Age 5

"Love you Mommy." I said sleepily.

"Get to sleep, honey." Mama told me, kissing my forehead, and then leaving my room.

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.


There was a man in a long black robe holding a torch and a pitchfork. He looked just like this one pastor from a church that was down the street from me. Next to the old pastor was a blonde haired man with blue eyes. I guessed he was the pastor's son, because of the likenesses. The blonde son looked to be the age of 23. I watched as the pastor, his son, and a group of men crept down a dark street. Why would they go there so late at night? They all were wearing garlic necklaces and holding weapons. That's very weird.

Eventually the men seemed to have caught sight of whatever they were looking for. Wow! He was handsomer than Prince Charming! But what really caught me by surprise was the color of his eyes. They were red! Like blood red! EW! I've never liked blood. Then suddenly, the beautiful man ran fast. I mean faster than that road runner on my morning cartoons, fast. But then, he jumped on the blonde haired man with the blue eyes and bit his neck! Oh My! But luckily others went to his rescue. Apparently the beautiful man was strong too. He killed two others and ran off with one more person.

But the blonde haired man with the blue eyes looked panicked and started dragging himself away from the scene. Eventually he ended up on a sack of potatoes in a cellar. He looked like he was in a lot of pain, but he didn't seem to make any noise. After what seemed like days in this dreamland, he seemed to be getting better. I saw him lay there tensely. Wait a second! Is this the same guy? He looked different. Beautiful. And now that I noticed that, he looked stronger too. He looked perfect. Just like the other man who bit his neck. Then suddenly he opened his eyes. Red.

~end dream~

And I woke with a start to my Mommy calling me.

"Bella!" she called. "It's time to get up!"

"Okay Mama!" I responded.

I sat up in my bed and started to think about the bizarre dream I had just had.

Who was that man?

What is he now?

Why does he have red eyes?

Why did I even have that dream?

How did I have a dream that detailed?


I have no answers, at all. I'm so confused.

A/N: So, this is my new story! I don't really know how the thought/ idea of this story came to me, but i'm really excited about writing it! I hope you liked it enough to review! Thank you so very much for reading!