This, my fellow writers and readers, is when you are so bored one day…you lose control of your plot bunnies, and they decided to spawn random ideas!
This is the fanfic. about ordinary days with different pairings…and no, that doesn't mean they are slash or romance pairings. Sorry, no slash…but there might be canon pairings.
Also…this is just a random fanfic., about random oneshots, dealing with random pairings…enjoy! Also, yeah, they might not seem 'ordinary' to us…but it is the TF…when is anything 'ordinary'?

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…sad…I wish I did!

The red and white CMO sat at his desk, typing out words and filling out forms on the computer. The Med Bay and the next door Lab were both quiet. It was rare when he could get a few minutes of peace and quiet in his Med Bay, which was a good thing and a bad thing at times. Good thing, because he could actually get a few minutes to himself, and a bad thing, meaning he didn't know what would soon happen. His digits continued to type out the characters on the screen, but he was soon interrupted by a voice that called his name.


The typing stopped, and the medic let out the air in his vents.

Great…there goes my peaceful off-cycle…

He turned his helm to the side and saw the caller standing in the door way between the Med Bay and the Lab. The mech was holding something behind his back.

"Wheeljack," Ratchet began, "what brings you here? I didn't hear anything explode, which means you haven't blown yourself to Cybertron. So, dare I ask again, why are you here?" The Engineer took a couple more steps into the Med Bay, standing before a berth. Ratchet cycled air through his vents, shuttered his optics off then on, and got up from the chair. He took a couple of steps and was a few feet away from the Lancia, hands on his hips. Wheeljack's head fins flashed blue and before Ratchet could ask what that meant, the Engineer pulled out the thing in which he was hiding behind his back. It was a tray with Energon goodies on it, and he was holding it out with his right servo.

"Well, since I didn't have anything to work on today, I thought I would make Energon goodies. And since I made a lot of them, I didn't want to just eat them myself, so I decided to come and share some with you. If that is fine with you Ratch'?" Wheeljack explained. Ratchet looked down at the goodies, and then back up at the mech holding the tray. A small smirk tugged at the corners of his dental plates.

He gestured to the berth to set the tray down, which Wheeljack did, and replied, "No, it is fine 'Jack. At least you didn't blow anything up…" The medic then plucked up the top goodies and popped it into his mouth. The sweet melted in his mouth. He shuttered off his optics and hummed in pleasure. "This is really good 'Jack…" When Ratchet re-shuttered his optics back on, he saw the Engineer's headfins glowing and pride in his optics. This time, Ratchet did smile.

"Thanks Ratch', that means alot of to me and…" began Wheeljack, but Ratchet cut him off when the medic noticed the servo that had been at the Lancia's side all this time.

"Wheeljack, why are you missing your left hand servo…" Ratchet stated in an emotionless tone. Wheeljack's headfins flashed pink in embarrassment, and he reached up with his right hand servo and scratched the back of his helm.

"Well, you see, when I was making the goodies…" A raised hand servo by Ratchet silenced him, air leaving his vents.

"I don't want to hear it…sit on the berth while I go get the supplies to build a new hand servo." Then the CMO turned and walked away and towards the supplies cabinet, and Wheeljack followed his orders. He sat next to his creations and picked one up and ate it.

"MMmm…I am not a bad cook…" he said to himself, but Ratchet, who had began to make his way back with the supplies in his servos, again interrupted.

"That 'Jack, is something I can agree with you on…but blowing you hand off, don't ever do it again, or I will weld you to your Lab's floor." Wheeljack's headfins flashed a bright blue, and a chuckled came from both mechs.

Just an ordinary day for them.

Yep, just an ordinary day for the CMO and Engineer.
Next chapter will probably be…well, I haven't decided yet.
If you have a pairing…let me know…but remember NO SLASH PAIRING…I am trying to keep it slash free! Just ordinary days with friends…understand?