Hello again, readers. It's been quite a while, but I finally updated. Remember back when I promised a cameo appearance? Well...Here you go, and Hinata and Ayane just got even more competition! It'll be interesting!


"What do you want, Hatake?" Haku snarled, her expression promising her full, icy wrath should his answer be unsatisfactory.

"I...I want to talk to Naruto." He stammered out.

"I don't wanna talk. Beat it, I'm tryin' to sleep." Naruto growled out as he slammed the door in the Copy-nin's face...Only for Hatake to stay there at the door, continuing to plead with him from the other side of the door.

"Naruto! Please! Give me another chance as your sensei! I'm begging you! I'll do it right this time...I swear! " The Copy-nin begged. His incessant pleading was starting to wear their patience to a razors edge. He flung the door open and grabbed him by the collar, shaking him wildly.


Kakashi stayed at the door, dumbstruck by the fact that Naruto had completely shut him out of his life forever. Any chance he had at salvation and being able to face his beloved sensei and his father in the afterlife were now and forever beyond his reach. The masked Jonin just stood there, completely numb and never noticed who walked up behind him.

"HATAKE!" A pair of angry voices yelled at him, the Ki being aimed at him getting his attention.

"What the hell are you doing here? What were you trying to do to him?" Anko bellowed.

"I...I was...just..." He stuttered, but was cut off by a hard right cross to his face by Ichigo.

"You bastard...Haven't you done enough damage to us? To my students?" Ichigo snarled.

"I was trying to apologize to him!" Kakashi cried out, trying to defend his actions.

"You only want to apologize because of who his old man is, you shallow prick! If he wasn't his old man, you wouldn't even care!" Anko bit back at him, making him shrink back and walk away.

"Don't ever come back, Hatake...Or else." Ichigo warned, firing off a quick water bullet that put a deep hole in the stone wall next to his head, leaving the rest to Hatake's imagination as they walked inside.

"Yo! Naruto, Haku! You two alright?" Ichigo called out.

"Eh? Sensei! I'm glad you're back, and Anko-nee too!" Naruto called out from a window, unlocking the door to allow them in.

As they walked inside, Haku noticed a peculiar ring adorning Anko's right ring finger and gasped.

"Is that what I think it is?" She asked.

"It ain't a goiter, a boil or a cyst, so I guess it is." Anko replied jokingly as the pair got settled in for the night and put up their privacy wards and seals (Generously supplied by...Oh, okay coerced out of... Jiraiya...). Haku and Naruto both shrugged and fell asleep the second their heads hit their pillows.

'So...Ichigo-kun and his mate finally claimed each other, huh? The future looks like it will be very interesting...' The Kitsune giggled deviously.

"So...Up for another round of Midnight Olympics?" Ichigo asked his new fiancee in a husky tone.

"You're damn right I am...Aiming for a Gold medal again." She replied with the most naughty tone she had as the pair...Let nature take over. (As stated in an earlier chapter...If you can't figure out what's going on, track down a naughty skin mag and put two and two together...Damn...)


The sun rose over the Hokage Monument like it always did. People hauled themselves out of bed and got on with their lives and business. The newly returned denizens of Konoha were no different in that regard, well two out of three of them. Tsunade was a strong drinker, but it was always the hair of the dog that got her. Rin and Shizune never really seemed to get hangovers.

'Lucky brats...' Tsunade grumbled as she rose from bed and popped a couple of pain reliever pills.

She could then hear her two charges talking next door about what to do for the day, Shizune suggesting that they hire a Genin team to help them clean out the old Senju manor so they wouldn't have to be sleeping in hotels all the time, Rin agreeing with her. Tsunade splashed some water on her face to wake herself up a little more, got dressed and headed out to face the world, firstly her apprentices.

"That actually sounds like a good idea. C'mon, let's head over to the mission office after we get something to eat." Tsunade stated as they checked out of their rooms and got a start on their days.



"Mmmnn...Last night was a damn good night." Anko sighed, clinging to her brand new fiancee after a...particularly active night.

"Yeah...I'm all excited about our wedding night now, hime." He teased her, goosing her as he sat up to take a shower.

"Hey...Whatever happened to ladies first, bucko?" Anko asked jokingly as she managed to vye with him for shower time.

"No reason we can't share the shower, can we?" Ichigo replied.

"That's something I can grow to like." She replied as they gave a small encore of last nights activities in the shower. The two then got dressed up and out in the dining area to see Haku and Naruto already up and dressed.

"How'd things go last night Anko-nee?" Naruto asked, a familiar impish grin on her pretty face.

"You'll have to grow up a bit to hear about that, kiddo." She teased as she pinched his cheek and grabbed a cup of coffee before she headed to the T & I office. Ichigo walked up to her and kissed her.

"Have a good day making life hell for prisoners." He chuckled as she left.

"Oji-san...Shouldn't you and Naruto-kun get going?" Haku inquired, looking at the clock.

"Oh crap...You're right. C'mon, Naruto!" He called out, gulping down the last of his coffee and gasping slightly due to the heat. Naruto shoved some rice down his throat and raced after him, leaving Haku behind in the house.

