This is the first chapter of what I'm expecting to be a very long story. I wanted to write the entire story of Tonks and Lupin in depth, so here's the first installment! Enjoy!

Chapter One: Vow of Silence

'Nymphadora, I really do think that we should be trying to keep a low profile...'

'Nonsense, Remus! This is our job, isn't it? It's what we volunteered for! And don't call me Nymphadora. Honestly, you need to take a more direct approach sometimes. It really does pay off and-'

Nymphadora Tonks winced as the crash echoed around the room, the ear-splitting sound of metal dishes and tins bouncing off the harsh hospital floor. Her stomach did a back flip as she landed with a heavy thud on her bottom, her palms also taking a bruising as they shot out in a gallant attempt to protect the rest of her. Everyone in the long, wide corridor turned their attentions the commotion, in the middle of which she sat, a fallen Auror, looking apologetically at her new partner in the Order of the Phoenix, Remus Lupin.

'Ah,' he mumbled, offering a long fingered, weathered hand. She took at gratefully and allowed him to help her up.

He smiled in what looked like stifled amusement. His hand scratched the back of his head in response, she assumed, to the eyes that she could feel shooting them disapproving looks with enough intensity to melt a block of ice.

Tonks brushed the dust from her robes with an ease born of many years of practice. 'Very dusty floors,' she commented disapprovingly, shooting a look at a nearby cleaning lady, who was looking at her in unmasked disgust. Tonks took out her wand and, trying to morph away the blush that was flooding to her cheeks, restored the fallen trolley to its upright position and returned every piece of metal equipment to its original home.

Remus urged her along with a hand at the small of her back. 'Perhaps we should be going?' he smiled. They began to walk, ignoring the stares that they collected as they made their way through the winding corridors.

Her new partner, Remus Lupin, was unceasingly polite. It baffled her how a person could remain so serene all of the time. She had joined the Order of the Phoenix just under a week ago. Kingsley Shacklebolt, who she had always held in high regard as a senior Auror, had taken her aside a few weeks ago. He had asked whether, hypothetically, if a dark force was working beyond the Ministry's control, she would be prepared go against the Ministry to defeat it. She remembered, with amusement, the affronted look on the man's face as she had told him to stop talking in riddles and get on with whatever it was he was trying to say. He had threatened to report her for insubordination, but had winked playfully at her nonetheless.

Remus had been assigned to work with her as soon as she had joined. She had been told that she needed to work with someone of experience, who had been a part of the Order before. Looking at him, it seemed difficult to imagine him in the middle of a war. Tonks had developed great respect for the man, and was sure he was capable of great things, but personally believed that to truly throw yourself into a duel, you had to let go of yourself completely and let instinct take over. Once you learnt the basic skill and technique, it was like riding a broomstick; you never forget.

They were weaving through the wards quickly now, and one glance at Remus' profile revealed his determination to accomplish what they had been asked to do. She found it difficult to look away; his expression held so much emotion behind his carefully arranged features. She wondered, not for the first time, how much he had been through last time.

Their task was simple; to question a suspected Death Eater. She shuddered internally at the prospect, but maintained the calm that she had carefully developed throughout her Auror training. She could do this; she reminded herself. She was just as qualified to question this man as Remus Lupin. More qualified, in fact, if she was thinking technically. There was no reason to feel overshadowed by his experience.

'He's been on our list of suspects for a while now, ever since the last time Voldemort was in power. We never managed to find any proof; he kept avoiding capture. We're going to get in, find out what he knows, and get out, alright?' He spoke softly, his voice slightly hoarse.

'I still think that a more forceful approach would have its benefits,' she hissed back. 'He's not going to tell us anything willingly, is he? Nothing barbarian obviously, but you'd be surprised how effective a good, loud interrogation can be.'

His blue eyes twinkled in amusement as he looked down at her. She swallowed deeply, her mouth suddenly dry. 'You'd be surprised at just how suggestible St. Mungos pain relief medication can make you. He was taken in for serious injuries; his blood will be swimming with the stuff. '

She sighed, resolving to say nothing more on the subject unless his plan fell through.

