"Bella! Hurry up! We're going to be late!" I shove my wallet in my back pocket and wait in the entryway for Bella.

"Coming!" She yells from the top of the stairs. "Where's my purse?"

"How the hell should I know?" I chuckle as she turns in circles at the bottom of the stairs. She stops then turns in the opposite direction before heading into our kitchen.

"You know Alice will kill us both if we miss our flight." I yell after her, laughing.

"I know! I know!" She yells through the kitchen door. "Found it!"

"Then grab it and let's go!" I clap my hands knowing she hates that shit. I laugh at the scowl on her face. She swats my ass in retaliation and I fight the urge to blow off my sister's rehearsal dinner in favor of pressing my wife up against the wall and having my way with her. Bella and I have been married for almost four years. We were married right after our second year of college. Our families thought we were rushing into adulthood a little too quickly. I'm happy to say we've proved them wrong. Bella and I were both accepted to Dartmouth. Bella earned a full ride and majored in Journalism and English. I earned quite a few scholarships for myself. I'm in my second year of medical school. I'm proud to say that we've proven that what we want is our shared goal to make our parents proud of us. We both worked part time to pay for our small apartment while getting our undergrad. My trust fund from my birth parents paid out when I turned 21. Bella and I invested most of it, but did upgrade to a nicer apartment. I sigh as Bella leans in to kiss me. Our flight leaves in an hour. We're going straight from the airport to Alice and Jasper's rehearsal dinner in downtown Seattle. Bella's dress was shipped last week, so thank God I don't have to lug another garment bag across the airport.

"You're going to make us late." I growl playfully.

"Why? Because I kissed you?" She giggles.

"Yes." I squeeze her ass and she shrieks in surprise.

"Stop! The cab's here!" She giggles. I lift our bags and wait for her to lock the door behind us.

"When we get to the hotel, I'm going to have my way with you Mrs. Cullen."

"I expect nothing less." She smirks as we settle into the back seat of the cab. I rub my fingers gently along her arm. It's such a habit now. I touch her constantly. We have been together for so many years now and I still can't believe she's mine. I grin at the term. Mine. She'd beat my ass if she heard me say that out loud. I've said it once. Our first time together. Bella and I waited until graduation night before we finally made love. Not my idea, of course. But, in hindsight, it was right for both of us. After that first time, it felt like my whole world shifted. We fumbled a little at first, it was a lot quicker than I care to admit out loud, but we've only gotten better with age. Bella and I were made for each other. Mine. I sigh again and grin. She pinched the shit out of me after I declared her mine the first time. I swear she nearly ripped my nipple off. She laughed and said I sounded like a spoiled two-year-old with a new toy. I couldn't deny it, which made her laugh harder. We laughed and talked the whole night, making love twice more; each time, better than the time before. I lean forward and kiss her temple. She sighs comfortably and snuggles closer to my side.

"I love you, Edward." I smile as she tips her head up so I can kiss her lips.

"I love you." Mine. God, I'm lucky. I thank God everyday that Emmett brought this clumsy, beautiful girl into my life. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I'll take it.

"You ready?" She asks as we pull up to the drop off lane.

"Ready for anything with you." I smile. She returns it and winks. Yes, I am very lucky.


Thanks for reading. Much Love -PP