Jess: Yay! My very first Shugo Chara fanfic….:3 well.. this is mostly Amuto.. but slight Tadamu.. so its all gudd…:D

Ikuto: why is Tadase in this…? Aren't I the one that gets Amu?

Tadase: Ikuto-nii-san! Don't say that about Hinamori-san….

Ikuto: atleast I SAY her first name..

Jess: Shut up…seriously. You're both annoying.

Ikuto: I love you, Jessii :3

Jess: I may be obsessed with hot guys… but im not falling for it…

Ikuto: are you implying that you are attracted to me?

Jess: go die in a cup with Beyonce.

Ikuto: not after seeing her at the Grammy's…. –shivers-

Tadase: Jessii-chan…

Jess: don't Jessii-chan me. -.-

Tadase: but… there's..

Jess: shhhhhh…

Ikuto: yeah Tadase.. shhh.

Tadase: -sigh- I guess.. –puppy dog eyes-

Jess: -twitches- DAMMIT.

Ikuto: o.o… just start the damn story…

Jess: well then…

Tadase: Jessii doesn't own..

Ikuto: you have to be fierce when you say it…

Tadase: then you do it…

Ikuto: well Tadase is a bit OOC…. Anyway…. Jessii doesn't own Shugo Chara! Or anything… because if she did…. I'm pretty sure she'd make herself a character….that fell in love with me…

Jess: you know me so well….

Note: sorry for the intrudingness but…. Before I start… it may be a little confusing at first.. because if you have watched Shugo Chara Doki… then well… its starting off at Tadase's confession in a way.… but it's a bit different….because this is AFTER saving Ikuto.. so after Doki… so lets pretend NO ONE confessed in Doki.. its after all that Embryo and Ikuto stuff…

"I'm sorry, Amu-chan."

"I don't understand…. i…..i….."

Tadase leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"I'm here…always."

Why would he say something like that…. This was… ridiculous.

BEFORE: At Amu's House

"Amu-chaaan! You have a phone call!"

"Whoever it is, tell them I'm not home!"



"Are you sure, honey?" yelled Amu's mom from downstairs.


"Jesus… next time make up your mind.." murmed Ran

Amu glared at Ran and took the phone.


"Hey, Hinamori-san."

Gulp. Tadase-kun called me. Out of ALL people… it was Tadase… not even IKUTO!

"I-is there anything you need, Tadase-kun?"

"I need to talk to you. Its very important. Please, meet me at the park in fifteen minutes, please?"

"Of course, Tadase-kun."

"Arigato, Hinamori-san."

"Its…not a problem.."

"Well, see you in a few! Bye."

That was way weird… What could he possibly want?

"You seem tense." Whispered a husky voice.

I screamed… well… of course I screamed. You don't hear random whispers in your room… that's just… not normal.


He laughed and gave me a smirk.

"We came to play nya~" said Yoru.

"Well, this is the worst possible time for you to be here."

"Why's that?" asked Ikuto

"I'm meeting- wait! How is this ANY of your business?"

"Of course it is… so tell me, Amu."

"I'm meeting someone."

"Tadase, eh?"

How does he always know everything?! Is he like… physic. What a creep…

"It doesn't matter. If you're going to bother me.. bother me later. I'm busy today."

"Sounds like a deal."

Dammit.. he fell for it…oh joy. Tonight is going to be just FUN…

"leave, Ikuto."

"Aw, but I'm seriously bored. I wanna play with you." Ikuto leaned down and bit Amu's ear.

"This is the SECOND time you've done this!" said Amu, as she smacked him away..

"You taste so-" Ikuto was interrupted.

"Go be a pervert somewhere else. I'm under a lot right now."

Ikuto was quite surprised at Amu's reaction.

"Hm.. I see. I'll ask later. Bye, Amu."

Ikuto walked out the balcony and jumped to the ground.

"Amu-chan… he didn't seem to be such a bother today." Said Su.

"I'm glad." Said a voice from behind them.

"Dia! Did you come to play?" asked Ran, Miki and Su all together.

"Yes! I want to hear what Tadase-kun says."

Amu sweatdropped. That's… the reason she came out of her egg… to eavesdrop. I guess Dia is a airhead would-be self… wow. deep inside im an airhead. That's depressing.

"I think Amu-chan zoned out…" whispered Miki to Ran

"I did no such thing!"

"Then get a move on it… you have five minutes to get to the park."

FIVE MINUTES?!?!?! Had ikuto really wasted that much time? Oh he will PAY later… that stupid, ungreatful…

"Here Amu-chan, wear this." Said Miki as she layed out a bunch of clothes.

"A dress…?"

"Its so pretty, Amu-chan!" gushed Dia.


Amu put the dress on quickly and looked in the mirror.

"I look.."

"GORGEOUS!" said Miki

"AMAZING!" yelled Ran

"Cute Desu~" said Su

"SHINY!" gushed Dia.

Everyone looked at Dia, confused.


Dia floated toward Amu.

"What are you-"

She attacked the necklace that Amu had been wearing and hugged it without letting go.


She was completely out of it.

"Oh shiny. Shiny shiny shiny…. Suki yo, shiny."

