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Elizabeth hadn't meant for it to happen, it was a complete accident. She was just so happy to see her fiancé Ciel on that snow covered bridge, and couldn't control herself. She ran up to him and practically tackled him while attempting to hug him. Then she grabbed him by the hands and spun him in a circle getting faster and faster, when suddenly she felt her hands slip and watched with horror as Ciel went flying over the bridge and into the icy water below.

Ciel's P.O.V

There were a number of things that ran through Ciel's mind as he saw Elizabeth running towards him. One of these thoughts was, "How is it that even in the most remote parts of London this girl can find me? She's harder to get rid of then a dog's fleas."

He mentally grimaced and braced himself for the suffocating hug he knew was coming; and it came. What he was not anticipating was being spun around in the air like a rag doll. It wasn't long before he started to feel sick, so he shut his eyes to try and calm his spinning head. At first he thought it had worked because the spinning had stopped, but when he opened his eyes he realized that this wasn't the case. He was flying through the air, and, it appeared, right over the bridge. At first he wasn't very concerned. Surely Sebastian would catch him before he even came close to hitting the icy water below, but as he looked to see where his loyal butler was he saw that he was still on the bridge and petting another stray cat!


The next thing he knew he was submersed in cold water; and cold was an understatement, this water was freezing! His limbs went numb instantly and he couldn't swim to safety even if he wanted to, his layers of heavy wet clothes pulled him toward the bottom of the river like 500 pound weights. It wasn't long before his lungs started screaming for air, he desperately tried to move toward the surface, but to no avail. He just kept sinking lower and lower into the river.

"Sebastian," he thought just before everything went black.

Sebastian's P.O.V

Sebastian had looked away only for a moment to pet an endearing black kitty cat, when, the next thing he knew his master was flying through the air and into the Thames river. This wouldn't have been that big a deal if it had been summer, but that season had long since passed and there were blankets of fluffy white snow covering all of London.

"Honestly, can't he have one day where he doesn't need to be rescued?"

Quickly he shrugged out of his jacket and promptly jumped into the icy waters after his master. Cold had no effect on him, being what he was, but he could tell that any human who stayed in this water would quickly freeze and drowned. Through the murky gloom he spotted his master flowing steadily away at the bottom of the river. He appeared to already be unconscious.

Never a good sign.

He sighed mentally, "Humans are so weak and fragile…it's truly pathetic."

He swam down to the bottom of the river, firmly grabbed Ciel by the back of the collar, and started pulling him to the surface. He was surprised to see how far the river had carried them in such short a time. The bridge was at least a mile away now, and he swore he could still see Elizabeth, horrified at her own blunder and probably bawling her eyes out. Rotating his body so that he was floating on his back, he put Ciel on his stomach and started to tread water with his feet heading for frozen shore. Once there he laid his master gently on the ground and checked the status of his master's being. With a shock he realized his master wasn't breathing. Without missing a beat he put his hands on his master's chest and pushed down firmly, Repeating the action a few times.





Immediately his master started to cough up water and gasping for breath. Sebastian sat back and sighed in relief. The last thing he needed was for his "soul" to die before the contract was finished.

Slowly he watched the boy's single visible eye flutter open.

"Are you all right, young master," he asked casually?

The boy turned to face him. Sebastian assumed he was trying to give him a disgusted face, but he was already shaking so hard that it was hard to tell.

"W-W-What took you so long?" he demanded.

"Sorry master, I was….distracted," Sebastian answered innocently.

"I didn't think you could get into trouble so promptly."

"Y-Y-You were petting a cat!" he shouted between a few coughs, infuriated.

"But this cat was just so adorable. It had such a shiny black coat and soft pink paws that-" Sebastian's reason was cut off sharply by Ciel who was now having a severe coughing attack. With a jolt he realized that Ciel's asthma must be kicking in. Just walking around in this cold weather was enough to set it off, but falling into a freezing river was a sure fire way to agitate the poor boy's affliction. He swiftly picked up the shivering boy, holding him close to his body and started for the mansion. Ciel however had other ideas.

"Put me down," he demanded through bursts of coughing and shivering.

"I can walk on my own. The last thing people need to see is the great Ciel Phantomhive being carried around by his butler."

Sebastian gave him a smug smile and set him down.

"Yes, my lord."

Sebastian had to give the boy credit. He made it further than he had expected with his body in the shape it was, but it wasn't long before the boy ended up losing consciousness and started to introduce himself to the ground. Of course being the good butler that he was, he caught him before he even touched it. Once again he picked the half frozen and asthmatic boy in his arms and started for the mansion.

"Humans can be so foolishly stubborn. If he had just let me carry him we could have been home by now and have gotten him into a warm bath."

He let out a sigh, but as he thought about his stubborn master he realized that was one of the qualities that made him interesting to be around. He looked at the small child he was carrying in his arms. The boy was shivering uncontrollably now and his breathing was labored. Sebastian wrapped his arms around the boy and held him close to his body to try and get him warm. The sooner they got to the mansion the better.