"Well...Damn." She muttered.

She guessed that she shouldn't have opened her mouth. She was hoping that Naruto or Ichigo would stick around to help with the dishes. She sighed and made a pair of Mizu Bunshin to help her with the dishes before she went on shift.


Ichigo had snagged all of his students in a hurry and rushed out to the bridge that served as their meeting place. Ayane was still half-sleep, as was Sakura, but she was fairing a little better after a quick breakfast.

"*Yawn* What's the schedule for the day, Ichigo-sensei?" Ayane yawned out as she stretched.

"Well...I was thinking about some light exercises and a D-Rank to warm up, then see where the day takes us. How's that?" He asked his team, met with a smattering of light approval as they got started on their exercises.

As they did so, Ayane and Sakura noticed the new ring on his finger, looking to each other for the answer.

"Hey...What's up with the ring?" Sakura asked.

"I dunno...Let's ask him." Ayane replied as they changed exercises.

"Hey sensei...What's with the ring? Something good happen last night?" Ayane asked, a sly grin on her face.

"Heh...Yep! As of last night, Anko is my fiancee! I asked her to marry me and she said yes!" He replied to her question, making the two kunoichi of Team 7 nearly shriek with glee until he got them to settle down.

"Alright...Let's go out and get that D-Rank." He instructed, the team following.


Team 7 had just walked into the office when they saw Tsunade and her entourage getting ready to fill out a mission request form. She saw them walk up and smiled.

"Talk about timing...C'mon. I don't really feel like doing paperwork." She remarked, walking up to them. She smiled widely when she saw Naruto and ruffled his hair.

"Tsunade-obasan! You have something for us?" Naruto asked excitedly, making her and her students chuckle.

"Tsunade of the Sannin is Naruto-kun's Aunt?" Ayane nearly yelled.

"Nope, but close enough. I'm his Godmother. That old pervert Jiraiya is his Godfather, believe it or not." Tsunade replied with a smirk.

'So much Obito...It's almost like he was reincarnated in him.' Rin thought sadly.

'Naruto-kun, huh? Another pretty one that fell head over heels for the brat. That charm he inheirited from Minato-gaki claims another victim.' Tsunade thought inwardly with a laugh.

"Yeah...We do have a little job for you and your team, Naru-chan. Head 'em up, Icchan. Follow us." She said, making the two Genin kunoichi wonder where that came from, but giggled at the deadpan look on their sensei's face.

"Anko told you that one, didn't she." He said, not really asking, but confirming.

"Oh yeah...The future Missus told me that and then some...Besides, she told me that you've really got some stamina." She teased with a wink, making the tall man turn flamingo pink with utter mortification. This time, the Chuunin working the desk got a few chuckles in to his dismay as she led them out of the Tower and to the old Senju Estate.


"Wow...This place is pretty old." Sakura commented.

"Yeah...My sister Kasumi and I used to dare each other to go in there." Ayane whispered.

"Kami's sake...It's not a haunted house! I grew up in there!" Tsunade shot back in an exasperated tone.

"Could've fooled me..." Naruto muttered under his breath as they went inside only to see that it wasn't as bad as they thought.

"Huh...Not bad at all..." Ichigo murmured as they all set to work on general cleaning, re-arranging, repair (Something the boys were REALLY good at.), and helping them get settled in.

After a trip to the store for Shizune, she offered to cook up a good lunch for them as part of their reward for the mission. Shizune was a really good cook, according to Rin, so they had something to look forward to. She made them beef and vegetable stir fry with a side of fried rice and Gyouza. Even the two bottomless pit stomachs of the male members of Team 7 were stuffed to the brim from the woman's expert cooking. Ayane was timid about eating all of this food, concerned about her waist line, but Sakura, with some backing from the elder women, told her that they would work it all off with training anyway, so she dug right into her rice and Gyouza, especially after hearing from Tsunade that a healthy appetite with good exercise can help her boobs grow. An image of her future self having a rack like Tsunade's was all the motivation she needed.

"Oof...I think were going to have to work this off." Ichigo said, groaning to get up from his chair.

"C'mon, team...Let's go walk this off. Thanks for the meal!" He called out and thanked them, but Tsunade halted Naruto and himself at the door.

"Are we forgetting something?" She asked, a delicate eyebrow raised. Naruto snapped right to it and gave her a crushing hug, but Ichigo was sluggish.

"Bye...mom." He said, clearly embarrassed.

"Bye, boys! And you too, girls!" She called after them, laughing at the tall blond's embarrassment.

Sakura and Ayane were still having a good laugh at his expense when a Chuunin from the Mission Office spotted them and ran up to them.

"Hokage-sama needs to see Team 7 in his office right away!" She informed them.

"What's so urgent?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know, but get going...Stud." She replied stifling a few chuckles as he snapped up his students and teleported them to the old man's office.


Team 7 walked into the Hokage's office a few minutes after they got the summons, still needing to walk off the hearty lunch Shizune laid on them. Upon entering the tower, they noticed that there was an awful lot of press and news people gathered there. Kotetsu and Izumo were there trying to enact crowd control, but they looked as if they had been mauled several times over. Upon reaching the office, there was a middle aged woman in a business suit waiting for them them, as well.

