"I'll have a beer." Chris told the bartender. He had bags under his eyes and he looked like he was about to fall asleep.

He raised his eyebrows at the young man. His eyes scoped out his face and he held out his hand. "Got an I.D., kid?"

Chris glared. "Got a toupee?"

He scowled as he touched his balding head gingerly. "You don't look a day over seventeen. You ain't gettin' no beer from me. Try some tap water."

"You listen here!" Chris yelled, leaning over the edge of the bar. Chris sighed and sat back down as he saw Leo walk into P3. "...I'll take a water..."

He smirked and turned around. Jackass.

Leo walked up to him and sat down. "A beer, Nick."

"Sure thing, Leo!"

"Piper wants you," he managed to bite out civilly.

"No," Chris said firmly. "No, no, no, no." He stood up and started to walk away. Suddenly he felt himself being engulfed by bright lights and a lurch in his stomach. In the club? Was Leo stupid?

"Dammit! No!" he said, stomping his foot on the squeaky floor board Leo still hadn't gotten fixed. No good for nothing father.

Paige pushed Wyatt into his arms. "To bad, kid. We're goin' clubbin'. It's been weeks since Piper got la–"

He covered his ears and closed his eyes. "If you finish that sentence I'll sic the Elders on you."

She rolled her eyes. "How do you think you were made? Fairies?"

Chris nodded. "Yes, actually." He looked down uncomfortably at his older brother in his arms. Or would he be his younger? Chris could have swore Wyatt smirked at him.

"You were carried down by a stork," she agreed. She paused, thoughtfully. "Well, technically not yet, but you get the idea."

"I'll make you pay for this," he threatened.

She smirked before pouting. Her eyelashes fluttered and – Dammit! If they hadn't died in the future, Chris would hardly be affected by it. Now that he had a chance to see them – after they died – he couldn't deny them anything. He looked down at gurgling Wyatt.

"What do you want?" he demanded.

He smiled innocently, proudly showing off his baby teeth. He blinked and he orbed away.

"I so don't have time for this." Chris groaned. He closed his eyes and sensed him on the border of Canada. This was going to be a long night.

After safely returning his younger – older? – brother back to the manor, Wyatt sat on the very old couch from a 'a lot of greats' Aunt Pearl. Chris Orbed crystals around the attic so Wyatt couldn't Orb out, nor could he walk out without being zapped...It wasn't the greatest plan, but Chris was too tired to care.

"Move it." Chris ordered as Wyatt sat on the couch. He blinked and Chris glowered. "Yes, I know you're my brother, and my point coming back here is to be nice to you and save you from being evil. However, you've used up the last bit of my patience the last two weeks and I need sleep. In order for me to save you, I need sleep. So move it."

Wyatt blinked.

"Oh for crying out loud!" He picked up Wyatt and set him on the floor. He stretched out and sighed in relief. For something this old, it was more comfortable than the P3 couch. No, the sisters hadn't moved him in yet. But that could be because he'd been ignoring them. He could fight demons himself! He knew how to make potions and spells. And since when did using telekinesis to smash a demon's nose into a cave wall, not hurt? He didn't need his family!

Finally when Chris let out a deep breath, signifying that he was officially out of it. A sly smirk appeared on Wyatt's face. He squinted his eyes and the nearest crystal flew out of place, disconnecting the electric circle.

Wyatt sat there, contemplating. Yes, he understood that Chris was his brother. His younger brother to be specific. Didn't that mean they were supposed to play tricks on each other? Or, Wyatt was supposed to play tricks on Chris. He'd been in the world long enough to see how siblings acted.

Should he start to cry and disrupt his brother's sleep? Or wreck the manor? If he wrecked the manor he would get Chris in trouble with Mom. The latter it was!

He Orbed into the kitchen and the cupboards flew open. The flour's seal opened and the bag fell sideways. A waterfall of white powder flew to the ground. The sugar soon followed. He let the chairs fall gently to the ground, as to not wake up Chris. The milk poured into the sink and the orange juice puddled on the ground.

He sat on the counter staring at a carton of eggs. He lifted up the lid with his pudgy baby hands and picked up an egg. He stared at it intently before slapping his hands together, breaking the egg. He smiled and wiped the raw yolk onto the counter. He Orbed a spoon and smashed the eggs onto the marble top.

He dumped Cheetos onto the couch in the living room and turned all of the TVs on. He found some video tapes hidden in his mother's room and he put a tape in the TV in each room. The TV people let out these weird moans.

He ripped the bedding off of each of his aunt's beds and his mom's. He tipped over photos and smashed picture frames. And to top it all off, he broke the grandfather clock.

Wyatt froze as he heard manor front door's knob jiggle. He blinked and he orbed back up into the attic, staring blankly at Chris just like he had been an hour ago.

"Oh. My. God. What the Hell happened to my house?" The Charmed Sons' furious mother questioned loudly. "Chris! You get your ass down here right now!"

Chris squinted his eyes and then opened them. He gasped as he heard his mom's tone of voice. His eyes flickered to the innocent looking little kid sitting on the dusty floor and then to the knocked over crystal. He orbed both of them down to the hallway and surveyed the damage. But most of all his mother's glare and his aunt's amused look as their eyes glanced over to the TV which had two women heavily moaning and panting.

Oh crap.

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