It didn't take much longer before they arrived at the intended ward. The beds lined the long room and various figures in different states of distress and unconsciousness lay in the plain white beds, covered in burgundy blankets. At the end of the ward, a gruff looking man sat. He was the only one in the ward sitting upright, and a look of utter contempt and disgust scarred his face as he stared straight ahead. His right leg was cut off at his knee, bandaged into a pitiful-looking stump. There were several deep-looking gashes that ran across his face. They weren't bleeding, obviously enchanted by magic so that they wouldn't heal properly.

The man didn't look up as they reached his bed.

'Kendrick Honeysuckle?' Remus asked sharply. Tonks winced; no wonder he turned to the dark arts, with a name like that.

The man showed no change in his face, but spoke huskily; 'Who's asking?'

'That's really none of your concern!' Tonks piped up, quite suddenly, surprising herself. Remus shot her a look and she took the hint, silencing herself while the heat grew behind her face again. She was embarrassing herself in front of him.

'We're looking for information,' Remus continued calmly. 'We have strong reason to believe that you have been conspiring against the Ministry of Magic under the command of Lord Voldem-'

'You dare speak his name?' Honeysuckle screeched, his eyes suddenly alight with fury and desperation. Fear and anger frothed from his lips.

Remus remained seemingly unaffected. Tonks was impressed by his composure, positive that her own face was showing signs of alarm. Honeysuckle was reaching, scrambling for the wand that was sitting, just out of his reach on the bedside table. Remus calmly collected it, putting it in the pocket of his robe, out of sight.

Honeysuckle collapsed in apparent defeat, teeth bared in pure fury. He stared at Remus, who remained impassive and collected. 'What d'you want to know, eh? You should know I'll tell you nothing!'

'So you admit, you've been working under the command of Lord Voldemort?' Remus asked, the corner of his mouth lifting into a polite smile. Tonks could see danger in his eyes, though.

Honeysuckle said nothing, merely folded his arms across his broad chest, his middle-aged features set in stone. Quite suddenly, his head turned to Tonks. She started, unprepared.

'Who's this pretty little creature, eh?' he asked loudly, a cackle erupting from his scarred mouth. 'Rethink the pink hair, though, swee'heart. Looks a wee bit trashy for a ministry worker! Bloody scum, all of you!'

The anger bubbled up through Tonks' veins, hot and unstoppable. 'As much as I appreciate your hair styling advice, Honeysuckle,we really don't have time to mess around. Now, here's how it's going to work,' she drew out her wand and pointed it directly between the man's eyes. 'You tell us what you know, or you kiss goodbye to your left eye, understand?'

She could see, in her peripheral vision, Remus pinch the bridge of his nose. She tried to not let it waver her threatening glare. It was an empty threat, she knew. And, based on the grin still plastered across his face, Honeysuckle suspected as much.

Luckily, she was saved the embarrassment of having to lower her wand by Remus, who stole the man's attention by speaking in a low, dangerous voice. 'Yes,' he said, 'we're quite prepared to use force to get you to tell us what you know. We have put a silencing charm on this entire ward; no one will come to your aid.'

He was utterly convincing, Tonks decided, contrary to the fact that everything he had just said was a lie. There was no silencing charm, and if Honeysuckle decided to put this to the test, they were done for. Luckily, Honeysuckle just coughed achingly, the grin slipping from his face as he looked into Lupin's immovable expression.

'Look,' Honeysuckle began, glancing at Tonks' wand, which she still hadn't lowered, for fear of breaking the threatening atmosphere that they had deceived their way into. 'I don' know much, alright? I can't tell you where they are. They wouldn't tell me themselves. Truth is, well, I didn't wanna get involved in all tha' again. I got a daughter, y'see. An' well, as you can guess, they weren't best pleased when I told 'em no. '

He indicated to his injuries and looked pleadingly at Tonks. She didn't like the way his eyes roved over her face, but didn't look away nonetheless.

'So you know nothing?' Remus surmised quietly, indicating for Tonks to relax. She did so, but still held her wand on him, wary about whether he could be trusted.

'Oh my goodness!' a voice screeched from behind them. Tonks whipped around. A plump healer was rushing towards them, dropping an enormous pile of bed linen and drawing out her own wand. 'Step away from my patient immediately. Yes, you, girl! And put your damn wand away, immediately, or I'll call the authorities.'

'Look, its okay,' Tonks stated. 'I'm an Auror. I work for the Ministry.'