"Team 7 reporting, Hokage-sama." Ichigo saluted, as was standard proceedure. The woman stepped forward and inspected him, making him wonder what the hell was going on.

"Hmm...He seems strong enough. I combination with his excellent service record and recent accounts of his ability to teach and fight, I'd say he'll do. Now, on to the students." She commented, writing on a clipboard as she inspected the students.

"The boy is short, but according to accounts of his performance in the field, he is adequate enough. Now...Sakura Haruno...Earlier accounts of her performance were pitiful, but in the past 2 months, she has shown massive improvment. Ayane Tenshin...From the presitgious Tenshin Clan and sister to Hayate Tenshin...She has the skills to back up her lineage. All in all...I approve of this team." She concluded, adjusting her horn rimmed glasses as she turned to the Hokage, who nodded.

"Mind letting us in on the joke, Hokage-sama? What's with the circus downstairs?" Ichigo asked.

"Hmm, right. On to business. Miss Ninomiya here is the manager of a famous pop idol, Kanon Nakogawa. She came to us just an hour ago, requesting the services of one of our Genin teams to assist in her training until she will perform before the Chuunin Exam Finals. I recommended your team for this job, but she needed to see you for herself." Sarutobi informed them, the girl in question walking into the room.

The girls were a little confused as to why such a famous idol was going to be training with them while Naruto and Ichigo were just plain lost. Naruto never really paid attention to any other celebrity other than Yukie Fujikaze, or Fuun-hime from her roles, and Ichigo wasn't really from there at all.

Kanon was a girl the same age as the Team 7 Genin. She had short pink hair with a yellow bow in back, wore glasses and for her shinobi clothing, she wore a yukata top with a skirt, with mesh leggings that went down to her lower thigh and mesh sleeves that ended with protectors for the backs of her hands.

"Hi! My name is Kanon Nakogawa and I look forward to working with you!" The perky idol greeted them in a chipper voice as the girls began to chat with her. Kanon looked over at the lone male student of the team, who was standing with the sensei, with a bit of interest.

"Pardon me, but what's your name?" She aked politely.

"Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki! Nice to me you, Kanon-chan!" Naruto greeted her like he did with most people and gave her that mega-watt grin.

"Oh my...It's very nice to meet you, Uzumaki-san!" She replied.

"Bah...Just call me plain old Naruto! Everybody else does!" He corrected her goodnaturedly. No one saw it, but there was a faint blush on her cheeks.

'He's kinda cute and really nice...' She thought as Naruto's charm claimed it's next victim.

'Oh ho...This little vixen likes him, too...This will prove to be VERY interesting...'Saki giggled within her seal, eager to watch events unfold.

"So...What rank is this mission and what rank missions can we take? I'm gearing them up for the Chuunin Exams, you know." Ichigo inquired. he was getting a little annoyed with the camreas that were surrounding them. He didn't want them getting in the way.

"Ah...This will be an ongoing B-Rank mission and you can take up to C-Ranks, but nothing too dangerous." Sarutobi informed his Jounin, who nodded.

"Got it. I'll take 'em out and do the standard intros at our regular place." Ichigo stated as he gathered all of the Genin around him.

"Ready? Hold on." He instructed them, more to Kanon as a shell of water enveloped them, swirled like a tornado, and vanished. He didn't want to wade through the throng of papparazzi that Kanon had attracted.

"Oh my...That was certainly impressive." The manager commented.

"Yes...He is without a doubt an S-Rank shinobi and a top rate teacher. He really worked wonders with that team." Sarutobi replied.

"Oh? What was the team like before?" She asked.

"Well...I nearly fired one of my Jounin for mucking things up with favortism and almost relieved Sasuke Uchiha of his shinobi duties. They used to be part of Team 7, but Ichigo stepped in and fixed the damage that had been done. Since then, they are the best team in the class." Sarutobi told her.

"I see...I now know that Kanon is in good hands." She said, adjusting her glasses as she left the office to go to her hotel room.


In a blast of water, Team 7 plus one arrived at the bridge. Kanon had never travelled like that before, so she was a little disoriented.

"That should take them a while to catch up." He muttered.

"Wow...It was like falling, but forward..." She commented in a light daze.

"Yeah...It was like that my first time, too. It's kinda fun, now." Ayane told her as he turned to face them.

"Alright, now what we'll do for now is introduce ourselves and see what kind of moves Miss Nakogawa is packing." Ichigo stated, sitting on the railing.

"To get the ball rolling, I'll start. I am Ichigo Suzumiya, age 24, Jounin, ex-ANBU Captain, and my birthday is August 25th. My likes are my fiancee Anko, good food, friends, training, and protecting all who are precious to me. My dislikes are rude, arrogant people who think everything should just be handed to them based on their name or status, ignorant people who prosecute the innocent, and outright cruelty. I guess just starting a family and settling down is my ultimate goal." Ichigo told them. Sakura, Ayane, and Naruto did theirs and it was finally Kanon's turn.

