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She wasn't in the living room.


Not in the kitchen, either.

He stood in the hall and screamed one more time. Maybe she'd hear him there. "Mooommmyyyy…!!"

"Matthew. Be quiet." Finally! Daddy's voice. They were in the bedroom.

He went to the bedroom door and pulled on the handle. "Mommy?" It was locked. No fair. "Mommy!"

"She's. Busy… Watch TV."

Why did Daddy always sound like that when he was napping? And why did they have to nap anyway? When Matthew grew up, he was never gonna take a nap.

No way.

He went back into the living room and climbed onto the sofa to wait. It was forever before Mommy and Daddy woke up and came out and by then he'd figured it out.


"Yes?" she asked pulling him up onto her lap as she sat down on the sofa.

"They should give you an earlier bedtime at work. Then you wouldn't need to take naps."

The corner of Mommy's lip curved up, and she bit her lip like she was trying not to smile. Daddy just started to laugh. "What's so funny?" Matthew asked, looking at them in confusion. "It'd work."

Daddy looked at Mommy and raised one eyebrow. "What d'ya think, Carter? If you got to sleep more often at work, then maybe you wouldn't need so many naps..?"

Mommy turned bright red. But then, she usually did when Daddy called her that.