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A young boy could be seen racing as fast as his legs could carry him through the forests that bordered the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konoha. This boy in particular had a few uniques features to him, such as his bright orange jumpsuit, sun-colored blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, very unique whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks, and was carrying a rather large scroll on his back. As he stopped in a clearing, his mind wandered back to the events that led to him being there in the first place, which happened earlier that day...


Naruto sat alone and dejected on a swing in the courtyard of the Academy. He had just failed the graduation exam for the third time, and had to sit and watch his classmates celebrate with their families. Some of the parents noticed him looking at them and began to comment.

"Good thing that little beast failed. What were they thinking, letting HIM into the Academy?"

"I know! Why didn't the Sandaime just kill that...thing...when he had the chance?"

Naruto had heard enough. He angrily marched straight back to the classroom to collect what little he had when he was stopped by Mizuki. Mizuki told Naruto of a secret way to become a Genin : Steal the Forbidden Scroll in the Hokage's office and bring to him without getting caught.

Naruto jumped at the opportunity and left for his apartment to get ready for his supposed exam. What he failed to notice, was the cruel smirk on Mizuki's face as he left.


He shook himself out of those thoughts as he set to work on learning the first jutsu on the scroll while he waited.

In a nearby part of the forest, Iruka bounded toward Naruto's chakra signature in a real hurry. 'Dammit, Naruto! Why did you do this?!'He wondered. After a few more minutes, he came across the clearing Naruto was sitting in. After confronting him, Naruto told him about what Mizuki told him to do in order to become a Genin.

Mizuki chose that moment to show himself. Once he was sure that his true intentions were found out, he began to berate Naruto and he skewed off on a tangent about the Kyuubi no Kitsune. During his rant, he broke one of the most severe laws of the village, the law concerning the Kyuubi and it's vessel. The punishment for breaking the law was death on site. He told Naruto that he WAS the Kyuubi's vessel and therefore the Kyuubi itself.

"Naruto!! Don't listen to him!" Iruka shouted. With that, Iruka and Mizuki began to fight over the scroll. Iruka had Naruto high-tail it back to the village with the scroll, but Mizuki threw one of his giant shuriken at him to kill him. Iruka lept in front of the projectile aqnd took the blow for him.

"Naruto...You're not...the Kyuubi. I know you well...enough for that." The scarred Chunnin began to tell him, but the silver-haired traitor closed in to finish him off. With a sudden burst of speed, Naruto intercepted him with a fierce kick to his jaw, sending him carreening back into a tree. Mizuki looked up to see Naruto, glareing at him with an almost demonic intensity.

"If you touch Iruka-sensei, I'll KILL YOU!!!" Naruto roared in an unearthly tone.

Mizuki at first began to chuckle, then laugh maniacally. "You?! Kill ME?! You pathetic little demon, I'll kill you in one shot!!"

Naruto didn't waste any time using the new jutsu he learned from the Forbidden Scroll, as he easily filled the forest clearing with hundreds of Kage Bunshin, all of them glaring at him. Mizuki stared at the orange army in fear and shock.

"What's wrong, Teme?!?! Weren't you going to kill me?!?" They all shouted in unison. "If you won't fight, then I will!!!" The Naruto-legion bellowed as they swooped down upon the terrified traitor and beat the ever loving shit out of him, releasing 12 years of pent up frustration and anger.

After Naruto finished up with the traitor, Iruka called him over. "Naruto, close you eyes for a moment." Naruto complied. "Okay. Now open them."

Naruto felt a weight on his forehead and felt it. He now had on a Konoha headband!

"Congradulations, Naruto. You've earned it." He told him as the pair made their way back to Hokage Tower to de-brief the Hokage.

The pair had failed to notice the presence of a fourth person, who had witnessed the entire affair from the edge of the clearing, hiding in a nearby tree. The pale eyes of the girl in question were glistening in the moonlight. Not because of the unique nature of her eyes, but because they were wet with tears, tears shed for the one she cared for above all else.

'What have we done? He should have been seen as a hero for what he has been doing throughout his life, not condemned and hated. Wait...did my father have a hand in what happened to him?'


Iruka and Naruto made their way back to Hokage tower and made their de-brief Sarutobi. Naruto was not only granted the rank of Genin, but also credited with a B-Rank mission for capturing a traitor. However, Naruto was now aware of the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed within him and he was rather upset that something this critical was kept from him.