'All questionings from the Ministry of Magic must be cleared with us first!' the woman screeched, her ruddy face turning an even deeper shade. 'I was not informed that any questionings were taking place today! Therefore you have no right, miss - no right at all! And threatening my patients. Good lord, I should report you straight away!'

Panic flooded through Tonks, and she suddenly felt extremely foolish. She had gone about this all wrong and gotten herself into a bad situation. She should have followed Remus' lead and kept calm. A quick glance around the ward told her that all eyes were on her. She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

'Excuse me?' Remus' soft voice eased her panic like a drug, spreading through veins. She saw his eyes flash to the woman's name tag. 'Healer Merlson? I'm sorry if there's has been a misunderstanding. You see...' he lowered his voice, casting a conspiratorial glance around the room, 'we're on an extremely important job. Naturally, we would have cleared this with you directly if we could have, but too many questions would have been asked. For you to report my partner here would be extremely inconvenient. And we wouldn't want the Minister for Magic to be inconvenienced, would we?' he flashed the healer a disarming grin, his eyes bright and captivating.

Tonks gaped at him; he was utterly charming. How could he lie so smoothly? She was a perfectly adequate liar, but would have paled in comparison to that.

The nurse stood, her mouth open slightly and Tonks smirked as her eyelids fluttered, seemingly coming back to reality. 'The Minister? Well...' the Healer began, her hand over her heart, 'I wouldn't want to make any trouble I suppose...'

She turned back to Tonks, the simpering look on her face mysteriously vanishing. 'See that you apologise to my patient. And consider the ethics of aggression in hosptials before you terrorise my patients again, please.'

Tonks shot her the most polite smile that she could manage. They were joined by another healer, who began conversing with Healer Merslon in hushed tones.

Tonks took her place next to Remus, glancing behind at Honeysuckle, who was grinning rather enthusiastically at her bottom. She shot him a dangerous look.

'We should go.' Remus had leaned down to whisper in her ear.

She nodded in agreement, wanting nothing more than to get out of the blasted hospital. Before they could move, however, the two healers turned towards them with wide eyes. The newly arrived healer was young, blonde and pretty, despite the withering expression that she wore on her face. All admiration which had previously been on Healer Merlson's face has disappeared, replaced by shock and disgust.

What surprised Tonks was that these looks were directed at Remus.

'I think we're going to have to ask you to leave now,' the blonde healer stated coolly. 'I saw you in the paper last year. We don't want to make a scene. Leave, please.'

'What?' Tonks asked blankly. Remus had been in the Prophet? For what? 'I think you're a bit confused.'

She shot the blonde girl a look of contempt for being so rude; Remus had been more than civil about this whole situation.

The healer looked back her in surprise, her lips pursed tightly. 'I think that it would be best for everyone if a scene wasn't caused. Mr Lupin, if you are not here for medical attention – please leave immediately. Or we will have someone remove you. We consider it dangerous for werewolves to be here at this time of the lunar cycle.'


Before Tonks could even open her mouth to say anything, Remus was guiding her firmly towards the exit of the ward, a strong hand in the crook of her elbow. She tried to twist free, and casting one last glance behind her, she saw the disgusted face of the blonde healer, the scandalized face of Healer Merlson, and the harsh features of Honeysuckle, staring blankly ahead, once again at nothing.

Once they were halfway down the corridor, Tonks gave an almighty tug, breaking free of his grip. She didn't appreciate being manhandled.

'What the hell was all that?' she asked incredulously, looking up at him. He wouldn't meet her eyes, the strong line of his jaw twitched as he clenched his teeth together. 'They said...werewolf?'

Remus sighed and ran a hand wearily over his jaw. He looked around at the people surrounding them and said, defeated; 'Lets discuss this somewhere else.'

They ended up on a stone bench, near the mock-shop window entrance to the hospital. Crowds of muggles passed them by, all looking extremely busy and important. Remus leaned forwards, elbows resting heavily on his knees. 'I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I know that I should have, with you and I working so closely together. I am a werewolf, yes, and it's an infliction that has held me back my entire life. I suppose it was a novelty to find someone who wasn't aware of my condition; especially after all of the coverage it got after the incident at Hogwarts.'

Tonks listened, completely shocked. She hadn't even suspected; some Auror she was.

'You have to understand, Nymphadora, that there is a great deal of prejudice against my kind. It's an instinct to stay away from me. I didn't want you to begin your work in the Order feeling...uncomfortable.'

