All Characters belong to Stephenie Meyers. I just like to take them out and play with them a little. This is my first attempt at the Twilight Fandom. This has no beta, so all mistakes are mine.


Forks. Forks High School. Well, it sure ain't Phoenix. I've been here for almost two months now and thankfully I'm no longer stared at as 'the new girl'. I've done a pretty good job of blending in and just trying to get through the day without bodily injury. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, so that's a major accomplishment when it happens. I've made a few friends. Not great ones, but friends at least. Jessica Stanley is in a few of my classes. I think she only wanted to be my friend because I was getting so much attention. I'm not sure why I even sit with her at lunch anymore. At least Angela is there. I like her. She's quiet like I am. Of course, where there's Jessica, you have Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie. Mike Newton, ugh. I cram the last of my granola bar in my mouth and start to gather my things for class. I sling my bag over my shoulder and stumble a little trying to balance it and step over the table bench at the same time. I nearly shriek when I hear my name being screamed across the lunch room.

"BELLA!" I turn and see Emmett Cullen jogging toward me. What the hell?

"Hey! Wait up!" He bellows again. I know I'm looking at him like he's crazy, but he doesn't acknowledge it, at least. I'm in Statistics with Emmett. He sits right behind me. He's what you'd classify as a big goof; a big gorgeous-built like a freight train-goof. Everyone knows Emmett and Emmett knows everyone.

"What's wrong?" I ask as he jolts to a halt in front of me.

"Why the hell would something be wrong?" He smirks at me and slings his arm around my shoulder dwarfing me against his side.

"Uh, you just yelled my name across the cafeteria. You've never really even spoken to me before."

"I speak to you all the time in class." He looks down at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

"No. You poke me in the back with your notebook and beg me to give you the answers."

"How come you never do?" He asks as he squeezes me into his side some more.

I roll my eyes at him as he guides me down the hall. I look around and see Rosalie Hale coming toward us and I nearly wet my pants with fear. Rosalie is Emmett's girlfriend. She's that one girl in every high school that doesn't look like she's in high school. I can feel my throat tighten up and I try to pull out of Emmett's hold on my shoulders. He chuckles a little and tightens his grip.

"Good Lord, Em. Don't choke the girl." Rosalie looks at me and I know I'm probably as red as the tight fitting sweater she's wearing. Maybe she won't kill me when there are so many witnesses. She walks toward us and slides gracefully under his other arm. I suddenly feel like one of those tiny little dogs that people carry around as accessories.

"Are you going to be able to help him, Bella?"

"Huh? What?" I'm so articulate it's astounding. Can I sound any more inadequate?

"I haven't gotten to that part yet, Rose. So Bella, I talked to Mr. Fisher and he said that if I want to play anymore this season I have to bring my grades up. He said if you were willing, you could tutor me. He said you could use it as part of your service hours for….uh…honor…something."

"National Honor Society." I supply. He grins while Rosalie inspects her fingernails.

"Yeah. So whatdya say? Can you help me out tonight?"


"Yeah, We've got that quiz tomorrow and I am bat shit clueless." Rosalie nudges him with her elbow and rolled her eyes.

"Nice." She hisses at him, but he just laughs.

"Okay. Sure. I'll tutor you."

"Cool. How 'bout we meet at my place around four-thirty. Practice was cancelled for today because of some teacher thing all the coaches have to go to. You know how to get there right?"

"Uh." Again with the articulation. I'm such a spaz.

"I'll swing by your house and pick you up after I drop Rose home. See you then. Thanks Bella." He jostles me against him in a one armed hug and then releases me before I have a chance to protest the ride. Rose offers me a small wave as the two of them continue down the hall. I stand there stunned for a minute trying to come to grips with what just happened. Apparently in the course of a few minutes, I am now a tutor and will be going to the Cullen's tonight. Oh…shit. I gather my wits about me and head off to Spanish. I stumble to my desk, literally, and sit down with what must be a stunned expression on my face.

"What's wrong?" Angela asks as she tugs on my shirt sleeve.

"Apparently I'm now Emmett Cullen's statistics tutor."

"Oh really?" She laughs as I shake my head in disbelief. "Lucky you."

She's still laughing. It's a little annoying. I learned about the Cullen's within the first hour on campus. Jessica made sure I knew who they were and that I shouldn't even waste my time with befriending the Cullen's or the Hale's for that matter. Apparently I was deemed unworthy from the get go. Every high school had cliques and they were the most popular. There was Emmett, the huge good-natured jock. He was a senior and Captain of the football team. His sister Alice was a junior and she was into dance and fashion. Then there was their adopted brother, Edward. According to Jessica he was adopted by the Cullen's when he was around three or four when his mother died. He's also a junior like me. He plays football with Emmett. He's the quarterback and he doesn't know that I even exist. We have Economics together but he's never spoken to me. Why would he? He's drop dead gorgeous and I'm…not. Alice is dating Rosalie's brother, Jasper and I think Edward is dating some girl from Port Angeles. Lucky her. I flip through my notebook and try to concentrate on what Senora Davis is saying. Thankfully all the teachers must have some huge district meeting because she just hands out a worksheet and starts typing away on her laptop. I quickly jot down my answers and instead of rushing to turn it in, I just stare at it for a while thinking about going to the Cullen's tonight. Shit.