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Chapter 2 Starts (Drums go duh, duh, duhhh): There was something strange about this school early on. Heath was the popular guy, that didn't take me by surprise, I thought it would be some cute girl, head cheerleader that was the popular girl.

But not here.

Who was?

Cat. They stared at Heath and moved out of his way when walking, they did the same thing to Cat. The only difference was the way they handled it, Heath would smile and converse with all the fans while Cat put her head down muttering to herself about the sheep. When they were in the same room or close by the intensity tripled people stared and gossiped at each-other.

The next time I saw them together was in gym class I sat in the bleachers not having clothes to change into or a locker yet anyway.

She talked with her emo friend a girl with brown eyes and hair. She was plain and Cat looked more beautiful and exotic next to her. Heath hung around his friends and a girl hung allover him, blue eyes the color of pool water and platinum blond hair she was long, very thin.

They were dressed in black sweats and white tees the school's colors. The gym teacher ordered it, to get your full points. I'd need to bring that tomorrow the gym teacher, a large middle aged women ordered them into their squads and gave them instructions for what they be doing today.

Dodge-ball. Some people groaned, others laughed or smiled, most seemed indifferent, it was the last period of the day and nothing mattered but the bell. She separated them with one side of left of the room on one team and the other on right.

She placed the balls in the center, one by one and when she was done she walked back she put her arm up, some people got in running positions, then blew the whistle. And all hell went loose.

Some people stayed back, good choice the people who ran but were too slow got hit first. And that got a third of the class out. Some people ignored the ball and concentrated on not getting hit, others collected them and tried to hit everyone.

I watched Cat's friend go, she laughed and waved bye to her friend who was to busy trying to get the guy who got her friend out to notice.

Cat's team had her and three other guys left on the court. Heath had six and that girl still clinging to him, maybe she was frightened. Heath didn't seem to look at the that girl although I noticed he kept his eyes steady on Cat.

I saw Cat catch the ball and smile as she watched the guy that threw it go. Then she looked on the court for her next victim. She eyed Heath, he saw it and grinned, she took three big steps forward and boom. It hadn't hit her but the girl next to him and so hard she fell back on impact. I, even how far away I was, could hear the it and see the dark blood come spurting out. She wailed and Heath took a look at Cat and smiled. Her friend came to her and whispered, something, Cat shrugged and kept on smiling. The girl had friends surrounding her. Everyone forgot about the game.

Heath escorted her to the nurse somehow by his facial expression I could tell he didn't want to. But the girl leaned on him even more, like she was about to die I wondered if anything was broken.

I went to where her car that was parked, alittle bit later she met me. She did not say a word as she buckled her seat belt and turned the engine on, she looked cool as a cucumber. Like she didn't know she did anything wrong.

I saw the maid in the kitchen cooking. I took the apple and ate it. Trying to appear casual.

"So today at school, people sure paid a lot of interest to Cat."

"She's an interesting girl."

"And this boy named Heath."

"It's my understanding he' on the football team and people here sure love that."

I continued, "The most interesting part is, they put the most interest in when they're together."

She paused, "I know your keeping something and I know its killing you."

"OK. They're not normal."

I blinked, "I mean their family, they're, they're unusual. They're, something else. Here I'll tell you all I know. Long ago they're was a family called the Earnshaws they owned Whithering Heights, not far from here, one day the man brought home a foriegh lad called Heathcliff. His other son hated the child for taking his father's affection. But the girl Catherine and him, loved like... nothing else. One day while spying on the family below, the Lintons, she's hurt by a dog and they take her in till she heals. The boy Edgar Linton, proposes to her and she accepts."

"I thought she loved Heathcliff?" I ask.

"Well Catherine was attracted to his money and prestige. And Heathcliff had nothing to give her, after Mr. Earnshaw's death he is treated like a servant by Catherine's brother who's married and has a son Hareton."