Tonks found her voice from somewhere. ' thought that I wouldn't want to work with you if I found out?' she asked incredulously, tinges of anger creeping into her blood.

He grimaced, shrugging his shoulders. 'It's a prejudice of my own, I suppose,' he admitted, his eyes twinkling again in amusement 'to assume that I will frighten people.'

She smiled at him tentatively, a nervous laugh bubbling. 'Don't be a prat, Remus; of course I still want to work with you.'

An emotion crossed his face that she couldn't quite read. It was gone in the blink of an eye. He stood, suddenly business-like. 'We should get back to Headquarters. They'll be waiting for our report.'

Tonks blinked, startled by the sudden end to their conversation, and wondered if they even had anything to report. They had gotten nothing out of Honeysuckle. She was curious as to what he was planning to say to the Order. Tonks shuddered as she thought of the large panel of members, obviously watching her every step to see if she would slip up and make a huge mistake. Unfortunately, slipping up was one of her talents, in the very literal sense.

They found a sheltered spot, away from prying muggle eyes, and disapparated, Tonks' mind still reeling.

Chairs scraped across the stone floor as people settled into their seats. Tonks settled gratefully into hers, looking around the table at the members gathered. There were a few empty seats at the end of the long table, furthest away from the welcoming fireplace. Sirius met her gaze and winked warmly, looking every bit the proud cousin. She smiled back enthusiastically. Next to him – opposite her – Remus sat. His attention had been caught by the fireplace, evidently. The firelight was reflected in his eyes, catching the grey strands of hair and setting them with a rich glow. Shadows played in the hollow of his cheekbones and suddenly, it wasn't quite so difficult to imagine him as a werewolf. He was thin and tired looking; his eyes holding age beyond his years. He had obviously seen too much bad in the world. He hadn't spoken to her since earlier. It worried her.

Quite unexpectedly, his eyes flashed straight into hers, sending a bolt of electricity coursing through her veins. She looked away quickly, taking in Molly Weasley, bustling about by the stove. Tonks knew that Molly would only abandon her cooking responsibilities and take her seat at the table when the meeting began. She liked Molly; her motherly warmth made her it extremely difficult not to. She wasn't sure, however, that Molly reciprocated her admiration. She had always been very short with Tonks, and had a knack for seeming constantly exasperated by her.

The other Order members chatted enthusiastically between themselves. Mad-Eye Moody sat next to her, so quiet and still that she almost hadn't noticed him. Mad-Eye had been her teacher for her first few years of Auror training. She had always respected him; his oddness only serving to endear him to her. He had always been rough and brutal in his criticism of her, but she easily brushed it off, never able to take him completely seriously.

She leaned over to Mad-Eye. He didn't look at her, but tilted his ear towards her slightly. She had a feeling that his magical eye was watching her through his own skull, and shivered slightly. 'What is everyone waiting for?'

Moody grunted, shifting slightly in his seat; 'You and Lupin aren't the only ones giving a report tonight, girly,' he replied gruffly, taking a swig from his flask.

'Then who are we all waiting for?' she asked, scanning the room for any obvious vacancies. Dumbledore wasn't here yet, but it wasn't irregular for him to be absent.

Moody shifted uncomfortable in his seat and said nothing. She looked to Sirius, her eyes questioning. He looked equally as displeased. 'Snape's supposed to be calling in for his little monthly segment: 'Look who's Getting Away with Murder'. It's a hoot, Tonks, really,' he told her, grimacing.

'Snape?' she repeated incredulously. 'He's in the Order?'

Sirius raised his eyebrows briefly in understanding at her astonishment. He took a long swig of fire whisky and, holding the burning liquid in this mouth, offered the bottle to her. She smiled in amusement and declined with a shake of her head. When he offered it to Remus, he took it, never looking away from the fireplace. He took a quick sip and handed it back.

'Severus provides us with invaluable information into Voldemort's whereabouts and intentions,' Remus said quietly, ignoring Sirius' disbelieving snort.

Something struck her; 'Remus, if Snape knows where Voldemort is, then why did we have to go and question Honeysuckle?'

Sirius collapsed into a fit if giggles.

Remus ignored him and answered her, his eyes still glued to the fireplace. 'We went today because his defences were low. We weren't in there to get him to admit to anything...'

