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Sebastian had been working on fixing up the so called "room" they had been rented. The walls were slightly molded, the bathroom might as well have been a quarantine zone, and to make things even worse everything in the entire room was covered in DUST! Sebastian shook his head in disgust; honestly you would think humans would take better care of their homes. Tightening his gloves with his teeth he set to work on cleaning the room. No sooner had he finished making the bathroom tolerable again did he start to feel a tingling in his right hand. He looked over to see Ciel tossing in his sleep.

He walked over to the bed and started to move his hand over Ciel, to reach for his shoulder try and wake him up, but the moment his right hand passed over his forehead, it started glowing a bright red. Something was very wrong in Ciel's mind. He heard Ciel mummer his name in his sleep. The boy was breathing more heavily now, it sounded almost like panting, and his tossing was getting worse. Ignoring his glowing hand, Sebastian attempted to shake Ciel awake, but to no avail, if it did anything at all it made Ciel start to toss more. The mark on Sebastian's hand started to tingle even stronger.

Sebastian looked from his hand to his master and sighed; it appeared he would have to enter the young boy's mind. It wasn't that it was a hard challenge for Sebastian; quite to the contrary it was too easy! If he wished to he could enter Ciel's mind any time he wished, thanks to the contract, the only problem was that human minds were especially fragile; that was even truer for children. If he wasn't careful going in Ciel's mind he could destroy it completely leaving him to serve an empty shell of a master, and that wouldn't be very amusing for Sebastian, he quite enjoyed teasing his young charge.

Sebastian winced slightly, very very slightly, as the contract symbol on his hand started to burn strongly. No more time to waste. Gently he placed his right hand on Ciel's forehead and closed his eyes.

Sebastian got into Ciel's mind without difficulty. The next step was figuring out where Ciel's subconscious self was. A long black hallway full of hundreds of doors lie ahead of Sebastian, each one a different shape and color, probably hinting at the memory or dream that lie behind it. Any normal person would have given up right away, but not Sebastian for he was "one hell of a butler." It didn't hurt that he had a trick up his sleeve either. Well trick wasn't the right word; it was more of an advantage. He and Ciel were connected by a contract, and because of it he could find Ciel no matter where he was…even in Ciel's own mind. Focusing his mind on the link he stared down the hallway with 'new eyes'.

About 20 doors down on the right side, a door glowed with a bright red color. Smirking, he quickly walked over to the door and grabbed the handle. As he opened the door his eyes immediately narrowed and his smirk disappeared, he could smell the stench of some lower class demons in this "room". The room behind the door was pitch black, but that meant little; it was probably just an illusion set up by the demons to keep others out. It appeared that they thought they could claim what was rightfully his. What a deadly mistake. Without hesitation he jumped through the door and found himself in the middle of a vast desert.

There was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see and no sign of anything living or dead. Calling on the power of his contract once again he looked around the desert. Glowing like a beacon, a set of footprints left a trail in the dessert that would lead Sebastian to Ciel better than any road map. Sebastian started running at full speed following the footprints. He couldn't help but muse to himself that this was probably the most exercise the young earl had gotten in a very long time. His mind quickly flashed back to their investigation of the Viscount of Druitt when Ciel had needed to disguise himself as a woman, and gain the Viscount's attention. He and Ciel had to dance to one song and by the end Ciel was on the floor panting in exhaustion. The thought made him chuckle, and sigh, as he remembered the events that followed. He really is only good at getting himself captured, Sebastian thought wryly.

It didn't take long for Sebastian to reach a rather large castle. The footprints ended at the gate, and it didn't take a genius to figure out Ciel was probably inside. Sebastian briefly considered knocking, but figured no one would answer anyway so he proceeded to swiftly launch himself up onto the 30 foot gate. Looking around he decided to enter the castle from one of the top windows. Once inside he saw he was standing on what appeared to be a balcony. Even better down below he could see, and hear, Ciel and two miserable excuses for demons engaged in a conversation.

