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Chapter 9

My pack and me arrived at the meeting center at 7:00. Old Quil had called earlier in the day with the details of when the meeting was going to began and what was it at. I walked in and was greeted by the other packs, Sam's and Jacob's. The imprints were there of course with the exception of Claire and Nessie.

We took our seat, with Gabriel on my left and Caleb on my right. My eyes wondered around the room, wondering what this meeting about. Gil thought it might be one last time to get us to stay in La Push to help out. My eyes landed on Emily, who looked ready to pop anytime with her baby. I never didn't go to her house after she dropped off those muffins, because (I can't believe I am admitting this) I was scared of what she would do.

I heard a knocking sound and looked over at the elders. Old Quil was tapping his cane to the floor in order to get everyone's attention. "Alright everyone settled down," he said as he stopped the knocking sound and hold the cane in his lap. "Many of you are wondering why this meeting was adjoined." He looked at us. "In the visit of the Oklahoma Pack, the elders had try to get them to stay in, in definite, but however they refused. This is the last time we will offer for them to stay on this land. What is your answer?"

All of us looked at each other and nodded. Gil rolled forward to the elders. "I am sorry to say, but the boys have chosen to go back to Oklahoma, a place where they have already began their lives," Gil stated.

"And Leah? Does this include you as well?" Old Quil asked. My mom looked anxious for my answer, knowing that one simple word would change everything. I smiled sadly at the elders.

"I am afraid it does." Her mother closed her eyes and the other two sighed.

"Very well. Then I am afraid that everyone in the Oklahoma pack must be gone by the end of the week," Old Quil said.

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