Tonks frowned, confused. 'Then why...'

It hit her suddenly; 'You used legilimency?' she asked, impressed. She was weak at the skill.

'It wasn't difficult. His barriers were extremely damaged by Voldemort,' Remus smiled, his eyes meeting hers for the first time in a long while, warm and gentle. 'Well done, you're thinking less like an Auror and more like an Order member.'

Moody grunted in approval and took another sip of his flask. Tonks beamed in delight.

Arthur Weasley was arranging his spectacles on his nose, shuffling parchment and clearing his throat. The whole room quietened, turning to face him. Arthur looked mildly nervous, staring mostly at his papers. 'Well, we should make a start,' he called down the table. He stood with his back to the door. 'I'm sure Severus can catch up when he- '

With a dramatic irony that only Snape could achieve, the floor flew open with a sharp crash against the wall and her old potions master sauntered in. With him came a flood of bad memories; Snape telling her that everyone with a normal hair colour was dismissed, during the phase of her childhood where she found her morphing difficult to control; Snape sneering down at her first year efforts at basic potion-making; Snape ignoring Sue Maine's constant attempts to trip her over...

Tonks shivered as he brought cold air into the room with him, his robes billowing around his leg. With no recognition for anyone in the entire room, he took his seat at the coldest end of the table, removing several rolls of parchment from the inside of his robes and spreading them out on the table.

'The situation over the past month has remained steady,' he announced, his voice spreading through the room like oil. 'The Dark Lord continues to try and regain old recruits, as well as beginning the hunt for new ones...'

'And what are you doing about it?' Sirius asked loudly, setting his firewhisky bottle down on the table heavily. Snape gave him a stare that could burn through lead. 'I mean, you flounce in here like you're doing such a service by giving all these little updates into things we can't do anything about. Everyone else is contributing. What are you doing?'

'Sirius...' Remus cautioned quietly.

'And you, Black?' Snape replied, with his perfectly composed sneer. 'What's your contribution? As far as I can see, it is merely sitting in this house. Face it, Black; you are the House Elf of this organisation.'

Sirius rose alarmingly quickly, reaching for his wand. Remus stopped him with a hand on his shoulder, forcefully dragging him back down to his seat and taking the whisky from in front of him, placing it out of reach.

Snape gave a greasy smirk and continued with his report. Tonks couldn't will her attention to listen to his monotonous voice any longer; she was growing increasingly tired. She watched in fascination as Remus turned away from Snape to stare, once again, into the fireplace. Something in his furrowed brow told her that he was still listening intently. She heard the voices of other members inputting generously and let the sound wash over her.

Tonks allowed her eyelids to droop as she watched the fire flickering restlessly. Snape's dulcet tones only served to send her deeper into her own mind.

Someone coughed loudly and she was broken out of her stupor, only to realise that all eyes were on her. Worse still, they all looked extremely expectant. She opened her mouth but no sound came out.

'By all means Nymphadora, communicate telepathically, you can't imagine how it thrills us,' Snape offered dryly, fitting the parchments back into his robes.

Sirius snarled, looking remarkably like the criminal he was thought to be. She realised that she must have been asked to begin her report.

'We visited the Death Eater in question,' Remus began for her, his eyes roving across the faces around the table. 'I used legilimency and was able to determine that he was truthful in his claims that refusing to rejoin the Death Eaters.'

'Then why haven't they killed him?' Molly asked with wide eyes, ringing her apron in her hands.

'That remains in question, Molly,' Remus replied kindly. 'It may be that they need him for something.'

A worried shiver seemed to pass through the entire congregation like a wave. Tonks pulled her robes tighter around her and wished for a hole to open in the floor so that she could sink gratefully into it. There was something wrong with her today; nothing seemed to be going smoothly; everything seemed to be having extremely embarrassing consequences.

'Maybe they're hoping that he'll change his mind as Voldemort regains power?' Tonks suggested, wanting to release some of the nervous energy that had nestled inside her.

'It's a possibility,' Remus agreed, his eyes soft. 'Nymphadora, you've displayed a great deal of initiative today. You're becoming a truly valuable member of the Order.'

Tonks gaped at him in sheer astonishment. His eyes showed a sparkle of amusement, deep in the depths of blue. She suspected this praise was partly for Snape's benefit.