She really IS an airhead…

"let's get a move on, Amu-chan. We have less than a minute!" said Ran.

"How am I supposed to get there on time now!"

Miki looked to Su who looked to Ran as they all nodded.


"WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!" yelled Amu

"Hehe, let's go!" said Amulet Heart as she ran out the door at top speed towards the park.

"Go Amu-chan.. Go Go Amu-chan!" cheered Su and Miki.

Amu finally reached the park and went back to normal.


"I'm sorry, Amu-chan. But look on the bright side, you're here on time."

"I guess you're right. Look! There's Tadase-kun!"

Dia suddenly floated away from amu's necklace and smiled.

"Yay! Eavesdropping time."

"Oh god… here I go."

Amu walked towards Tadase and took a deep breath. Its time…


Amu smiled at Tadase and greeted him.

"Hey Tadase-kun."

"I'm so glad you could make it, I'm really happy you're here."

Amu started dramatically blushing and tried not to scream.

"M-Me too.."

Tadase smiled and looked at Amu for several seconds.

"Has anyone ever told you…that you have the most beautiful eyes?"

That one really hit Amu because she could barely breath.

"Only a minute into the conversation and Amu-chan is already suffocating…" said Miki

"Shouldn't we help her, desu~"

"Shhh, girls. I'm trying to listen." Said Dia.

"This disappoints me…" said Miki, with a mad expression

"Actually…n-no… but th-thank you…" said Amu.

Tadase gave a dazzling smile.

"So.. what was the reason you invited me down here?"


Tadase's face was suddenly serious, which really surprised Amu, because she'd never seen this side of him…


"What I'm about to tell you may change…a lot. And it all depends on how you react."


Tadase hesitated for a minute.. and suddenly took Amu's hand in his and looked at her.

"I-I remember… that day… when you stood up and told me that you liked me… well… it was really Amulet Heart…. But.. what I said.. wasn't me… so in a way.. Kiseki turned down Ran… but that doesn't matter anymore… neither does the time I confessed to Amulet Heart…. And.. she really did dazzle my eyes… she was so… beautiful… sweet…nice.. but I realize now that… that whole time.. that girl was you.. I've been paying a lot of attention to you… making sure your safe… and that time… when we saved Ikuto… I swore to you that I'd protect you… every word of that.. I meant… and every day that passes… becomes harder for me to think about who I really am… I told you.. that if I got the embryo.. I'd wish for that stronger self.. but the thing is… I am strong… if I'm about to tell you… what I need to… that means im far stronger than I expected… so Hinamori-san…"

Amu looked at him, confused.


"I love you, Amu-chan."

Amu completely went out of it and could no longer move.

"Did you just…"

"I confessed to the person I'm in love with."


"Yes…you. And… I see…that bond you two have.."

"Us two?"

"You and Ikuto…."

"What bond do we have, exactly?"

"the two people that contain the humpty lock and dumpty key.. well… its like eternal love… and I swear to you, Amu… I WILL beat Ikuto one day… and I will definitely hold the key in my hand and have you."

Amu was shocked. Was this REALLY the sweet Tadase that Amu longed for?

"This is stupid. You can't just-" Amu was interrupted.

"I'm here for you… I always am.. I want you to be able to talk to me… I really truly do…"

"Why would you ever want to hurt someone that's like a brother to you!?"



"Its for you."

"Don't do something as stupid as that for me!"

"I'm sorry, Amu-chan."

"I don't understand…. i…..i….."

Tadase leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"I'm here…always."

Why would he say something like that…. This was… ridiculous.

"Tadase… i… I have to go. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye…"


Tadase grabbed Amu's hand.

"What is it?"

"I love you, Amu."

Amu sighed.

"Thank you."

She walked away out of the park.. where she could no longer feel Tadase's presence..

This is ridiculous…

At home

Amu dropped on her bed and grunted.

"What a day!" she murmered into her pillow

I'm truly happy that the prince confessed but… after what he said about not losing to Ikuto.. which made no sense… after all… Ikuto doesn't even like me… I guess… Tadase seems.. different… maybe I can talk to Ikuto… I mean… its worth a try…

"Hey…Ran, Miki, Su, Dia?"

"Yes, Amu-chan?" they chimed in

"Do you think Ikuto will come tonight?"

"Amu…he's been coming here the past week…like a stalker…I'm certain he'll come tonight…" said Ran

"Like a"

I fell off the bed and screamed.


"Sorry… but because of that Kiddy King, I was bored all day with no one to play with…Amu."

"Why did you say my name like that…?" I said, twitching..

"You look fantastic…"

Then… he did it. He completely blew everything.

"Oh my god…?" whispered Miki to herself..

"Go Ikuto! Nya~."


"That isn't cute at all…besides what did I do..?"

"Oh.. I don't know.. you're the best person ever.. WHAT DO YOU THINK?! YOU SQUEEZED MY BUTT! YOU SICK CAT!"

Ikuto shrugged and took some sardines from Yoru's hands.

"My fishies, nya~!" said Yoru with tears in his eyes.

"Awww.. here Yoru.." Su handed Yoru more of his "fishies."

