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Watching Wyatt

I sighed loudly. Why could't the sisters just cooperate with me? I mean seriously what part of, "Very Bad Future" didn't they understand? My ears started to ring. I heard my name being called over and over. Ow! Didn't they know they didn't need to yell? I orbed to the attic of the manor to find Piper, Phoebe and Paige standing there. But Piper was holding Wyatt. Uh oh. Please don't tell me they weren't going to ask what I thought they were going to ask.

"Chris we have to go on a demon hunt. A shape shifting demon just attacked Wyatt. We need you to watch him." Oh hell no!

"Okay, first of all, why didn't you tell me a demon attacked Wyatt? And second of all, no! I don't want to watch Wyatt! I will not, repeat, not watch Wyatt! I am putting my foot down on this!"

...Stupid persuasive aunts. I couldn't believe I was stuck here watching Wyatt. I didn't risk my life traveling back in time to babysit this brat. I scowled at the words in front of me as I continued to read the Book of Shadows. All of a sudden, Wyatt started to cry.

"What is it Wy? You hungry? Do you need," I grimaced, "a diaper change?" Just to be on the safe side and also because I couldn't concentrate when he was crying, I orbed him up stairs, and took his diaper and pants off.

"Oh god! Gross!" I didn't ask for this! Like I was actually going to change him. Well, I didn't think this would really be considered personal gain. I mean really I was helping Wyatt. So I proceeded to clean him and put a new diaper on with my Telekinesis.

I then orbed us back down stairs. Wyatt finally stopped crying after a couple of minutes. He must have fallen asleep. I was happy I could finish writing the Possible Demon List. Ten minutes later I was done. I sighed and scrubbed at my face.

"You're awful quiet, Wy," I mused to myself. I looked up and he wasn't there. Crap. Crap, crap, crap. "Wy!" I yelled, standing up quickly.

I ran down the list of where I checked.

Sun room - No.

Kitchen - No.

Mom's bedroom – No.

Aunt Phoebe's bedroom – No.

Aunt Paige's bedroom – No.

Basement - As if I'd check down there.

Attic - No

I groaned at my own stupidity. Wait a second, why didn't I just Sense him? I closed my eyes and concentrated on Wyatt. I heard him crying. Chinese signs? My eyes flashed open. He orbed off to China! That brat! I closed my eyes again. Oh wait, whoops, he orbed off to China Town.

I closed my eyes and orbed to the closest alley I could sense him in. Not a second later, he orbed in the same alley. Before the little brat could escape, I grabbed him and orbed back to the house.

"Don't you dare do that again, you brat. Are you trying to get me killed?" I laughed. "You know Wy, you always said you wanted to see the world. Well, wait that's a lie. You said you wanted to rule the world. Oh well close enough." Someone coughed to get my attention. It was Mom. Wait, I mean Pi…oh what the hell it was Mom.

"So where have you been?" she asked. Crap. Lie.

"Oh I just orbed Wyatt from the attic." I heard Aunt Phoebe and Paige giggling. Hmm weird.



"We are in the attic." Oh damn! You see what you do to me, Wy. You stress me out so much I can't even properly lie! Uh lie again! But better this time!

"D—Did I say attic? I meant the living room." I could tell nobody bought that.

"Chris where did you really go?" Mom asked.

"Well it's your fault! You're the one who insisted I watch Wyatt! I mean, really, what do you feed that kid? Also did you not teach him to not orb off? I was so panicky I almost checked the basement for him. Almost! Like I'd go down there since the Woogie incident. Thank God Aunt Phoebe vanquished him. He scared the hell out of me! And don't get me started on that kid's pair of lungs. He yelled so loud I thought I was gonna go deaf...And why are you all looking at me like that?" I drifted off. They looked at me like I had grown another head. Wait did I? No. So why were they looking at me like that?

"Did you just say Aunt Phoebe?" Oh... Oh! Damn, what am I going to tell them? Oh wait, I'll lie. Duh.

"You're dreaming!" Wait, what the hell was that? I've been spending too much time with Phoebe.

"Uh...I'm just gonna go now..." Then I orbed off.

Again this story was beta's by Piper Chris Melinda Halliwell.

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