"What the hell?! Why didn't you tell me, old man?! This stupid Fox was sealed in ME, dammit!! Was I too stupid or somthing?! Didn't you trust me? Or were you just like the others, viewing me as a monster?! ANSWER ME!!!" He roared, tears beginning to leak out of his eyes. He felt betrayed by one of the only people he trusted and felt safe around.

Sarutobi never felt his age this badly since the Yondaime died and he had to come back out of retirement. "Naruto...I didn't tell you because I wanted to protect you and wanted you to lead a normal life. The Yondaime wanted you to be seen as a hero...but..."

"Well, we all know how THAT turned out, don't we?!"

"Naruto, please...Try to understand. After you were born and the Kyuubi was sealed into you, the people of the village, both civilian and shinobi alike were angry and upset that they lost their loved ones and their beloved leader all in the same night. Many called for your death, and still do. That night I made a law, that no one was to ever speak of the demon or of it's jailor. This was done in order to protect you and hopefully help you make some friends, but.."

"But they got their kids to hate me, just like them, right?! Fat lot of good that law did! First, the orphanage kicked me to the curb at four, FOUR years old! After living on the streets for a year, you FINALLY found me! Then, I was shoved into that crap shack that gets looted and/or trashed every birthday or whenever they were in the mood!! Was all of that done to protect me, too?!" Naruto cried out, his tears now running as freely as his rage and sorrow.

As the small blonde's rage came to its zenith, a blinding white light washed over the tower from the skies above. All of the office's occupants, both seen and unseen, raced to the roof to see what was happening. As they hit the rooftop, a beam of light shot down before them and hit the tower roof with explosive force, leaving a man-sized crater in its wake, with a person laying in the middle of it with a sword in his hand.

As the small crowd drew closer, they noticed that this mysterious person had several severe injuries and was barely breathing. The man was young, easily in his early twenties, tall with bright blonde hair. He attempted to stand, but collapsed in a bloody heap.

Naruto got a good look at him and noticed that this stranger looked just like him, only older and with no whiskers. 'Who is this guy...why does he look...just like me?' He thought as he felt something flicker to life within him.

"Could it be? It is really him? After so long...Over 700 years too long..." The voice, with sounded surprizingly female and soft, said longingly.

'What was that?!'Naruto wondered as a stern gaze from the Hokage snapped him out of it.

"No one is to breathe a word of this. If word got out, spies from all corners of the world would begin to flock here and start sniffing about. I will not have that happening, is that clear?"

Iruka merely straightened himself before answering. "Of course, Hokage-sama."

Naruto remained silent for a moment, then replied, "Sure. But don't think for a moment that we're finished, old man. I've still got more questions for you, but those can wait for now." He told the elderly shinobi with a scowl that should never have adorned his face.

Both of them left the building, bound for their different destinations, while Sarutobi pondered what to do. "TORA! take him to the Hospital at once! I will follow as soon as I am done here."

The tiger masked ANBU snapped a quick salute. "At once, Hokage-sama!" He wheeled around and loaded the blonde man onto his shoulder. "OOOF! He didn't LOOK that heavy..." He grumbled as he Shunshin'd off to the Hospital.

The old Hokage turned to the rest of his ANBU. "Repair the damage and clean up the blood. Remove any evidence of what just happened." He ordered as they all set to work.

'Now, to get myself to the hospital. I must find out just what happened and who that young man is...And why he looks like Naruto.' He thought as his gaze turned toward the Hokage Monument, the Yondaime's head in particular. 'Minato...I feel as though I have failed you. This village has all but spit on the sacrifice your son and yourself have made. I failed to make them understand and failed to protect the poor boy from this villages ignorance and hatred. Now, I fear Naruto will never trust me or this village ever again. The kind, happy and smiling little boy I once knew is now gone...How can I ever make up to the lapses in judgement that cost you so dearly, Naruto?'


Medic nins and doctors alike were gathered in a single recovery room, gazing in awe at the patient that was dropped off by one of the ANBU at the HOKAGE'S request. The mysterious young man was brought in with severe mortal wounds and was slowly dying.

But a few seconds before they started to treat him, the wounds began to heal, seemingly on their own. His vitals which were weak and erratic before, were now strong and stable, as if he were only sleeping.

A scanning jutsu was used to observe how this was even possible, but the results in the end were inconclusive. They did discover that his chakra capacity was jaw-dropping. One medic commented that he'd never seen so much chakra in a person before in his life.