I nodded. "Heathcliff runs away because he thinks she doesn't love him, after he returned with wealth and is attractive he wanted revenge. Catherine after being sick for sometime (people say from her own will) dies in childbirth, but had a daughter, Cathy. Heathcliff gets worse and worse after she is dead he is hated by everyone, 'cept one who loves him besides, one of the victims of his abuses, Hareton Earnshaw the son of Catherine's brother, for after his father's death (from Heathcliff's own hand) he is given no education and is treated like a young Heathcliff, doing slave labor. While the girl Cathy grows up in Thrushcross beautiful, ignorant of what has happened and what is at Whithering Heights until meeting Heathcliff's sick son Linton, (by Heathcliff and Linton's sister marriage) who Heathciff forces Cathy into marriage with. After Linton dies Heathcliff owns both Whithering Heights and Thrushcross. All this time Heathcliff never got over Catherine, he's haunted by her ghost, which he's thank-full of 'cause he gets to see her. That drives him to death. Then the Cathy and Hareton realize they love one another, she gives him an education and he begins to act like a gentlemen. They plan to marry."

"But aren't they cousins?"

She shrugged, "It was a different time and like now there weren't many people to choose from around here."

"I know there must be more." I said.

"You're absolutely right," she said "Did you ever see a womanly ghost appear on the moor?"

I swallowed. Well I hadn't actually see here on the moor, she was at my window, "No."

"Well then, you're lucky the townspeople still swear that they have seen Catherine's ghost roaming the moors, sometimes alone sometimes together, you know who with?"


"Take a guess."


"Yes." She replied.

"That's a nice story but how does it effect Heath and Cat?" As I said their names I remembered they were exact names to the people in her tale.

"Don't you see-" But she was cut off by Cat.

"Those people roaming the moors are direct descendants of me and Heath." She said matter of factly like she wanted to creep me out. I wondered how long she been here. "You see me and him are like celebrities, they've all heard the stories and seen our families heartache, descendant after descendant. They are waiting for us to be in an all consuming love affair. Like dear ole grandaddy."

"But they've been quarelling since birth." Nancy said.

"Can't stand the dumb jock." Cat added picking up a piece of fruit.

"Yes," said the maid slowly looking apprehensively at Cat.

I thought hard because I wanted to know more, "But when Heath and his son died, how did his blood line continue?"

"Good question. A woman came to town with her son, the bastard of Heathcliff, made when Heathcliff ran away."

"Don't put it so nicely." Said Cat sarcastically and I knew she did not like to hear "bastard" to describe her relative.

"Well he was," she said, "he ruined Cathy's and Hearton's life by having an affair with Cathy, then her daughter's by having relations with her, he ruined Hareton's business, also."

"Yeah we know, but don't forget he ruined his own son by Cathy, after he heard he was his son he sank into deprivation. Now lets go on about how much more the sick bastards in my family have ruined this damned place!"

"I wasn't meaning to upset you Cat." But she had already left.

"It's hard for her to hear she knows all too well of what they done. She's proud of their prestige but ashamed of he bad things they've done."

"Has the names Heathcliff and Catherine been passed down since then?"

She answered, "Yes. Heath is an Earnshaw though his last name is different. His mother, after his father skipped town, gave him her maiden name and further more named him after Heathcliff because he was a big enemy of their family. Cat got the name simply because Heathcliff loved that woman."

"And everybody is waiting for them to hook up?"

She laughed softly, "Well I wouldn't put it like that, but I guess you could."

"But they've never gotten along?"

"No, Cat made sure of it."

"What do you mean?"

"Its just, I'd see Heath reaching out to her and she would say something hateful."

"Yeah, I saw it in school."

I told her everything; from homeroom to gym.

"That is so like her. She is a trouble-maker, always has been, living up to her name. I wonder why she didn't hurt him though."

"I think she's jealous and maybe she doesn't hate him as much as she thinks."

She looked at me, "You wanna hear another story about them?"

I nodded and she started. "For fun they'd roam the moors as kids. They knew who each-other was from day one. Every-time she ran into him she'd throw a fit to me."

