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Be aware that this is VERY explicit... so... if ya cant handle the heat, get out of the bedroom!

They rode to his apartment in silence, Derek holding Penelope's hand like a lifeline. She sat in the seat, her mind roiling in confusion. He had been so hot, so possessive, a man on fire at the club, and then now, she wondered if she had imagined it. But no, looking at him, she knew it had been no dream. He clutched the steering wheel with white knuckles, and she heard his deep breaths steadying himself. His eyes, when he glanced over at her, shone with a delicious mix of savage desire, and tender adoration. She was grateful for the seat beneath her; there was no way she'd have been able to stand unaided after seeing the raw emotion in his eyes.

He pulled to a stop before his apartment and turned to look at Penelope. With trembling hands, he reached out and pulled her face towards him… and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"Penelope, I love you…I need you." He smiled softly, not dimming the raw lust in his eyes. "Let me show you…"

He hopped out of the SUV and hurried over to her door, helping her out. It was all he could do to maintain control as he watched her shapely, fishnet covered legs stretching out to step down. With his warm hand in the small of her back, they made their way to his second floor apartment. Derek had never so much loved the stairs in his building as when he stood below Penelope as she slowly climbed, watching her round bottom sway, tempting him.

Standing in front of his door, he watched in wonder as he saw her literally trembling in her need for him. It hard been difficult for him to find restraint, but he knew she deserved something perfect, a moment of pure romance… this was the start of the rest of their lives.

He reached a hand up to cup her face, then opened the door slowly. She gasped in appreciation; Derek's bachelor pad had been utterly transformed. There were candles everywhere, filling the air with golden light, and rose petals sprinkled on every available surface. She heard soft music start, and then felt his arms around her.

"Derek, I…" He laid a long finger over her lips.

"Shh… baby girl." Smiling gently, he brought his lips down to hers.

He had intended for their first kiss to be soft, gentle, sensually romantic, showing her all the love he had for her. However, feeling, at long last the way her soft lips yielded to his, fire possessed him. He knotted his hand in the back of her dress, pressing her close, his tongue, hot and insistent, parting her lips and exploring the secrets of her mouth. She moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck, molding herself against his body. He could feel her nipples, hard against his chest, as she felt his arousal, large and swollen, pressing up against her thighs.

"Oh hot stuff…" She sagged against him, whimpering softly as he pressed hot kisses against her throat. She brought her hands up between them, pushing his shirt up with them. Laughing, he pulled the offending garment up over his head, shivering as she ran her soft hands up his abs and to his broad, muscled chest. Coyly, she looked up at him and smiled, then leaned down and stroked her warm pink tongue slowly around one taut, dark nipple, then the other, reveling at the sound of his shaky breath. She surrendered her neck to him again, refusing to any longer try to smother the noises of pleasure he was evoking within her.

With a quick motion, Derek leaned over and swept Penelope into his arms. She thrilled at the strength of his arms, giggling with delight when he pressed soft kisses all over her face. "Where are you taking me?" She snuggled closer to him. His voice rumbled in his chest next to her ear. "To the bed, my love…I'm taking you to the bed"

"Oh…" She was speechless, thrilling at the idea. He set her down gently on the edge of the bed, where she got up on her knees to kiss him again. There were more candles here, the soft light shining on his dark chest, turning him into a sculpted mahogany god. He turned dark eyes to her, soft, and serious. She reached behind her, unzipping her dress, and then lifted her arms to untie the halter. Smiling shyly at him, she stood up, allowing the dress to fall away from her to the floor, followed quickly by her stockings and shoes.

Derek was breathless. He knew she would be perfect, but he was unprepared for the sheer beauty of her curvaceous form. Her pale skin glowed in the warm candlelight, flushed with desire. Her eyes were heavy lidded in her passion, her mouth, rosy, swollen from his kisses. She squirmed under his scrutiny, all her insecurities flooding back to her. She moved to cover herself and he stepped forward, holding his hands out to her.

