Imitation is the Best form of Flattery

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Imitation Attempt 1: Romano

"I love tomatoes!" Italy told his irritated brother.

"What the hell are you doing?" Romano muttered, eating one of the aforementioned fruits.

"Save me, Spain!" Italy giggled out.

"H-hey!" Romano said, glaring and blushing as Italy skipped away.


"You bastard!" Romano yelled after him.

Imitation Attempt 2: Prussia

"I'm awesome!" Italy squeaked out.

Prussia grinned.

"But not as awesome as me, little guy."

The bird on Prussia's head chirped.

"I'll conquer you vital regions with my 5 meters!"

Prussia gave dark grin.

"Other way around, Ita."

Imitation Attempt 3: Germany

"Italy! Tie your shoes! Pick up that mess! Stop running around naked!"

Germany sighed.

"I don't think I want to know."

Italy gave Germany a kiss on the cheek before running off.

Imitation Attempt 4: Japan

"I agree with everything America-s-sahn says."

"With all respect due, you mispronounced 'san' wrong. Italy-san."

Imitation Attempt 5: America


"No, I'm the hero!" America said while eating a hamburger.

Italy grinned.


Imitation Attempt 6: France

"…I'm not sure if I should imitate you…"

"Yes! Yes you should, mon ami!"


Germany had never been so aroused and shocked at the same time when Italy pulled him into a closet for an hour.

Imitation Attempt 7: Russia

Italy was so scared.

Russia smiled down at Italy.

"Ve, w-want to become one with Italy?" Italy squeaked before running off to find Germany.

Russia was scary.

"Kolkolkol." How cute! Italy was imitating him.

Too bad it was Italy who would be one with mother Russia.

Imitation Attempt 8: Canada

"Who am I supposed to be imitating again?"

Canada sighed.

Kumajirou looked up.


Imitation Attempt 8: Latvia

Shake shake.

Shake shake.

"How do you do this all day?!" Italy asked, trying and failing to shiver as much as Latvia.

Latvia said nothing.

He had fainted under the pressure.

Imitation Attempt 9: England

"America! You're so stupid!" Italy shouted cheerily while cradling an empty bottle.

"Eyebrows! Britannia angel! Sexy waiter! I hate France! Horrible cooking!"

England collapsed in a sobbing pile.

America looked down at him.

He sighed.

"Come on England, your cooking isn't that bad…" He muttered while quietly giving him a hug.

Italy smiled and silently slipped out the door.

Imitation Attempt 10: Poland

"Like, totally!" Italy said while flapping his hand up and down.

Poland raised an eyebrow.

"Like, if you're imitating me, you're so totally going to need, like, nail polish."

Imitation Attempt 11: Greece

"Cats." Italy said sleepily.

Greece didn't reply.

He was asleep.

A kitten meowed next to them.

Imitation Attempt 12: China

"Aru aru aru aru…" Italy sang.

"…" China just glared.

Imitation Attempt 13: Korea

"Your breasts belong to Italy!" Italy shouted with his hands up in the air.

"That saying originated in Korea, da ze~!" Korea chimed in with.

For once, he was right.

Imitation Attempt 14: Italy

"…pasta?" Italy guessed. "Ve~…"

Imitation Attempt 15: Hungary

"Yaoi! Yaoi! I hate Prussia! But love him with Austria!" Italy babbled, all the while pretending to swing a frying pan.

"Used to think I was a bo-" Hungary covered his mouth with her hand. She held her frying pan dangerously with her other hand.

"If you want to live…" A dark demon aura flowed around her.

"Don't finish that sentence…"

Italy nodded while shaking almost as much as Latvia when faced with Russia.

Imitation Attempt 16: Austria

Italy smiled, the glasses on his face making his sight blurry.

He played a few keys on the piano.

"…Good job." Austria said grudgingly.

Imitation Attempt 17: Egypt

"Want to buy a pot?" Italy asked the quiet nation.

Egypt stared at him.


Imitation Attempt 18: Cuba

"Uh…America! I hate you-oh, wait! I'm sorry Canada, I just hit you!" Italy yelled.

Cuba rolled his eyes.

"It's an honest mistake." Cuba muttered. "They look a lot alike…"

Imitation Attempt 19: Switzerland

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Don't touch Liechtenstein or I'll kill you! I have feelings for Austria but I won't admit it!" Italy crowed, holding his hands in an imitation of a gun.

Switzerland silently held up his gun.

Italy whimpered and held his hands up in a surrender gesture.

"You have five seconds. Go."

It was a good thing Italians where famous for their retreating skills.

A/N: Oh my goodness, this was so much fun to write! :)