'How touching,' Snape remarked dryly, his lip curling nastily. 'It would seem that you have a fan, Nymphadora. A werewolf praising a shape-shifter. It would seem that the freaks of society have to stick together.'

By the time Remus had, again, calmed Sirius down and Snape had swept out through the door, the room buzzed with nervous energy. All eyes seemed to be on Sirius and Remus, with the exception of Molly, who had resumed cooking, and Mundungus Fletcher, who was passed out drunk in the corner of the room. A woman whose name Tonks had forgotten was poking him gently, a worried expression on her face. As people began to file out of the room, leaving only a handful of members, Tonks began to relax. Next time, she resolved, she would put forward more information herself, instead of leaving it all to Remus.

'Molly, let me help you with that,' Remus offered kindly, taking a place next to her at the stove. He rolled the sleeves of his shabby robes up to his elbows and set to work.

He cooked with an ease that could have only come from years of experience. Tonks was a terrible cook. She watched as he moved around the kitchen, stirring saucepans with upmost grace and –

A loud snort of amusement broke her concentration. Sirius was leaning across the table, a grin plastered across his face. His black hair tipped across his face as he asked in a low voice; 'enjoying the view?'

'Don't be a prat, Sirius,' she warned dangerously. 'I'm an Auror.'

'And a very pretty little one you are too,' he winked, touching the tip of her nose. She made a face at him.

'So,' Sirius began, suddenly looking very serious indeed. 'He told you then?'

Tonks knew, of course, that Sirius was referring to the werewolf issue. 'Someone told me for him, actually. But he explained afterwards,' she replied in hushed tones. 'I honestly had no idea.'

'Mm, it's not something that he announces on the wireless every morning,' Sirius nodded. Tonks punched him playfully in the shoulder. He pulled a wounded expression before rearranging his features, once again, into sincerity. 'Seriously though, I wouldn't bring it up again, unless he does first. I know he was reluctant for you to find out. I think he liked the idea of having someone who didn't know. So it might be best for you to act exactly like you don't know.'

'But he needs to know that it doesn't bother me,' she insisted.

Sirius looked at her in blatant amusement. 'Well, as you might have already guessed, Remus isn't the kind to sit around crying into his tea, shovelling ice cream into his mouth and talking about his feelings. If you want to have a therapy session with him, good luck to you.'

Tonks scowled at him as he chuckled in obvious amusement. Dinner arrived shortly after, warm and welcome after a hard day. She ate enthusiastically, practically shouting praise at Molly, who waved off the onslaught with a kindly smile. Remus ate quietly, barely saying a word. She thought she saw his eyes occasionally flicker to her, but could have been imagining things.

When she had finished dessert, a quick glance at the clock told her that she had to get home. She said hasty goodbyes and thanked Molly for dinner. A quick scan of the room revealed that Remus was nowhere in sight. A sinking feeling began in the pit of her stomach. She pushed it away impatiently and left, saying a few more goodbyes as she went.

She stepped out of the front door into the pleasant summer air, which was growing cooler with the sinking sun. 'Nymphadora,' he heard a hoarse voice just beside her and jumped.

She sighed, her smile tentative and unsure, 'Remus,' she said with relief.

'I just came out for some air,' he explained with a small smile. 'Are you leaving?'

'Yeah, off to fight dark forces in the form of the large pile of laundry that's threatening to eat my entire flat alive,' she joked. He chuckled genuinely; it seemed like a rare sound to her and it send bolts of fire into her stomach.

Oh, this was not good.

'Well, do be careful with that,' he replied gently. 'Goodnight, Nymphadora.'

'Tonks,' she corrected firmly. 'Goodnight, Remus.'

It was now or never, she decided. 'Remus,' she began. Everything was a tidal wave from there; 'I just want you to know that it doesn't bother me. Obviously I don't expect you to talk about something you don't want to, but I'm not going to pretend that it doesn't exist. It does, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. In the same way it doesn't bother you that I can change my face. It's just something that makes you who you are, and I'd still love to work with you in the Order. I have fun with you, Remus.'

She didn't stop to look at his expression. She did, however, give his rough, warm hand a quick squeeze before dashing down the stone steps and disapparating. From the quick glance at him as she turned on the spot, she saw that his expression held a great deal of confusion, and that he was looking in mild suprise at the hand she had just let go of.

To be continued...

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