"No, never hide yourself from me." He stalked forward. "You are mine… completely mine… and you are beautiful… sshhh… let me look at you." She looked up at him, shaken at the possessive desire in his voice, and slowly lowered her arms. He seemed to devour her with his gaze alone. He delighted as her pink nipples tightened under his gaze, mouth watering at the sight of her large, heavy breasts. His eyes shifted lower, marveling at the flawless perfection of her round, soft belly, and lower still, at the sweet pale curls visible at the apex of her thighs, licking his lips upon seeing them darkened with the damp proof of her desire.

"Woman, you are so beautiful…" He turned her around again so he could lift her breasts in his hands. She arched against his chest, moaning as his strong hands lifted her breasts, the fingers toying and pinching her nipples. Slowly, he trailed one hand down, combing fingers through the soft damp curls. She leaned her head back against his shoulder, eyes closed as those long, rough fingers parted and stroked her most intimate of places, her body trembling, her knees weak as he stoked the fire already burning brightly within her.

Derek stepped away from her slowly, and weakened with lust, she sank down at the end of the bed. Turning hungry eyes to him, she smiled slightly as she saw his hands go down and begin unfastening the fly on his tight pants. He paused to kick off his shoes and socks, then slowly pushed his pants and briefs down to the floor.

Penelope gasped, surprise, joy and anticipation flitting across her face. She had never seen a man so perfect, so sculpted, so endowed. He smirked at her bemused expression.

"Now, Penelope, you're not oogling me, are you?" He crossed his arms across his broad chest and stepped closer to her. "You act like you've never seen a naked man before…" Inwardly, he was delighted at her response; she made him feel strong, primal and yet so tender.

She parted her thighs, pulling his hips towards her. "Mmm, well, my Chocolate Adonis, perhaps I've never seen a real man before…" She smiled up at him, licked her lips, and before he could even anticipate the inevitable result, she swept her soft tongue over the large head of his straining manhood before taking it fully into her mouth.

"Oh god baby girl…" Derek groaned, every muscle going hard, all sensation centered on that one perfect spot, his entire being focused on the feeling of her soft, plump lips wrapped around him. "Pen… stop… you've gotta stop." He pulled away and she looked at him, confusion and hurt obvious in her eyes. "I'm sorry love…" He was panting. "Your mouth… that sweet mouth feels too good, and I don't wanna go yet…" He kissed her softly, then pushed her back onto the bed. "I want to be inside you."

She paled, then flushed, and got on her hands and knees to scramble up the bed. He held her in that position and then pushed her down, straddling her closed legs. "Derek, what…" She tried to turn and look at her, but felt herself pinned down by his hard chest. Placing hot kisses against her neck, he spoke softly to her. "Do you belong to me? Are you mine?" He rubbed his body over the sensitive flesh of her back. "Yes Derek, I'm yours, forever." He ran his hands from the soft mound of her ass up to her neck, kneading and massaging. "What do you want, Penelope?" His voice was husky in her ear. "You!" she moaned as he tongued the delicate, sensitive shell of her ear.

He rolled over to his side next to her, smirking as she whimpered at the feeling of his body being removed from hers. "Roll over beautiful," He whispered to her. Smiling, she obliged, rolling onto her back, pushing her mussed hair out of her eyes. "Tell me sexy momma… tell me what you want…"

"Derek… I need you." Her voice caught in her throat as he stroked his hands up and down her body, lingeringly, lovingly over her chest. He leaned over her, pressing kisses to her eyelids, to her nose, her cheeks, her jaw, her chin, then finally, sweetly, to her lips. He dragged his lips lower, to her shoulder, collarbone, sternum…down to the valley between her breasts.

"Quit teasing me sexy…please…" She begged, arching her back, longing to feel his hot mouth on her breasts.

