Spock woke more slowly than was usual but as they weren't on the ship, he knew it was safe to be lazy. He lay entwined with Jim, arms and legs askew and tangled in a most comforting way.

"Mmm…" Jim sighed as his eyes fluttered open to smile at Spock. "Hey."

"Good morning," Spock responded, kissing Jim's warm cheek.

"Is everybody up?"

"Not yet," Spock said. He listened to the quiet sounds of his father's house, no noise coming from the other rooms. The entire Command Crew was with them on New Vulcan for their first Christmas. Although Spock never officially celebrated Christmas, his mother had enjoyed it and brought her cheer to her adopted home. Spock could not imagine leaving his father alone for the first Christmas without Amanda, despite Sarek's assurances that he would not have any difficulties simply because the Earth calendar said it was December the 25th.

Once Spock had determined he was using his leave to go to New Vulcan, there was no question but that Jim would accompany him. Leonard had no desire or need to go to Georgia so he said he would join them as well. Uhura wanted to be where Leonard was so she was in the room next door with Dr. Grumpy.

Pavel and Hikaru kept arguing about San Francisco versus Moscow so they compromised by coming to New Vulcan. It ultimately made sense to spend the holiday with their common family rather than continuing to argue about which blood relatives would be disappointed by their absence.

And where else would Scotty be but with his ship? He had beamed down for the quiet, low-key celebration yesterday, including the turkey and dressing that Sarek, Spock, and Ambassador Spock assured them they would not mind having on the table.

It had been a lovely day, a new tradition all of them found fitting and perfect. It would help replace some of the less cheerful memories many of them had of the day.

Spock kissed Jim again and slowly disentangled his limbs, laying crosswise on the bed, his head and shoulders over the side.

"As much as I am enjoying the view," Jim said, sitting up the caress Spock's lovely backside. "I have to ask. What are you doing?"

Spock didn't respond except for straightening up, a cube shaped box in his hand. "This is for you."

"Didn't we say no presents?" Jim asked, looking at the festivity wrapped box. The red paper was graced with holographic green trees and a green bow on top as big as the box was wide.

"I made an executive decision," Spock said, giving Jim the box.

"Thank you," Jim said, putting it on the bed between them. "Can I open it now?"

"Of course. It is yours do to as you wish," Spock assured him.

Jim nodded with a great deal of seriousness, carefully unwrapping the box until he could pull up the lid. He reached in for what looked like an upside-down fish bowl. When he had it out, he discovered that it was in fact an old fashioned snow globe. Inside the glass were little mountains, a tiny cabin with lights shining out of the windows, and a Christmas tree in front of the cabin with colored lights glowing on the snow that blanketed the entire scene. Jim turned the globe over then righted it, making the snow swirl around the cabin and the tree.

"This is beautiful," Jim said, a beaming smile lighting his face.

"I know that you miss the snow. This does not substitute for the real thing but it was the only type I could successfully transport to New Vulcan," Spock said warmly and with love in his voice.

"And it's perfect," Jim said, twisting the key on the bottom. When the music box began to play, it was 'Walking In a Winter Wonderland.' "Perfect," Jim repeated.

"Next year we can spend Christmas in a real winter wonderland," Spock promised.

"It doesn't matter where we are as long as I'm with you," Jim said, leaning closer to kiss Spock. "Everybody still asleep, right?"

"They are," Spock confirmed.

"Then if I were to show you my appreciation no one would know, right?"

"Correct," Spock agreed, taking the snow globe and putting it on the floor next to their bed. "You are certain you appreciate my gift?"

Jim kissed him silent, no more words of any language but that of love. And they wouldn't have had it any other way.