"Oh...My name is Kanon Nakogawa and I became an idol and a Genin around the same time. My uncle is from Konoha and I was in last year's graduating class. My birthday is Feburary 14th. My likes are singing, dancing, taking long baths, and my fans!" She cheered as the cameras showed up again, but a warning glare from Ichigo made them keep their distance.

"My dislikes are being lonely, being ignored, and mean people. My goal and dream is to be the top idol throughout the Elemental Nations!" She cheered once again, more camera flashes going off and reporters chattering in the background, along with some die hard fans shouting at the top of their lungs.

Ichigo sighed in resignation as he stood up.

"Okay. Here is how things usually run on my team. We start every morning coming to the training grounds together and we discuss what we do for the day on the way. Then, we always start with stretches and exercises to get loose and warm up. Then, Nin and Genjutsu practice and some sparring with me and each other. Since this day is already half over, we'll just see what Miss Nakogawa can do with Taijutsu alone against...Sakura. First to one knee wins." He instructed, Sakura taking up her position as instructed. Kanon looked apprihensive.

"C'mon...It's only sparring. At least you're not facing sensei or Naruto...Yet." Ayane encouraged in her own way.

"How is that so bad?" Kanon asked.

"Naruto is easily the best of us with Taijutsu and he has much more strength than us, plus he can keep going for hours and not get tired. Sensei is a no-brainer, anyone with a functional brain is afraid to face him." Ayane explained, making her feel much better about facing Sakura.

The match began, Kanon having a firm grounding in the basic style of the Academy, but Sakura had the benifit of having an extra style and experience to season her. The Idol put up a decent fight, but she was finally taken down when she missed a punch and Sakura juked under her guard, landing an open palm strike to her solar plexus. The fanboys were ready to tear Sakura apart, but a blast of wind that gouged the ground in front of them nearly made them piss themselves.

"Match! Good fight you two. Now...I see that you have a firm grasp of Academy Basic. Have you learned anything else since you graduated?" The tall sensei asked.

"Er...Not really...My manager wanted me to concentrate on my singing and dancing." Kanon admitted in a weak voice.

"Okay...First on the list, disabuse you of the thought that Academy Basic will cut it in the real world. Now...I will leave a Kage Bunshin to train the others while I work with you." He stated, making the clone and giving it orders.

"Spar with them, but no "Dodge or Die" this time, got it?" He instructed, the clone sulking but nodding. Kanon was natually curious.

"Dodge or Die? What's that?" She asked, almost afraid to know.

"Oh, you'll find out eventually. Now...Let's see you perform a quick kata so I can see how you move. Don't worry about anything else and move in a way that feels natural to you." He instructed.

Kanon nodded hesitantly and she moved through the kata like she normally would. Ichigo noticed that she was willowy, kind of like Hinata and almost as flexible.

'Probably because she dances...Dancers are very limber. Hmmm...Let's see here, her legs are very strong, as expected of a dancer, but her upper body isn't as strong, so Capoeira is out...I could get away with teaching her Tae Kwon Do with Kasumi, since she has the same problem and the same build. I could build up the upper bodies at the same time to match the style, since it calls for upper body strength, as well. I need to talk with Kurenai about another cross-training day, but their on a mission right now. I can ask Anko to help since she hates being cooped up in her office and likes my team. Some shock and awe never hurt anyone...Much.' Ichigo surmised as he had her stop.

"Okay...I can see something that would work for you and it would complement how you move. However, we will need to wait until tomorrow to really do anything." He told her as he whistled loudly to get his teams attention.

"Okay! Now, I want to see how well she can work with a team. I'll be the one you face, so don't hold back and come at me with everything you have...You'll need it." He told them, a crazy grin making itself known. The regular Genin all paled as they knew what was about to happen.

"Oh come on..." Naruto whined.

"Dodge or Die..." Sakura sighed as she got ready to run for her life, Ayane nodding as she did the same.

"What?" Was all Kanon could sputter out as she saw her sensei for a month do the impossible.

He pulled water out of the air without even moving and began to take pot shots at everyone, herself included. She was incensed to move when a bullet grazed her arm. After that, she dodged like her life depended on it, because it nearly did. After a few moments, Team 7 went on the offensive, teaming up against him with careful teamwork and trying to include Kanon on their plans. She was able to contribute to the effort by sending Bunshin to distract him for a split second while they attacked him with whatever Ninjutsu they knew since she knew none outside of the three basics. What she saw was nothing short of amazing. He actually caught the wind and water elementals and completely nullified the lightning Ayane used.

"What...Is he?" The Idol asked.

"He's...Just Ichigo-sensei, that's all." Ayane explained simply. It was just a fact to her, sensei was sensei. He treated them very well, taught them fairly and that was all that mattered.

"Okay...Training is over for the day. Tomorrow, we will evaluate Miss Nakogawa's control and her Genjutsu. That's all, so let's head on home." Ichigo instructed. The other Genin all set off to go home, but his newest charge turned to the cameras.

"Hi! I hope you all continue to cheer on Kanon-chan as she endures her ninja training! Bye bye!" She chirped as she skipped back to her lodgings, the media circus following her like they were sugically fused to her.