Growling, he acquiesced to her silent pleas, moving his hands and mouth to aggressively claim her breasts. With nips and soothing licks, he claimed them, murmuring softly to her "Mine," just as she sighed and moaned, "Yours." The pleasure he was spreading throughout her body was nearly unbearable; she trembled as she felt his hand going lower, lower. She parted her legs and arched her hips as she felt his warm, rough hand cup her sex. He pulled her upper body closer to him as his fingers pushed through the tight wetness of her core. He reveled in her moans, not so quiet now, as he pushed his fingers inside of her, while placing hot, sucking kisses to her neck and jawline. One arm was around his neck, the other gripped the sheets tightly. She was whimpering his name now, as his fingers continued their slow stroking, in and out.

He felt her body begin to tense and tremble, and, knowing she was close, he took her mouth again, stroking his tongue between her lips in mimicry of his fingers. Then, slowly, he dragged his thumb softly over the sensitive bud of nerves hidden between her nether lips. Penelope keened in pleasure, moaning his name as his tender ministrations pushed her over the edge. He held her close, and leaned over her slightly to watch as her face and body relaxed.

"Wow," She panted, smiling lazily up at him. Deliberately, he brought his fingers up and licked her juices from them. "Mmm… wow indeed." Slowly, he moved over her, her soft thighs falling open, eager for his presence. Derek braced himself on his forearms so he could gaze at the sweet face of his beloved. He pressed soft kisses to her face, neck and lips. Penelope rolled her hips, needing him to claim her body once and for all. "Derek," She was begging now. "Please, I need you…"

He chuckled, and rained more tender kisses on her face.

"What do you need silly girl?" He moaned softly as she reached up and nibbled softly on his neck.

"Please… claim me… make me yours…"

He groaned at her words, and shifted his hips to press his large, throbbing erection against her soft entrance. Nuzzling into the crook of her neck, he whispered, "I love you baby girl," and with a forceful thrust, he rammed his manhood home into the lush warmth of her body as she arched up, moaning loudly in rapture. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, as she wrapped her legs around his hips, and they writhed together, meeting thrust for thrust, as they chased their completion as one.

Slowly, deeply, he moved within her, marking her very core, making her his with every thrust, every caress. He felt his body tighten along with hers, and knowing they were both close, began to pound into the luxuriousness of her center. She screamed her climax, as he thrust one final time and found his own, his arms clenching tight about her as he relished the feeling of her body milking his.

Sighing, he was loath to move from his newfound home, within his Penelope. She agreed, clutching him tight with her legs when he would have risen from her. So, instead, he yet again leaned over her, kissing her face, her lips. He heard her breath coming in soft sobs, and he was startled to look down at her to see tears slowly inching down her cheeks.

Now he did move from her, cuddling her to his body. "Baby girl, what is it? Did I hurt you?" His face was wracked with guilt and concern.

Laughing through the slight tears, she cupped his face with her soft pale hand. "Mi amore… oh my love. Nothing's wrong, you just blew my mind, that's all." She kissed him, gently, and nestled her head under his chin. "I've never… never ever… felt like that before…"

Holding her tight, he whispered, "Neither have I…" She leaned back to look at him; his face was more relaxed, at peace than she had ever seen it. "We should've done this years ago, you know…" He laughed, "Yeah, I know, I know…"

Taking her hand in his, he kissed each of the fingertips softly.

"Hey, baby girl…"

"Yes, oh chocolate Adonis of mine?"

He smiled. "Promise me that, in a few months, when I ask you to marry me, you'll say yes?" He studied their hands laced together, afraid, even after what they had just shared, that she might not be as eager for forever as she was. He heard her small gasp, and looked up to see a huge smile on her face.

"Sweet lips, yeah, I think I can make that promise… just don't wait too long, ok?" She looked at him mischievously, and added in a whisper, "Or else I might have to spank you!"

He held her close to him, laughing. "Promises, promises!"

She yawned deeply and he settled her against his chest. As she drifted off to sleep in the one place she only dreamed to ever be, she could have sworn she heard him singing, a sappy country song of all things. "There is nothin' that I wouldn't do…Go to the ends of the earth for you…Make you happy make your dreams come true," He paused to press one last kiss to her sleeping eyelids. "To make you feel my love…"