Chapter 9

As the rain grew darker Gabriel watched the stars and the moon slowly light up the sky. All day he'd sat in his room trying to come up with a plan that would save Kaitlyn, but he kept coming up blank. He knew he should've gone and talked to the others but he wasn't sure if he could keep calm, he'd already lost it and he didn't feel the need to repeat it any time soon, so he locked himself and put up the 'steel' barriers that he'd used when he'd first got himself linked to four other people. Due to this he had complete privacy while he thought, he knew the others were worried about him and shutting himself out wouldn't help them with that but at that moment he could've cared less.

By the time Lewis knocked on the door to let him know it was time to leave he was no closer to a plan but one thing was certain of one thing; Zetes would not survive the night. He joined up with everyone in the hall he listened to their roughly formed plan as they got in the elevator, when the doors opened they walked through the lobby, into the parking lot and climbed into van, his head was ticking over what they had come up with and as they drove they refined it so that Gabriel felt a flicker of hope in his chest and only hoped that it would work. He just couldn't lose her.

When Kaitlyn woke up, Zetes was kneeling over her; a menacing smile stretched his lips which sent shivers down her spine. She looked away from the man in front of her to see where he'd taken her. She was laying the back of a van in the corner nearest the door, one which was without windows, the cab blocked by a partition; however a lamp stood in between Kait and Zetes which shed light into the van.

She tried to sit up and reach for the door but a now familiar pain shot through her head and she slumped back to the floor, which cause Zetes' smile to not only get bigger but also creepier. He slowly lent forward and whispered.

"Are you ready to die my dear?"

Fear crashed through her and she had to swallow the sudden lump throat, her eyes grew wide. The although it appeared to be fear of dying it in fact was only a little part of her fear, her biggest fear was the consequence, the thought of never getting to see Gabriel, never getting to hold him, never getting to make love to him and most tortuously never getting a future with him. A tear leaked from the corner of eye as she thought of the future they would never have.

Suddenly Zetes leaned away from her and opened the doors by her head and climbed out. He stretched, popped his joints and then slowly turned back to Kait. Smiling the same fear inspiring smile as before he grabbed the top of her arm up and out of the van, ignoring her groan as pain once again shot through her head. As soon as her feet he was leading her through the park. Due to her building fear and the increased pain in her head Kait didn't register her surroundings. What some time later she felt the grass turn to sand and the grip around her arm lessen as the made the last few steps to the swing set at which he released her completely and she fell to the ground at the base of the swing set cradling her head and wishing the pain away. Tear spilled from the corner of her eyes when the pain only increased. After releasing her he walked the few steps to the nearest swing and sat facing a set of stairs that lead to the park.

What seemed a lifetime later a far more welcome buzzing announced itself in the back of her mind. They were on their way. Two emotions filled her heart; the first was overwhelming joy, she was going to see her family again. The second was a heartbreaking sorrow as she knew that soon she would lose them forever. She was glad that they were still to far away to actually communicate as she knew her pain and mixed emotions would have caused them more panic but she felt their presence like a beacon of light.

As she focused on her family's slowly growing presence in her, the pain in her head lessened and she was able to take in her surroundings, the moon shone big and bright in the sky, the stars like diamonds in the black inkiness that was the sky. She didn't wish that she'd spent more time admiring its beauty as she knew it would have never looked as it did then. Her life although not exactly had been happy especially those last few months so she couldn't find it in her to regret anything not even agreeing to the institute that had caused so much trouble as it had brought her Gabriel and her family. The only thing that she wished she had was more time with Gabriel.

A chuckle escaped her lips at the absurdity of the situation, she was at the wrath of a raving psycho, with a death sentence hanging over her and she was laying there reflecting on her life and what she wished she'd had before she died, and on the beauty of nature, she felt like a lousy corny characters for a book when they waited to die. When she looked over to Zetes on the swing his glaze switching between the two sets of stairs in front of them, she wondered why they come a different way when they were so close to their goal. As if hearing her thoughts he answered her unspoken question without looking at her.

"I felt like admiring the park and it caused you more pain so it was worth dragging you" he spoke as if answering a question on what coffee we wanted, bored and uninterested. Turning from him she saw the park play equipment and the fence of tree surrounding the park although all detail was lost in the dark.

She was brought out of her limited exploration of the park by the sound of a familiar voice calling through her head, Gabriel.

"Kait, love, are you alright?"

A sob escaped her at the sound of his familiar, loving voice but before she could send a coherent thought a figure approached the set of stairs on the left, and started to descend the stairs. The first black figure was quickly followed by six others. They stopped in a line a few feet away from Zetes and Kaitlyn. When she saw Gabriel look at her worry etched into every cell she gave him a small smile but put up the shield in her mind as best she could with the combined effort of blocking the pain from her head.

Gabriel felt some of her fear before she managed to block herself from them and his chest constricted as he turned to Zetes.

"What the hell do you want" he growled

Zetes sneered "I think that's obvious. I want you lot out of my hair. After tonight you will be and I'll be able to life my life without interruptions from you lot"

Gabriel's eyes narrowed, his voice like steel as asked "How exactly do you think you're going to do that" his voice turned almost mocking "Kill us all?"

Zetes' eyes shone as he answered "No, I have a much better plan" and he started to laugh.

Before anyone could ask Kaitlyn screamed as pain shot through her skull like a thousand knifes. In her last moment she pulled her last once of strength and sent her love to Gabriel "I'll always love you". A second later her eyes closed as she took her dying breath.

Gabriel was in shock. Kaitlyn was dead, the web had broken, the web that had saved them, annoyed them, left them without privacy had brought them all together was gone, their minds were their own. Gabriel was shocked to realise that he felt lonely, he'd come to like the connection that he had with them.

