necessary, you can address me as Sailor Venus." Ash bobbed, knowing that she can be relied on. That's when one of the fiends sliced the air, unleashing a red blade formed up high. It came right at the four who saw the blade and tried to jump clear. KABOOM! No luck. Ash and Venus were blown back several feet, crashing the ground in ugly thuds. Grovyle and Pikachu landed on their feet in better shape than Venus. She was out cold, prompting Max to come over and see if he could aid her. Ash rose to his feet a bit ticked about how that transpired. The fiend raced down, ready to end it all.

"Grovyle, use Pound on me!" Grovyle raced under a leaping Ash which he leaped high and the gecko swung its vine, smacking Ash in the rear. That had to be a nasty spanking. Ash was launched high. The fiend didn't see Ash coming and paid for it big time as Ash connected a flying uppercut, piercing through the chin. Both began to fall. "We're experiencing gravity on the advantage so please fasten your seat belts...Ah, who am I kidding?" Yourself? BAM! The fiend struck the ground hard and cushioned Ash hitting the ground afterward. That minion was out. Four up, four down. Max was impressed with how he managed to take out the last one with ease.

"That was awesome, Ash!" he cheered. Ash was getting concerned about Venus, remaining motionless.

"How's Venus?"

"She's out. She's going through a bit of fatigue." Ash nodded, understanding the issue.

"Max, take Grovyle, return to May and Brock and tell them I'm at an abandoned shack treating a girl of her injuries." Max heard the male, wondering if it was really a good idea. Was Pikachu staying with Ash and Venus?

"Are you sure?" Ash bobbed one more and excused Max and Grovyle. "Be careful in case more of those creeps pop up." Ash allowed the unconscious Venus on his back for a piggyback ride. For Ash, this was a unique experience. What else was in store?