The doctor in charge of his medical treatment was had just finished briefing the Hokage, who came in a few moments ago.

"...And ever since, he's just been sleeping peacefully, recovering."

Sarutobi was carefully weighing what he was just told. 'His healing rate is nothing short of astounding! Only Naruto or other Jinchuriki like himself have ever healed that quickly...I must know more.' He told himself inwardly. He turned to the nearest ANBU guard. "Go and fetch Inoichi Yamanaka immeadiately. Tell him this is urgent...highly urgent."

The ANBU in question snapped to attention and saluted. He then got to the task he was assigned. 30 minutes later saw Inoichi in front of the Hokage and being briefed on the situation.

"Let me get this straight, you want me to take a peek in his head while he's out and see who he is and why he's here?"

"That's about the long and short of it, yes. If you sense any hostility, pull out at once and we will find other means. While you are in there, I've got my own suspicions to confirm." Sarutobi instructed him as he began to prepare. Inoichi pulled up a chair to the blonde strangers bedside and used his clan signature jutsu.


Inoichi opened his eyes to find that the jutsu was a success. He found himself in a long, dimly lit hallway, lined with heavy looking wooden doors that seemed to stretch on forever. 'Hmm...His mind and thoughts seem to be fairly organized. I think that I should try a door...'He mused as he twisted the knob on the first door he found, opened the door and walked inside.

Inside of the room, the decorum was like that of a meeting or planning room. There was a large wooden table surrounded by comfortable chairs. At the foot of the table, sat a projector. On the wall in front of it, was a white projection screen. Inoichi flipped the switch, took a seat, and began to watch what was on the reel.

'These must be his memories, based on the content...'

He watched as a beautiful, red-haired young woman, same age as his subject came into view. But, his reaction was surprize. 'K-Kushina Uzumaki?!' He thought wildly for a moment, but realized that this girl was much younger than the person he was thinking of. 'Still, the resemblance is quite astonishing. I'd swear that she was her daughter or twin sister.'

"Ichigo-kun! Come on, let's go!" She giggled, while pulling the young man along.

'So, his name is Ichigo...Interesting. All of these memories must be some of his happier ones. He seems like a decent young man.' The mind-jutsu expert concluded as watched more of his memories. This time, he saw what the young man was capable of in battle. He fought against what seemed to be mechanical golems and strange creatures that refused to die, until he asserted himself with a little more authority.

Inoichi was shocked. Ichigo had literally willed the wind around him and the water in the air to attack his enemies. Several dragons made of both elements roared to life as they launched themselves in all directions into his adversaries, ripping them apart with disturbing ease.'W-what was that?! Fuuton and Suiton jutsu without handseals?! It's like...those elements are obeying his will, like he owns them! Amazing!!'

Next, as if this were a showcase of his abilities, Inoichi watched as Ichigo fought with a massive degree of skill and power in Taijutsu and with a multitude of different styles, some of which he'd never seen before. The young blonde moved so quickly, he was only a blur most of the time.

The projector finally came to a stop. 'This young man...What is he? Just how powerful is he and where were all of these places that I saw?" Suddenly a voice rang out from the doorway. "Who are you? What are you doing in my head?" The voice called out, sounding more puzzled than anything.

The senior Yamanaka turned around to find the very person whose mind he was loitering around in. He was at a loss, it was the first time he had been mentally confronted like this, but kept himself composed. He also took the opportunity to introduce himself.

"I am Inoichi Yamanaka, a shinobi of Konoha, which is where you are currently, or to specific, it's hospital, Ichigo-san. Whatever scrap you got into left some serious, even life-threatening wounds. But somehow, your body healed them in record time. Due to the, strange, circumstances of your arrival and your amazingly quick healing, the leader of our village asked me to poke around in your head for information and to determine if you were a hostile threat."

"You...did, huh? So, you saw me fight?"

"Yes, I did. I must say that I was deeply impressed. Your level of elemental mastery over water hasn't been seen since the Niidaime. Your skill with Taijutsu is something that our own Taijutsu expert would be hard pressed to match, Especially from one so young."

Ichigo looked gobsmacked. He wasn't frightened? He didn't consider him a monster like so many others did to Shiina and himself? "Aren't you scared?"

Inoichi looked incredulous. "Why? You obviously don't mean us any harm. In fact, I'd like you to speak to our leader. He would more than likely offer you and your, um, girlfriend a place in our village."

"Wait, where is she? Did you see a young woman with red hair and deep green eyes?"