"Her father would say, 'What upsets you so much, is he not a handsome lad?' She'd give him funny look and say squarely, ''He's the most horrible thing I have ever seen.' And he'd laugh."

"Well one day she came up with an ingenious plan to divide the moor so they'd never run into each-other she brought two fierce dogs of her's (both died 4 years ago) and her horse, Spirit with her as a back up. But was disappointed when he charmed the animals, he's always had a way with them.

'That side of the tree is your's, this is mine.'

'Well fine, I was going to Whithering Heights today and it's this way anyway.

She grasped his arm then let go quickly. 'Its still here?'

'Yes and I was going today.'

'Well I changed my mind this is your side and this is mine.'

'You can't do that, anyway do you want to go by yourself? You don't know the way and you could get lost, it's a long way.' 'OK, I guess you can come with us but only this once.' She said to him.

They rode, she told me about how he made fun of her horse by calling it a 'bony lass'.

'Shut up before I get it to kick you!'

'Won't do much good.' He said laughing and examining its legs. Finally they arrived, Heath walked in while Cat hesitated.

'Are you coming?

'Yeah... just getting down.'

'Here, I'll tie it to there.' He said putting a rope connected to the horse on a skinny tree. 'Wait for me.' He said. For the first time she hadn't run away, she hadn't even dared to move. 'Follow me.' He ordered and she actually obeyed once again.

It was dank and dark it looked ready to break apart anytime which I guess was part of the reason she was so frightened. 'Don't climb up the stairs we have to test it to see if it well hold.'

'You've never been up before?'

'No I only looked at it from outside,' he said with a smile, 'I waited to go in with you.' He threw a large stone at the second story. 'C'mon, it's fine.'

'We weigh a lot more then that.'

'Believe me seeing it could hold up thatwas a good sigh.' He told her. They followed the stairs up. 'You go this way, I'll go that way.' He said and she nodded. The room had plenty of cobwebs only a mattress was left behind with drapes. She went to the window and checked out it, you could see the moors stretch out for what seemed like forever, except the horizon which showed the moody sky with the sun setting. She stared on, she could hear Heath's shuffling in the other room and it gave her comfort something living was here also. Then she saw it. She described it to me as a womanly form but, strange from her clothes, her posture, I don't know, and then it suddenly faced her and stared right at her, that brought a chill up her body and choked her, the thing vanished.

And after she regained her voice she yelled at the top of her lungs, 'HEATHCLIFF!!!' He saw her, never looking this frightened before, I'm sure and said, 'What's wrong?' She fell into his arms and he had to hold her the rest of the walk home, when he brought her to me she was still locked in his arms. I could tell she was out of her mind frightened, never crying, I never seen her cry. I don't think they (the Heathcliffs) are able to. I asked him what happened. He said weakly, 'She saw her ghost.'

"I never believed it before but if it scared the daylights out of her so much for this much time and into the boy's she hated arms. It made me wonder. And the poor boy Heath was so concerned he stayed with her the longest time."

"'Don't leave.' She said to him every time he made a slight action. I'm sure this is the first time I ever saw her admit to needing another. She never complained like her father. But while was he reserved she was loud, a trait from her mother.

'I won't.' he said firmly, grasping her hand.

'Catherine,' I said referring to her first name to make sure she knew I was serious. 'He must go home, his mother will be expecting him and he'll get in trouble if he's not home soon.'

'I don't care.' She said seriously I was thrown back at her uncariness for him and her selfishness.

'She was just using him.' I thought.

'I don't either, mom doesn't care at what time I arrive.' He was much too fond of her. I thought also.

Just then the door flung open and I told Mr. Heathcliff the whole event he shook his head. "Are you OK girl?" He questioned her. She nodded weakly, she never wanted to upset him.

"'Go home boy.' He said with finality. The boy took a look at her and she nodded now that her father was here.

"That's the only time they got along?"

"I'm not here all of the time but for the most part yes. But whenever there around eachother it's like... there's electricity in the air."

"I know what you mean."

"Remember this," she said pointing "they are much alike, same heat."

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