Anger tore through him as he looked way from Kait's still body to Anna who had tears running down her cheeks, he nodded to her and she went very still. A few seconds later dozens of birds shot from the trees and descended upon the unsuspecting Zetes. He cursed as they pecked at his face and hands. Distracted by the swarm of birds he didn't see Lewis and Paul rush forward, tackle him and pin him to the floor Paul taking his arms while Lewis took his legs. As the bird left his face he tried to through the boys off him.

Lydia glared at her father and as he made eye contact he went still, his eyes flitting from the boys holding him to his shocked looking daughter, were full of anger.

Gabriel rushed forward, knelt beside his immobile form and reluctantly put his hand over his third eye and used his power for the first time since he'd lost his vampire like tendencies. He kept going until the form before and cessed to breath and his lips had turned blue.

He turned to Kait's body and saw Rob kneeling by her head trying to save her, sweat was trickling down his face from the effort. Gabriel walked over to him and moved his hands. When he looked up surprised Gabriel shock his head and pointed to his sobbing girlfriend who along with the other two girls had broken down the minute Gabriel had started kill their enemy, while Paul comforted Sabrina and Lewis held Lydia, Anna was left sobbing a few feet from them. Rob nodded and went over and embraced her while she continued to sob on his shoulder.

He bent down beside Kaitlyn, cradled her face between his hands and touched his lips to hers, wishing that he could reverse his gift, that he could save her. Tears were streaming down his face when he released her lips and pulled away just enough to look at her face. What he saw, gave him the biggest shock of his life, Kait's beautiful, unique smoky blue, dark rimmed eyes that looked tired but sparkled with life.

"See I told you that you'd be able to control your gift if you tried to, I didn't expect you to reverse it and help me though that was a definite bonus" she said softly as she wiped away his tears.

He laughed and he brought his lips back to hers and kissed her with a passion that left them both wanting. As he pulled away he saw confusion cloud her eyes and he quickly asked.

"What's wrong?"

"The web is gone?" she stated although her tone made it sound like a question.

"Oh yeah, when you died it broke" he answered his voice caught when he mentioned her death.

She pulled him close in comfort and said. "Well I'll just have to say what I wanted to think"

He looked at her expectantly when she paused. Her eyes darkened and her voice husky whispered.

"I love you and we'll continue that later when where not surrounded by our stunned friends" His eyes darkened, a sexy grin graced his lips and he nodded.

His lips touched hers for a chaste kiss before he pulled her up with him. He released one hand but kept a tight grip on her left as if he was scared she would disappear. She squeezed his hand in reassurance and they turned to their friends.

They starred in disbelief for long moment before they all converged on her hugging, laughing and smiling. Gabriel tried to get their attention, but ended up shouting over the cacophony of noise.

"As happy as I am that she safe and well, alive" he pulled her closer "we should probably get back to the hotel and get some sleep"

They all turned to the stairs and start across the sand and up the stairs, nodding and agreeing that they were tired. Lewis leaned to Rob and whispered.

"Sleep, yeah, like that'll be happening in their room tonight" Rob laughed and nodded as he slung his arm around Anna as they continued up the steps.

Half way up the stairs Gabriel stopped and looked back at the body in the park. When everyone else stopped they looked at him questioningly and Kait squeezed his hand.

He turned back to them and asked "What are we going to about him?" he point to the park below them "We can't leave him here the police will get involved."

Before anyone could answer Tasmin, Jacob and a few other fellowship members appeared at the top of the stairs and they made their way down to them. Tasmin answered Gabriel's question when she got within hearing distance.

"We will take care of him do, not worry. You should go back to your hotel and rest. I hope you'll come back to us soon" when she finished she looked at them expectantly.

Gabriel and Kaitlyn looked to the others when Rob, Anna, Lewis and Lydia nodded they turned back and said.

"Yes of course, once we've dropped off Sabrina and Paul at Marisol's" He turned to them silently asking if that was what they wanted, when they nodded he turned back to Tasmin and continued "we'll start our journey to you" she smiled and went down the steps to them so she could embrace them all. When she reaches Kaitlyn she said.

"I'm so relived that you're okay" Kait pulled tighter before they broke apart.

She then started to led the others down the steps when she turned back to face Lydia with a smile gracing her features.

"I knew you find you talent soon enough, congratulations" and she continued to the bottom of the stairs and led them to the body. When they turned to go back up the stairs they saw that Jacob hadn't followed. He looked down at his hands as he started to speak.

"Hey thanks and sorry for how I acted before you left" he sounded sincere and he looked at them when he finished.

Gabriel smiled at him and said "No hard feelings, you were worried for you family, it's forgotten" He smiled back, shock Gabriel's hand and headed down to help the others.

Gabriel and Kait lead the way to the van, his arm around her the whole time.

When they got into the van Lewis and Paul thanked Lydia for her help and she blushed, waving away their thanks admitting that it was a fluke. The drive back was one of joy with laughter and jokes.

Once they'd made it thorough to the hotel and to their floor Rob and Anna suggested a celebratory party in their room all agreed except Kait and Gabriel.

Kait looked through her lashes at Gabriel and she slung her arms around his neck as she said.

"Erm, guys I am tired so I'm just gonna go to bed"

Gabriel quickly agreed and they rushed to their room and closed their door on their friend's smartass remarks. As soon as they closed the door they were in each others and kissing with a passion only rivalled by that of people deprived of water. They starting their morning tangled together showing how much they loved each other in the most physical way possible.

Afterwards they laid in each others arms, soaking in each other presence. Just before they fell asleep Gabriel whispered, his voice tight with emotion.

"Never scare me like that again" she lightly touched her lips to his and snuggled into the hard plains of his chest before answering.

"Never again I promise" and they feel asleep in each others arms and dreamt about what their life together.

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