Inoichi looked regretful. "No...You were the only one we found. Now, back to the question at hand..."

Ichigo looked downcast as the room around them melted away and revealed a war torn city of some sort...


Ichigo stood amid the ruins of the town he and Shiina had been staying. The Chimeras and mech soldiers that had been hounding them since their escape from the Erebus labs had laid waste to a once peaceful German town. He had told Shiina to take cover while he bought her enough time to escape. She had been injured in a previous battle and she didn't heal as fast as he did, so he hid her away.

He had a strange blade that acted like a whip on hand as he began to fight back. Many of his enemies fell to his blade and his elemental powers, but more kept coming.

"They aren't playing around this time...The Illuminati wants us destroyed and they don't care who or what gets in their way..." He growled as he finished off another Chimera. "Time to kick this up a notch..."

The weather was actually to his advantage as it was raining, giving him plenty of water to work with and he began to sling water and wind projectiles in various shapes and sizes in all directions to thin out the numbers a bit.

After an hour of non-stop fighting, he was wearing down and his injuries were taking their toll as the Illuminati's forces closed in for the kill. 'No...I can't let them get her...I love her...' He thought as he braced himself to use the last of his strength in a desperate last stand which probably would have killed him.

From out of nowhere, a mighty roar sounded, stunning all present. Suddenly a massive fox dropped infront of the weakened Ichigo, draping some of its nine tails around him protectively. It then blew the remaining enemy forces away with a mighty sweep of its remaining tails.

Riding in the snout of the majestic beast was a young woman with flaming red hair. "ICHIGO-KUN!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" She cried out in relief. She vaulted down to him and hugged him for dear life. "She saved me and brought me here to you..." She told him, motioning to the massive fox.

He looked at it with gratitude in his eyes. "Thank you...Saki. You saved her life. I'm in your debt."

The giant fox replied in a very gentle and surprizingly enough, a female voice. "No...I haven't even begun to repay the debt that myself and the rest of my kind owe to the two of you. I will always watch over you as a guardian and any future kits you may have."She told them with unmistakeable mischieviousness in her voice. "You have my word, on my honor." She added solemnly.

He leaned in and hugged her snout with an arm still around Shiina. "Thank you, Kyuubi..."

In the distance, they all heard the sound of something big approaching them from the air, followed by the sound of something large being dropped near them. Ichigo knew what it was and became alarmed.

"IT'S AN N-2 MINE!!! SAKI, PROTECT HER!!!" He bellowed as he used the last of his power to erect a barrier of chakra around them. She didn't have enough time to argue, as the bomb detonated near by. The shockwaves were upon them nearly an instant later destroying everything in its path.

The energy from the explosive device collided with the barriers that Saki and Ichigo threw up. They held firm for a moment, but then Ichigo's wavered from combat fatigue and chakra depletion. Suddenly, the two opposing forces ripped open a hole in thime fabirc of time and space. The vortex had begun to pull at him and in a moment of weakness, pulled him inside. The final thing he heard was two female voices crying out, "NOOOO!!!!!!"


Inoichi sat down in one of the rooms chairs in shock of what he just learned. 'The...Kyuubi...' "What were you doing with the Kyuubi no Kitsune?!!" Did you order it to attack us 12 years ago?!" He bellowed in anger.

Ichigo looked at him like he grew another head. "What?! God no! You just saw ALL of my memories! She was once just a normal, docile fox spirit when she and 8 other spirits were captured to turned into weapons. Shiina and myself were engineered to be partnered with them, as well as being weapons ourselves. We broke free with the help of 3 people who were involved with the project. They had a change of conscience and freed us. They were Guren Hyuuga, Kyohaku Senju who helped track and trap the spirits, and Futaba Yuuhi who had a hand in creating myself and Shiina from norman human babies."

'Senju...Hyuuga...Yuuhi?! What is going on here?! But...He can't be lying, or I'd know about it. Then...'Inoichi paused as realization dawned on him. 'All of those objects...those places and names...No doubt about it. He's actually FROM the Pre-Sage Era!!' He mentally exclaimed, but then grew somber. 'Sadly, the people he knew and loved...are all long dead. He is truly alone now...The only survivor of his kind.' He concluded.

Ichigo felt a mental tug. "Well, looks like I should be able to regain consciousness now. We'll talk more on the other side..." He told the mind-jutsu expert as he gave said person a quick mental shove back into his own body. "Well, time to find out just what the hell is going on here..."

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