Halloween, a day of free candies. A day where you can dress up as anything you like and not be questioned…. at least not too much. People were going from door to door, ringing the doorbells and saying the catch phrase that never seemed to grow old: Trick or treat.

Some trick-or-treaters made their way to a house covered in all the scary things you could find in stores and even some handmade crafts. Skeletons lay upon the ground and hung from the trees. Bats swung the branches while lifelike ghosts waved around in the air from their hidden strings. Hands littered the ground and every so often one might have believed that they moved.

They walked up to the door and rang its bell but did not here the sound that should have rung throughout the house. One of the children standing on the steps reached out to knock on the door but it slowly creaked opened before it was even touched.

"Trick or treat," some of them said hesitantly. This house was creepy and with all these decorations no one could tell what the house would look like with out them, so the owner was also unknown.

"How about a trick," came a whisper that could not be pinpointed from any direction. Right after a horrifying masked face swung from the top of the doorframe with a terrifying screech emitting from its lips. All the trick-or-treaters, or so the masked screecher thought, ran away with shrieks of terror of their own ripping into the night.

"Booyah! Who's a genius? I'm a genius!" a girl sang in the doorway, her back to the door. The mask that she wore lay at her feet while she danced and a bell jingled at her neck with all the movements she made.

"Saa… not as genius as you would like to think," came a teasing voice in the doorway. The girl froze in the position of the Egyptian and turned her head slowly to see two figures. One clad in a princess like dress and the other in a skintight black out fit with his head adorned in cat ears.

"Ah, Fujiko, that's not nice!" said Eiji playfully, messing with his own tail.

As the girl listened to the two she watched the one that seemed to be a princess. Sure, the person looked feminine and so was the voice but their was enough masculinity there that made the girl think that it was a boy, taking Halloween spirit way too far. And she was sure that NO girl could be that flat. 'Fujiko' turned to her and held out his/her bag, with a smile on his, or was it hers (?), face. A smile that did not seem to portray happiness, as it should. It might have held some amusement, but it seemed to just be there like it needed to give his lips something to do.

"Trick or treat," came the saying, but this time it wasn't out of the want of candy but more out of making fun of the girl. She grimaced. "And nice dancing by the way." The grimace grew bigger.

"Can't a person dance in the safety of her own home anymore?" the girl grumbled, going for the candy.

"Not if the door's open, nya!" chirped Eiji, holding out his bag with the anticipation of candy.

"Here you go!" the girl chirped with as much enthusiasm as Eiji had. She dropped a stick of something into each of their bags. "Hope ya like it!"

Each boy looked into their bag and picked out the thing that girl had dropped into their bags. They looked over the objects. They were light yellow, cylindrical… and smelled like cheese? It didn't take them long to figure out what they were holding were, in fact, cheese sticks. They looked up when they heard munching from the doorway. The girl was chewing on something. Fuji looked down at her hands to see that her slender fingers held a candy wrapper. Fuji gave her a curious look.

" Enjoy it, boys!" she grinned. She closed the door in their faces.

What an interesting girl, Fuji thought to himself, still standing on the houses front step, with Eiji by his side.

"Booyah! Who's a genius? I'm a genius!" came the girl's voice from the behind the door. Soon after a bell started to jingle.

A very interesting girl indeed.

A/N: Ok… well ya see some of you might know that I had another Fanfic but never touched it again. Well you see I didn't think that it was too original with the whole twin thing and heart break. So that's being discontinued. Hehehehehe…. Sorry peeps. But I do plan to continue on with this one!