The girl lay between her two lovers, tragic scene before the finale, pink hair stained the red of both boy's eyes. Pleading with them to forgive each other with a final bow.

For she played her part to perfection. Even in death.

The dark boy snarled, pretty face marred by scripted words wrenched from bloody lips.

"You can't make me come back"

The last act, the final battle, the Hero saving the Villain from the darkness.

And then the curtain falls as they walk into the distance. Cue applause.

A happy ending for the only ones who matter.

But not for all the lives lost, the village and all it stood for burned into ashes.

Everyone died, slain for the sake of drama.

For the pain it would cause.

For the parts they always play.

The golden boy shrugged, pretty eyes marred by ugly truths illuminated by straw men and the boy who slept in death. Almost-fathers and a snow-eyed princess.

And their blood rushed from the hands of the only one who could truly be called a demon.

Losing everything, but never giving up, that was Hero's role. The Hero showing that Good conquers All, even when it doesn't.

Even when the happy ending isn't worth the sacrifices made.

Time for the Hero to play his part.

It's his cue.

The Hero jerked the Villain toward him, but not to save him; shredding Sasuke's bloody lips with sharp canines and icy heart with sharper words over the body of the already-forgotten girl.

"Maybe I don't want to, anymore"

Naruto laughed. Cold and mocking mixed with a mournful keening as the boy behind him crumpled, abandoned to the dust of past mistakes and sated revenge.

Everyone expected the Hero to save the fallen angel, to save them all. He tried, but they shouldn't have been so shocked. Why should he follow a script?

Because of all things, Naruto would always be the number one at surprising people.

It was fitting, after all.

For the parts they played.