The young man screamed, righteous indignation flaring his face an ugly red. The subject of his tirade glared blankly, looking for all the world bored and maybe slightly annoyed.

Whispering words gone unnoticed by the angry man.

I'm sorry I'm sorry oh Kami I'm so sorry.

Silence reigned, the onlookers watching with bated breath. The two men faced off, opposite as night and day. As light and darkness, life and death. Hidden faces and open scars. Truths that lie underneath the lies and truths not even there at all.

"Maybe if you had taught NARUTO, Sasuke might still be here today!"

A gasp resounded in the mission room. Favor the Demon over the Uchiha? Impossible.

Forever impossible.

And yet. And yet...

""Sasuke was hurt! Broken by what his own brother did! How can you have taught him to kill and NOT expect him to break?"

I only did what they did to me.

"You say you NEVER let your teammates down! And yet you couldn't save Sasuke!"

And yet true demons hide where none are expected. Waiting in the darkest corners of the brightest spotlights, ready to consume at the first sign of a flickering bulb.

And the light of a prodigy will waver at a simple word.

Power is not evil. Only the way one uses it.

A weapon is merely a weapon.

After all.

Not everyone is strong like you, Sensei.

"Heaven help us, we are only mortal. No matter how we play at being Gods and Demons, we are only human."

Not everyone can detach themselves from the shadows of their past.

"I saw within Sasuke a chance to redeem myself. A chance to do the right thing"

Not everyone can cheat, steal and murder and yet still smile with such sunny innocence.

"I may be a blind fool, Sensei."

And yet I see you all too clearly. I wish I didn't.

"But you,"

From you they learn to love. From you they learn to kill.

"You are the greatest hypocrite of them all."