"Kanon...Wait a minute." Ichigo called out in a semi-stern voice. She turned and wondered what she did wrong, her fanboys getting rabid.

"Y-yes, sensei?" She asked timidly.

"I hope I'll only have to say this once, so please listen to me. The media...All of these reporters and tabloid fooder around here are a distraction. I caught you looking at them every so often during your bout with Sakura and she beat easily because of it. The next time, it could cost you dearly. It you could, please tell them to stay away while we are training and on missions. We will be doing C-Rank missions that will involve us leaving the safety of Konoha, so we need you to have your head in the game, as it were. I'm not saying this to single you out or to be mean and cruel. It's just my job as a sensei a to ensure that all of my students perform to the best of the abilities and I take it very seriously." He told the young Genin/Idol.

"O-okay sensei. I'll do that." She replied in a depressed tone.

You see, she has a hidden quirk in her psyche that causes her to demand attention. She was a lonely girl growing up and no one really paid attention to her. She felt as if she didn't exist for a time. However, once she became a Genin and a producer overheard her singing one day and gave her a contract, she was surrounded by all of this adoration and attention, but she still had no friends. Just rabid fans and scoop hungry reports. Ever her manager was very strict about everything she did, controlling almost every thing she did down the minute. Now, she was put on a Genin team as a sort of publicity stunt since she had the basis ninja training, something that was sure to be quite a chore.

However, she was finally interacting with people her age again and her sensei was only interested in making sure she knew what she was doing so that she could protect herself out there. He was even going to teach her a new taijutsu style personally to help her along, along with calling in a couple favors to help her with the rest. Sure, he looked very intimidating with being so tall, having well defined muscle with tattoos and a visible weapon, but also what he could really do, but he only had her best interests at heart.

She would be the first to admit that her skills were not only lacking, but also rusty, since so much of her time had been devoted to her Idol career. Her teammates were treating her as if she were just another Genin kunoichi, including her in on their teamwork and not trying to baby her, or just gain her favor like so many others. Finally, she came to the lone male Genin, Naruto. Just the way he treated her like a normal girl put him leagues ahead of any other boy she'd ever known, on top of trying to make her feel welcome on the team. Then came the fact that he wanted her to just call him plain Naruto, since he wasn't one for honorifics, but she had one in mind for him anyway.

'Naruto-kun...I hope to get to know you a little more...' The Idol thought with a audible giggle as she skipped back to her lodgings for the night.


Team 7 plus guest arrived at their training ground after a small series of misadventures with Kanon's...Adoring public. She'd honestly tried to get them to leave her alone while she was on this team, but even her publist was calling in every major news agency in the Elementals to get her face out there more. On top of that, even more of her fanboys had shown up the previous night and were now at the lobby of the hotel.


Team 7 arrived at the hotel to pick her up like they always did with each other only to hit a literal wall of people in the lobby.

"What the hell is this?" Ichigo nearly yelled as the cameras focused on them now, microphones and cameras being shoved in their faces.

"How does it feel to have the honor of teaching Miss Nakogawa?"

"Do you feel insecure in anyway due to her fame?"

"Why was she subjected to such a brutal lesson on her first day?"

"Do you kids feel intimidated by her stardom?"

These endless, pointless questions were being thrown at them at a rapid pace and he could see that his students were getting very upset, so he stepped in.

"Alright...Everyone, clear out! Get lost! We have official shinobi duties to perform and I WILL throw you to the T & I Department should you impede our progress any further! This...Circus will stop here and now!" Ichigo bellowed, his Ki rising to sufficating levels for civilians. Many of them ran, but a few stubborn fanboys stuck it out.

"I don't have time for this...Kids, you know what to do." He told his Genin, who all gained positively evil grins at being given the go ahead to wreck these losers.

Leaving his Genin to have their fun, he walked up to the room and knocked.

"Go away! I don't want to do another interview!" Kanon yelled from inside.

"It's me, your sensei. I'm here to pick you up for training and so is the rest of the team." Ichigo replied, trying to coax her from the room.

"What happened to the reporters?" She asked him.

"Well...We took care of them and let's leave it at that." He responded quickly as he gathered them up.

"I know none of us have eaten yet, but have you? If not, we can all go out and eat together at Ichiraku's, my treat." Ichigo informed them.

"Actually, I haven't yet." She replied.

"Good! Gather 'round, my little ninjalings..." He called out jokingly as they did so, Sakura snorting a bit at his choice of words.

"Ninjalings? Really, sensei?" She replied, holding back a laugh.

"C'mon...Just go with it." He deadpanned as he whisked them all way to the stand.

With a flash of water, Team 7 appeared in front of the ramen stand that had become a team tradition with them, even Ayane liking this simple stand. She also liked talking with Ayame, the owner's daughter and surrogate big sis to the object of her affections. During these conversations, she was able to gain more insight as to what made Naruto tick. Teuchi Ichiraku, the owner and longtime family friend, noticed the burst of chakra that hailed their arrival, being a former shinobi himself.

