LbN: Had this idea after seeing "Shadow" :). If you want to see the scene, it's on YouTube under Olivia Benson: Boots.

Olivia walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cookie from the cooling rack.

"Hey!" Alex said. "Those are for tonight! Oh, and you got a package in the mail." She nodded to the coffee table in the living room.

"Who's it from?" Olivia asked, walking over to it. "Ramsey?"

"Ramesy? The guy you and Elliot worked with on the last case?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," Olivia said, opening the box. "I wonder what…" She trailed off, reading the letter attached. Then she broke out laughing and pulled a shoe box out of the package.

"Boots?" Alex asked, confused.

"You…you remember how we needed her business manager, or whatever he was, to testify?"


Olivia briefly explained how they'd blackmailed the man into testifying. "So then I told Ash that he owed me a new pair of boots. Read it," she said, holding out the letter to Alex.

"Dear Olivia," Alex read, "I've taken a bit of time off to visit England. Saw these yesterday and couldn't resist. Hope you like them, and that you don't need them to take down any more sleazes. ~Ash. P.S. If you're wondering how I knew your shoe size, thank Elliot."

Olivia chuckled again and tried the shoes on.

Alex set the letter down on the table. "Liv?" she asked.


"You said 'On your knees, worm'? Really?" The blonde quirked an eyebrow at her girlfriend.

"Leave me alone; I was in character," Olivia said, blushing.

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