"Yay! Nya~!"

He never changes….


"What do YOU want?" said Amu with an annoyed expression.

"I'm too lazy to move. Carry me to bed."

"And why should I even TOUCH a sick pervert like you?"

"Because im a cute cuddly kitty."

"Yeah… right. Keep dreaming, lover boy."

Ikuto placed his head in Amu's lap.

"You're so comfortable… I guess fat and jiggly people do have their benefits.."


Amu picked up Ikuto's head and let it drop on the floor.

"OW! Cat's have feelings too, you know?" said Ikuto, rubbing his head

"You can leave."

"Why..? didn't you want me here, anyway?"

"Yeah.. before you ruined everything with your gross tactics.."

"Aww.. I'm sorry.. I'll be good… I promise."

Ikuto leaned against the bed and looked down at Amu, who was sitting on the floor.

"Fine.. but if you do one more sick thing… you're out. Got it, Cat boy?"

"Yes, Miss Bossy."

"Excuse me?"





There goes that awkward silence…

"Why is it that WHENEVER I'm around you.. its either really perverted.. or really awkward?"

"I don't know. I guess its because its you."

"No. I think its you."

"Its you."

"Its you, Idiot."

"Fine then. Its both of us."

"Can't it be serious for once..?"

"Fine… but it better be interesting."

"Then I won't tell you."

"Wait… I'll listen.. I swear."

"Okay.. and NO BEING NASTY."

Ikuto pouted in a really cute way..

"Plea-" he was interrupted.


Ikuto smirked.

"Okay.. tell me." He said preparing for a LONG conversation.

Amu sighed and looked at her charas, who nodded.

"Well, its about many things.. but I'll start off at the least important."

Amu waited for a response from Ikuto, which only came in a bored glare.

"I need to know right away… are you good with Tadase or not?"

"What kind of a question is that…?

"Well, its just that… after what he said…-"

"What did he say?"

"He said.. that the bond we have between lock and key…is like eternal love and that… one day, he would get the lock from you and I'd be his.. but it makes no sense… because you don't even like me to begin with."



"The two people that bear the lock and the key, are to fall in love. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. You don't like me, so its proving that it's a silly old rumor. When my father had the key, he gave my mother the lock and they fell in love trough time. My dad once told me, that the girl I am destined to be with… is the one that I love being around. But…that doesn't matter. Oh an Tadase is just jealous. He thinks he could never have you… so he's taking it out on me. Don't sweat it too much, alright?"

Wow… he was actually helpful for once… I like him like this… he seems…kind and sweet but who knew that the lock and the key meant so much…

"I see, thanks Ikuto. I really enjoy it when you actually listen to me…"

"Its no problem.."

"But… I want to know…"


"Don't YOU love someone?"

"I do. You."

"I don't believe that. You lie way too much."

"Well, I'm being serious right now…"

"I still don't believe you."

"I guess I'm the boy who cried wolf." Said Ikuto, looking at Amu with sad eyes.

Ikuto was being stupid again… right? He couldn't POSSIBLY have meant what he said… I mean.. come on… its Ikuto… The I'm-So-Hot-And-Totally-Perverted-With-Innocent-Little-Girls-That-Still-Have-Their-Virginity guy.

"I can tell you want to be alone, so I'll leave."

Ikuto stood up and walked to the balcony door.

"Wait!" Amu stood up and ran but tripped over some books that were left lying on the floor. She closed her eyes, and waited for the cold hard floor to meet her head, but instead, she fell on something soft…warm.

"Please, be careful, Amu." Said Ikuto looking at Amu, who was in his arms.

Amu began blushing drastically and said nothing.


"You're welcome."

Ikuto flashed her a big smirk and gently laid her down on the floor.

"I-Idiot, I fell because you left so suddenly."

"You didn't have to come after me."

"Well, I didn't want… its just that…"

"Sounds like you LOVE me."

Amu turned deep red.

"I so do not!"

Ikuto laughed quietly to himself.

"God, you are so naïve and gullible."

"Well, this whole thing is your fault."

"As if."

Ikuto walked in front of Amu to face her and looked down at her. Amu looked at him glaring at her and blushed.


Ikuto took a few more seconds to look at Amu then turned around.

"I'm going to go. Bye, Amu."

"Wait! Why were you looking at me like I have something on my face?! Hey! Wait!"

"Amuu-chan!" yelled Ami as she walked into the room.

Amu turned her head quickly to the window, but noticed that Ikuto had already gone.

"Y-yes, Ami?"

"OH! PRETTY LITTLE PEOPLE! IS SHE NEW!" yelled Ami, pointing at Dia's egg.

"Yeah… she is. Her name's Dia. Be gentle with her."

"Hai, Amu-chan!"

"Why did you come up here?"

"Oh yeah! You have a visitor. A short, pretty girl!"

Could it be Rima? What is she doing here…?

"Uh, okay… thanks Ami."

Why would I have a visitor at 7:00 o'clock?

Jess: That sucked.. so bad. But.. it took me.. so long.

Ikuto: Why am I so perverted?

Jess: are you utterly retarded?

Amu: REVIEW :3