Little known to many of today's generation, Teuchi Ichiraku was widely known and nearly as feared as the Yondaime himself during the latter part of the Second Shinobi War and the entirity of the Third Shinobi War. He was also once in the Bingo Books with flee on sight orders for anyone under ANBU Level. He was the main reason why the stand was one of the safest places in the village for the growing jinchuuriki.

"Oi! Nice to see you guys! I just boiled up a fresh batch of noodles!" Teuchi called out and having the take a seat while Ayame got their orders, noticing a new person.

"Oh? Who is this? A new student?" The young woman asked.

"Oh...She's a temporary student for a month. Ayame...meet Kanon Nakogawa." He introduced, purposfully leaving out that she was an idol to see what would happen. As he thought would happen, Ayame greeted her as she would any new friend or customer.

"Oh...Well then, I'm Ayame Ichiraku and in the back is my father Teuchi Ichiraku. This is our family's diner. As a special occasion, Kanon-chan eats for free this time around. So...What'll you have?" She inquired.

Kanon was blown away by the fact that she wasn't famous with these people, but they still treated her kindly. Her loneliness complex hadn't manifested since she joined this Genin team and the people so far had been pleasant. Her first normal meal in a long time was greatly enjoyed since she was usually eating very refined fare. Her publicist and her manager wouldn't let her be seen eating anything less.

The team continued to eat their breakfast in peace until the papparazzi that had been hounding them before made another attempt at finding them for another scoop when a passerby got a good look at Kanon and recognised her.

"Kanon-chan! It's Kanon-chan!" A fan yelled out, pointing right at her and getting the attention of the media.

"Miss Nakogawa! A few questions, please!"

"Look over here!"

"Can I get an autograph?"

It was like a feeding frenzy with all of the photographers, news hounds, and fans swarming the stand. Kanon now had a panicked look on her face and it was highly noticeable to all present. Ichigo looked a Teuchi and gave him a subtle nod, Teuchi pulling down on a string and metal shutters slammed down, sealing off the shop.

"Now...Why were you so panicked?" Ichigo asked.

"It...Miss Ninomiya will get mad at me if she knew I was eating this." The girl answered him with a scared stutter.

"Eerrgghh...C'mon! Let's get those cameras!" Naruto yelled, Sakura and Ayane nodding as theywent through the back and began to swipe the cameras, destroying them on the spot.

"Hey! C'mon, kid! It's just my job!" One guy complained, but the blond jinchuuriki wouldn't have any of it.

"Do it somewhere else! I don't really care if she's some famous Idol or whatever. She's on our team, and that makes her one of us!" Naruto shouted at them, using a miniscule amount of his Bijuu chakra to change his eyes and scare them off.

This tactic worked like a charm, since he was slowly getting better at utilizing Saki's chakra. Sakura knew about Naruto's status, Ayane had a feeling about it, but wanted him to tell her himself, but Kanon had never heard of a Jinchuuriki and this was the first time she had ever felt a presense like this.

"H-how did Naruto-kun do that? Was it one of those Kekkei Genkai that I've heard about?" Kanon asked, a little unnerved by the display. However, doing this in her defense won him some major points in her book.

'You just became even more interesting, Naruto-kun.' She thought.

"Err...Yeah. Something like that." Ichigo answered quickly as they left for the training fields.


Yeah...Day two was shaping up to be just as interesting as day one. After they stretched out and did their exercises, Ichigo was about to make a clone to supervise sparring for his other students when Anko made herself known.

"Heya, brats!" Anko chirped, greeting Team 7 as she walked up to her fiancee.

"Hey Anko-chan... Day off?" Ichigo asked as he swept her up and kissed her.

"Yeah...Got all of my pre-lim stuff done, so it's in Ibiki's hands now." She replied, Naruto piping up.

"'Sup, Anko-nee!" Naruto greeted.

"The sky, squirt..." She shot back cheekily, winking at him to let him know she was joking.

"Is she really his sister?" Kanon asked.

"No...Not by blood, anyway. Anko-sensei looked out for Naruto when he was little and he just came to call her that. She really likes him and dotes on him when she thinks nobody's watching." Sakura answered, being one of the few people that were in the know.

"Then...What is she to sensei? Why call her sensei, too?" She asked again.

"As of a couple of nights ago, they're engaged. I'm happy for her, to tell the truth. He's a good guy, she's kinda cool...They just click. As sor the sensei part, she will sometimes come around a give us kunoichi a few pointers. Like I said, she's a unique person and I like her, because she's got spunk." Ayane replied, Kanon nodding thoughtfully, willing to give the strange kunoichi a chance.

"Ahh...So this is the Idol whatever that the old man saddled you with." Anko called out as she saw Kanon. The Snake Mistress then circled the young Idol, eyeing her critically.

"Hmm...You look fit, but missing a shinobi's training for while, haven' ya?" Anko commented, Kanon blushing slightly in embarrassment. She turned to her husband to be.

"Hey Icchan...How about I work with her on what she needs for today while you supervise the others?" Anko suggested.

"Not a bad idea...I was going to test her Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, along with her control and her element." Ichigo informed her, handing her the chakra paper for elemental testing.

"Got it." Anko replied as they took to their tasks.