"Your demons," he heard Ciel state. You had to give it to the boy; his powers of observation were astounding. (A/N: Sebastian being sarcastic)

"Yes, and if you don't mind, it's been a long time since we've had a decent meal and your soul smells mouthwatering." He heard one of the demons reply.

"You can't eat my soul. I'm already under contract with another demon; my soul already belongs to him." Ciel countered. Sebastian couldn't help but feel a little smug at Ciel's response. It made him happy to know that a soul so delicious that other demons wanted it belonged to him.

"Then maybe he should be here to protect you. That contract means nothing to us and it certainly doesn't prevent us from eating your soul. It's the job of your demon to protect you from demons like us, and by the look of things he's not around, it appears he's given up his claim on you. His loss."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed dangerously, he was going to enjoy killing these two. "Don't worry, we promise it won't hurt…much," they said as started to approach Ciel.

Sebastian could hear his name being called in the back of his head and his hand was glowing brighter than ever. Then he heard Ciel scream his name so loudly that it echoed around the whole castle. Coming my lord, Sebastian thought to himself. Jumping down from the balcony he landed directly between Ciel and the oncoming 'threat.'


Ciel opened his eyes and at first saw nothing but black, for a split second he thought he was dead, but then he realized that his view was just obstructed by a big black coat. Looking up he saw Sebastian's face half turned to look at him while the other half glared dangerously at the two demons.

"Are you ok young master," question Sebastian?

"I'm fine, barley. Where were you, and what's going on" demanded Ciel angrily!

"I will explain all this to you later young master but I don't think this is the appropriate time. Now young master, what are your orders?" asked Sebastian questioningly.

"Sebastian! I order you to kill these demons!" cried Ciel.

Sebastian's eyes glowed dark red, almost in approval, like it was the order he had been hoping to receive. Ciel watched as Sebastian tightened his gloves with his teeth and stalk menacingly forward. The two demons backed away fearfully.

"The penalty for trying to take what belongs to me is quite high. Are you ready for the consequences?" Sebastian asked threateningly.

The two demons backed up even further.

"Hey, we didn't know he was still yours," one said.

"Yeah," said the other. "And I'm sure his soul's big enough for three demons, why don't we all share it."

Ciel couldn't see Sebastian's face but it must have been absolutely terrifying because the two demons were frozen and trembling in fear. Ciel even found himself shuddering, even staring at Sebastian's back he could feel the blood lust emanating off of Sebastian in waves. Those demons were in for it now. All of a sudden Ciel heard Sebastian say "darkness" before his line of vision went black. Ciel thought he might have passed out and he was horrified at the thought, but then came the horrible screaming and fighting noises. Ciel was frustrated that he couldn't see, but judging from the sounds going on in the room he figured it was probably a good thing. It didn't take long for the room to become silent again, and this caused Ciel to tense up considerable, especially since he couldn't see. When he felt a hand on his arm he jumped at least 3 feet in the air before trying to run away, but the hand held him firmly.

"It's alright young master, it's just me," came Sebastian's amused voice.

"Well if I could see, I wouldn't be so jumpy now would I. The fight's over so why can you light the room up again?" Ciel questioned.

"There is nothing in this room you want to see right now, trust me. It's better if we just got out of here and woke you up," said Sebastian matter-of-factly.

"Woke up?" repeated Ciel once they were out of the castle "You mean this is all a dream?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking. You've been unconscious with a high fever for most of the day after your little 'fall' into the river earlier," replied Sebastian.

"Well how do I wake up," questioned Ciel?

"That's easy, young master," said Sebastian kneeling in front of Ciel. Ciel couldn't help but Stare at Sebastian's crimson red eyes, in their own twisted way they brought Ciel comfort. Almost immediately Ciel found himself getting drowsy; his eye's getting heavier every minute. The last words he heard Sebastian say were,

"You have to fall asleep."