A/N: This is the first one of these little drabbles of the Vongola 11th generation. Luico and Lucia are Hibari and Dino's kids. (They're twins, obviously.) This takes place, maybe, when they're 10. I dunno. xD Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: None, really.

Parings: Lucio/Lucia, Hibari/Dino

Disclaimer: I happen no to own Reborn! But! I do own Lucio and Lucia.

Lucio Cavallone wishes he was born a girl.

It's a horrible and selfish thought, maybe even a bit repulsive. It's one that he'll keep to himself, until maybe one day he confides it to Toshiro or Lucia.

Probably Lucia.

But only maybe.

Now that he thinks about it, he'd only ever tell Lucia, because while Toshiro is his future boss, he's a bit of a pushover and there's a chance that Oto-san would find out.

That would not be good.

He knows his twin would never tell, though. As much as a daddy's girl she is. Lucia is good at those types of things.

It's weird for him to think about all those girls he sees in the Mafia, trying to hide themselves as boys when he wishes she much to be a girl.

(Lucia would never pretend to be a boy.)

He's strong. Now doubt he'll be the strongest guardian for Toshiro when his time comes, like his father before him. Would that still be the same if he was a girl?


After all, Lucia is strong. He's the type of girl he would've wanted to be. Nice, confident, but would kick your ass when needed.

He loves that about her.

And that's precisely his problem. Love. There's a limit to the affection he can show to her, because she's a girl, and he's a boy. Lucio can shower his twin with affection, but it still won't be him she runs off to when she starts to bleed. He might be the one who sends her off to Chrome or Ayame or Hana.

Lucio loves his sister more than the world, but his love won't be enough when she's going on her first date, with a nice boy who she met at school, and she needs someone to help her pick an outfit. That'll be Fior

No matter how much he wants to be different, but he knows there's nothing he can do about it.

So instead, he'll buy her the pads when her emotions are too much of a wreck to go out in public, and when that boy breaks her heart (or maybe she'll do the breaking) he'll be there to make some bruises.

Maybe, he hopes, it'll be enough.