"Okay, kiddo...Take this. It's chakra paper and it will tell you your elemental affinity, so we know what type of jutsu you're suited for." Anko said, instructing her on how to use it. Kanon followed her instructions and the paper got soggy.

"Hmmm...Looks like you're a Suiton user, like me. That means I can teach you that much easier, girlie!" Anko told her with the same wide grin as the boy she was interested in. She then began to test out her control and any Genjutsu she knew, which was nil save for the Henge. Her control was actually quite good for her age and chakra levels.

"Mid-Genin reserves and Low-Chuunin control...Not bad. You might actually have some talent." Anko commented as they got down to functions with her training.

Training for her with Anko of all people actually wasn't too bad...Save for Anko having her snake summons crawl all over her when she was trying to concentrate on water walking. The whole thing was about Kanon's fear of snakes. Now, for someone like Anko, that wouldn't fly, so she sought to rectify that little fear and teach her a new control exercise at the same time. It took an hour or so for her to get the hang of it, but she eventually got it down. The real problem was when the media that had been hounding her all day found them again and surrounded the small lake they were training at. She tolerated their presense...For all of five seconds before she sent out more of her snakes to chase them away, which she was very thankful for.

Finally, after six straight hours of training, it was time to go home for the day. Kanon had completely worn herself out and was out like a light.

"Meh...She did alright for a Genin. At least she doesn't fear snakes anymore!" Anko chirped as she switched gears.

"So...Wanna get something to drink after this?" She asked.

"Read my mind...Let's go drop off our impressionable little minds." He replied, Sakura and Ayane smirking despite how tired they were and Naruto knew what they were up to, but was hungry and wondering what Haku was going to make for dinner.


A month had already come and gone. The starlette Genin had performed well with the team when they went on various C-ranks, where nothing adverse happened. A few bandit attacks here and there, but nothing even remotely close to the nightmare the Wave Mission had been. Training had gone well, Ayane learning a new Lightning jutsu called the RAISEN, Sakura learning a new Water jutsu, the SUITAIHOU, and Naruto refining all that he had learned to a sharper edge, including in wielding his Kodachi effectivly from Ichigo himself. All in all Team 7 was as ready as they would ever be for the Chuunin Exams, even though Kanon wouldn't be partaking in it.

This month also had it's low points, like when the pink haired Idol ran into Konoha's dog-like pervert and walking hormone, Kiba. She was just walking around Konoha to find the outfitter Ichigo told her about when he spotted her, slinking his way over to her...


Kiba spotted her from across the street and slunk his way over to where she was standing, looking around.

"Hey...What's a pretty thing like you doing around here?" He asked, his voice as greasy as his grin. Something about him set off red flags in her head, so she tried to get rid of him.

"Excuse me...But I'm busy right now." She replied as she spotted the sign for the shop and was about to walk inside when Kiba got physical, grabbing her arm to keep her from leaving.

"Don't be like that...How about I take you on a date? A pretty girl like you should be with a handsome guy like me." Kiba told her, not taking no for an answer.

"Let me go! Creep!" She yelled, getting some attention and making him angry.

"C'mere!" He snarled as he dragged her into an alleyway behind the outfitters.

"I'll show you to talk back to me!" She snarled again, raising his arm when she caught his fist and slammed him into the wall face first.

Kiba moaned in pain as she stomped off, but grabbed her again, this time twisting her arms so she couldn't hit him.

"Like it rough, huh? Oh yeah...I'm gonna like this..." He breathed and was about to start pulling off clothes until a blur punched him straight in the jaw, breaking it and dislodging him. As he writhed in pain on the round, he looked up to see a VERY angry whiskered blond standing over him.

"What the HELL, Kiba? You couldn't have Hinata or Ino, so you thought you'd just take what ever you want, right? Didn't you learn from the last time I kicked your ass? Or when you tried to rape Hinata-chan and Ino-chan and sensei nearly killed you?" Naruto roared, raining down blow after blow, knocking Kiba into unconsciousness.

As luck would have it, Hana Inuzuka was out looking for Kiba, who was skipping class at the Academy again. She looked into the alleyway to look for Kiba and saw that Naruto had taken him down.

"Thank you, Naruto-san. I've been chasing him for over an hour, but what happened here?" She asked.

"Kanon-chan here is a temporary teammate, for one, and Kiba-teme tried to force himself on her here in the alley." Naruto spat out, his tone scathing. Kanon backed him up by confirming everything that was said, making Hana sigh in disgust.

"Stupid little runt...Mom's gonna kill him." She muttered in disgust as she grabbed him by a collar around his neck and dragged him off.

"Stupid mutt..." Naruto grumbled as he turned to Kanon.

"You alright?" He asked, to which she threw herself at him with a crushing embrace.

"I was scared!" She cried into his shoulder, Naruto sighing.

"C'mon...I take you back after you finish up here." He told her, wihch made her brighten up almost instantly.


From there, the young starlette formally began her crush on her temporary teammate. Now, one would be wondering where his girlfriend is during all of this, wouldn't they? Well, she's been on a mission to patrol the Fire/Water Border with her team for the past month and they are just now getting back, just two days before the Chuunin Exams and Kurenai entered them. Since Kanon was doing a good job of keeping her crush under wraps, no one really knew about it. Not even Sakura or Ayane saw it, but that wasn't surprizing since she was also a budding actress, due to co-star alongside Yukie Fujikaze in one of her Fuun-hime movies. No...The only ones that saw it coming wanted to see what would happen, those two being Anko and Ichigo.

