Kaylee, Scarlett, and I stood on the cliff, looking down the good 200-foot drop. Kay shivered and backed up a foot while Scar kicked a pebble off with her stiletto biker boots, digging her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket. My brown hair whipped around my face and eyes as I scanned over the crowd of dancing teenagers on the beach below, watching the couples dance way too close and mature for high school students, but in today's time, who cared?

"Remind me again why Rose sent us here?" Scar crossed her arms and tossed her hair, causing her white-blonde hair to whip over her shoulder. I looked over at my "sister" and smiled softly. "Because she's Rose," I answered. Scar smirked a little and looked over her shoulder at Kaylee. "You ready, Baby Girl?"

Kay bit her bottom lip and looked over the edge again. "I—I don't know about this, guys…I mean, do we always have to listen to Rose?"

Scar and I looked at each other, then back at Kay. "Yeah." We said at the same time, making Kay roll her green eyes.

"Well, whatever. Let's get this over with." Kaylee sighed before stepping up in between Scar and I. We all grabbed each other's hands, then letting our Power sink in, causing our eyes to blaze white.

"Let's crash this party, ladies." Scar grinned before we hurled ourselves over the edge.

Maybe I should explain our predicament. You see, the four of us, Rose, Scar, Kay, and I have the Power. The Power is a gift and a curse that was given to us at the age of 13, mostly because our families were the only three out of the five that survived the Salem Witch Trials. I know I said three families and there are four of us. Well, Rose and Kaylee are paternal twins, which mean they're from the same family but that Rose is almost eight months older. Scarlett comes in next, then me, but Kaylee remains the youngest. The fifth family was banished for wanting the power to rule the world but my family, the Whitlock's, who were almost the leader in a way, wouldn't allow it. So they disappeared off the face of the earth and we haven't really thought about them much since. Then when we turn 18, we Ascend. Rose already Ascended earlier this summer and Scar is next, then me, followed by little Kaylee.

Why did we come to Ipswich, Massachusettes? Because Rose made us for some reason she won't tell us, which kinda ticks me off, considering she elected herself leader just because she's the oldest and has already Ascended. It aggravates Scar and Kay too but I guess it kinda messes with me the most because my family's the oldest, but oh well. So Rose enrolled us into Spenser Academy, the private school that the richest people in New England attend but I didn't care. I missed home. My home was where I belonged, in Salem, where my people started and ended. But Rose didn't care what I wanted and that was that. We had to listen to her and I was truthfully sick and tired of it.

We landed with a soft thump and we all let go of our hands, brushing off the dust on our outfits. Kay shook out her flip flops and Scar and adjusted her jacket. We took off walking and entered through the trees, then down the small hill that led to the party. I could feel all eyes on us and I looked down, ignoring the gawking from the teenagers around here. We passed by several bon fires before we found a small clearing that wasn't completely surrounded by teens and we stood in a circle, looking around.

"Hmm…So this is who we'll be spending senior year with?" Scar raised an eyebrow and scanned the crowd with her eyes blue eyes. "Well, well, well…" Uh oh. I knew that tone: she had seen some extremely hot guy and was going to stare him down until he came over and asked her out. I followed her gaze and I understood why she put on that tone.

"Wow…" Kaylee murmured. "I didn't think boys could be that gorgeous and not be gay…" I stifled a laugh and checked out the four of them, who were all looking around as well.

There was one with dark, almost spiky hair and matching eyes. He had that leader look to him, the one you saw on an over-achiever, almost like Rose but normal. The one standing beside him had shoulder-length, chestnut-colored hair, with a leather biker jacket and a slight slouch. I could see which one had caught Scar's eye…The third one on the other side of the "leader" had dark spiky hair too, but ice blue eyes that were bright even fifteen feet away. I could tell just by looking at him that he had to be the youngest; I mean no boy can be that Backstreet Boy cute and not be the youngest, but that didn't seem to bother Kay. But the fourth one was the one that caught my eye.

He had silver-blonde hair and ice blue eyes, with that bad boy look about him. He reached up and propped his arm against the oldest, leaning against his shoulder. I noticed the fingerless gloves and I truthfully thought it was cute…

Scar whistled softly. "So this is what New England air does to a boy." Kay and I laughed softly and the boys chose that moment to look our way.

The blonde's eyes scanned over us then settled on me, locking gazes. Then a shock went through me like a bolt of lightning when he smiled at me. It wasn't his insanely good looks…There was power within that gaze and I felt it in the air as we all locked eyes with them.

"Well, I'm gonna like this year, girls." Scar tossed her hair and walked over to biker boy, leaving Kay and I standing there, gaping at her like idiots.

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