A/N: hey guys, how is everything going? Sorry it has taken me sooo long to get this sequel up. But I am going to work on it now. This story will be all in Leah's POV, unless I decide to change it up a bit. Well, let's get the party started.

Warning: For people you hadn't read "Two is Better than One" Shouldn't really read this one first, without reading the other one.

Chapter One

I just finished stuffing the last of my crap into my suitcase that my loves had brought for me. Four months ago, I decide to leave my home of La Push after a party. A party where I discover my ex and cousin, who married mind you, were having a child and have the nerve to ask my to be it's godmother.

While I was running, a car hit me. Yeah, I know, stupid of me, right? Well, it just happened to be the best mistake of my life. After that, I found my true love, two of them! I guess that was why fate decide that Sam and me were never meant to be, because I was getting two guys in the future.

OF course I joined their pack after finding out that my imprints were an apart of it. And can you believe that I am both the Alpha female and Beta female? And believe it or not, that both Alpha and Beta were brothers. Go figure my life would turn around from sucky to terrific the moment I left La Push

"Hey babe, you ready to go?" one of my men asked from the doorway and relished in the sight. Gabriel, the alpha male of the pack, was standing there, looking at me with love and adoration in his eyes. He had short spiked, black hair and tall like the boys of La Push were.

"Yeah. I guess," I said as I picked up the bag from the bed and began to carry it to the doorway. A typical male would offer to take the bag from me and carry it down to the front door, but not my man. He knows I like to show off my strength sometimes, since I really don't much anymore.

We walked downstairs to the front door. Caleb, my other man, was waiting. He smiled as he saw me walked towards him.

"Got everything you need?" He asked as I sat down my suitcase. Gabriel walked towards the kitchen to check the back door and windows before we left the house.

"Yeah, I think so, but if I don't, I am sure my mom can spot me," I said as I picked up the suitcase again as Gabriel appeared from the kitchen.

"Everything is set in the back. All that is left is to set the security alarm as we leave," He said. Caleb nodded and we left the house, setting the alarm along the way. We had decided to drive to La Push. Finally I let go of my bag and let Caleb throw it in the back of the truck. I climbed into the passenger's side and buckled my seat belt. Gabriel and Caleb both climbed in as well, one behind me and one beside me.

"What about the others?" I said, referring to Gil, Alex and Derek.

"They already left about 10 minutes ago," Caleb said as he putted out his cell phone. " I am giving them a call now to tell them that we are leaving now." I nodded and looked to the house as Gabriel backed out of the driveway.

"I hope we come back," I whispered. Gabriel covered my hand as he drove.

"me too, babe, me too," he said.