Now, we find ourselves on the eve of the Chuunin Exams with a weary Team 8 trudging through the gates to report on their assignment. Kasumi was looking forward to a good, long soak in the furo at her house and catching up on her sister's progress on gaining her crush's heart. Hinata was wanting to see her boyfriend again after so long, but it wouldn't do to be seen as she was in her current state, so she would have to freshen up quite a bit before she went to see him. Shino was just glad to be home again after all of those hair-raising days on the border. Kurenai was pleased with her teams performance out there and fully intended to enter them into the Chuunin Exams.


Hinata made her way into the inner compound to greet her father and announce that she had returned from a successful mission.

"Ahh...Good. Continue your hard work." He told her with a pleased grin as he sent her on her way, knowing that she was wanting to clean up and see her beloved after a month of being apart.

'Ha ha...I remember the first time I came back after a long mission and her mother was waiting for me...That was a nice feeling.' The Hyuuga Head remembered as she sipped his tea in comfortable peace and quiet.

After a few minutes, she was clean and out the door to see her beloved. Neji and Hanabi both shook their heads with a chuckle as they watched her disappear around a corner.

"I wonder if I should have told her about that new girl on Naruto-san's team?" Neji pondered aloud.

"What new girl?" Hanabi asked, getting clued in by her elder cousin.

"Really? Wow! I wanna get her autograph!" Hanabi squealed.

"But...There's a problem. Nakogawa-san seems to have a small crush on Naruto-san. If Hinata-chan finds out...Things could get ugly." Neji replied.

"Uh oh..." Hanabi muttered as they went back inside.


Training with Team 7 was just about over when the pale eyed heiress got there, just in time to call out to him.

"Naruto-kun! I'm back!" Hinata called out excitedly as she ran up and kissed him soundly.

"Hey Hime!" He replied, reciprocating with equal vigor.

Ayane could only smolder with a small scowl at the display, but Kanon was shellshocked.

'B-but...I...He...Taken?' Was all her blitzkrieg'd mind could manage, her soul seemingly leaving her body. Hinata noticed Ayane's reaction and that was normal, but the new girl...Her's was strange.

"Excuse me? Are you new here?" Hinata asked, taking the diplomatic approach. Kanon quickly regained her composure.

"O-oh! Yes...I am! My name is Kanon Nakogawa! How do you do?" Kanon answered politely. The girls all held small talk while Ichigo was ironing something out with Naruto, something about dinner tonight and him grabbing a grocery list and shopping for Haku.

"Well...Ichigo-sensei has been a wonderful teacher to me over the past month. Through him, I learned more than I did in the Academy." Kanon answered.

"The Academy? When did you go?" Hinata asked, not rememberign any other pink haired girl there except for Sakura.

"Oh, I was in last year's class." Kanon answered, setting off a light with Ayane, both her and her twin Kasumi having graduated out of that class.

"You sure? I don't remember you from class...Who was the Rookie of the Year and the Dead Last?" Ayane quizzed her.

"Oh...Lee-san was the dead last, but Neji Hyuuga was the Rookie of the Year for my class." Kanon replied.

"Oookay...I still don't remember you from class...Maybe my sister does. This has been bothering me for a while now." Ayane pondered.

"Your sister...Isn't her name Kasumi?" Kanon asked.

"Yeah...I think do remember you now...People almost thought you were a ghost." Ayane commented, making a tick mark appear on Kanon.

"You don't say..." She muttered, but Hinata changed the subject.

"What do you think of the team you worked with?" Hinata asked. Sakura and Ayane were keen to listen in on this one.

"Well...I liked it a lot. I learned a lot of new things from Ichigo-sensei and Anko-sensei, Sakura-chan and Ayane-chan were really nice to me, but...Naruto-san...He did something for me that no one else ever did. He saved me from a pervert named...Kaien, Kibble..." She replied, fishing for the name at the end, but all three girls dead panned.

"Kiba." Was the shared replied. While their revulsion for the former Inuzuka heir ran pretty deep, they noticed something in her tone as she spoke about the whiskered blond and all three girls recognised it right away.

'Oh HELL no...' Ayane and Hinata both thought at the same time. Ino was out of the way, but now this girl shows up and falls head over heels for him, as well.

'Oh crap...This is going to get ugly...' Sakura sighed. When they graduated, if someone told her that Naruto would be the hot ticket boy to nab, she would have suggested they get a strait jacket and have them committed.

A/N : I finally got around to writing another chapter for this fic. I remembered my promise for a cameo, didn't I? For those who couldn't remember her, Kanon-chan is from The World God Only Knows anime.

I got the idea from another author, who did a brilliant crossover between TWGOK and Naruto...FanofFanfics21 is the author's name and the name of the fic was called "Return of the Capturing God". I suggest reading it. It's a funny read and I greatly enjoyed it!