Word Drama 05

Location Unknown
November 7th, 2017 a.t.b.

"You have done well, Kururugi." the Emperor complimented as he continued to walk down the mysteriously fogged corridor, the newly ascended Knight of Seven right beside. "In spite of not being a true Britannian, your service to the Empire and to my will has proven quite invaluable, and your dedication well documented. I cannot say the same for many in my army, even those of pure blood."

"Those words humble me, Your Majesty." Suzaku replied as he made sure to stay close to the Emperor, his blue cloak wavering majestically as he walked. "I only hope that my continued allegiance will benefit you and Britannia."

"Indeed." the Emperor replied, nodding as he went. "Rest assured your skills will be necessary for the future, when Britannia settles its score with the EU and the Chinese Federation. But that is for another time…"

That caused several ideas to appear in Suzaku's mind, but he verbalized none of them as it was not his place to do so. Instead, he kept his eyes focused straight forward, one peering down the path they were walking and the other toward the Emperor's black cloak, as if he were waiting for his liege to break his stride and do something unexpected. After all it was certainly in his power to do so.

Never forget that this is the man who exiled Lelouch and Nunnally over a mere outburst… Suzaku reminded himself as he continued his trek, feeling his stomach boil at that memory.

Though he had not been a Knight of the Round for long, Suzaku had managed to settle in to his new position quite well. As Britannia was not currently at war, he spent most of his days giving lectures at West Point about knightmare frame piloting and hand-to-hand combat, but at times he would be summoned before the Emperor for a special assignment. Being on the call list of the most powerful man in the world was the only thing Suzaku still hadn't gotten used to by now, and he had yet to gain some form of understanding about the monarch. As far as he could tell, Charles zi Britannia was a man wrapped in mystery surrounded by a layer of enigma and cloaked in a shroud of inexplicability, and even with his keen senses Suzaku was unable to break through any of those. Not that he was ever good at mysteries to begin with.

In his position he wouldn't have minded his inability to figure out the Emperor as much, but it was the way the ruler addressed him that bothered Suzaku the most. Though he never displayed any form of hostility toward the recently made Knight of the Round, Suzaku couldn't help but feel the monarch was looking down on him in some way, as if he only put on an air of pleasantry because Suzaku had proven to be useful to his agenda. It would only make sense, given what he was before and what he had done to gain power and prestige; even his promotion to the Knights of the Round had only been made because Suzaku had "gotten lucky" and not because he had earned standalone merit. And yet at the same time, Suzaku had no evidence to support this feeling, as in spite of being the head of an Empire well known for its unequal treatment of man, the Emperor never held his Japanese birth against him, nor that his father had once been an enemy to the Crown. Instead, he deigned him the same respectful tone he did the other Knights of the Round, for whatever that was worth.

As he thought of that, Suzaku once again partially regretted that he traded in his friendship with Lelouch for personal service to such a man. While he had not forgotten about Lelouch's long list of crimes to him and Japan, much less forgiven any of them, at least Lelouch had been a good friend and had always looked to Suzaku as an equal when he didn't have to. But as Suzaku summarized, what was done was done: Lelouch had chosen his fate, and Suzaku had done the same. There was no going back for either of them.

Breaking his thoughts, the Emperor's baritone voice spoke out once again. "What I am about to show is one of Britannia's greatest secrets, which only my most trusted servants are allowed to know. Not even Schneizel and the other royals are aware of its existence."

Suzaku did his best not to show any peculiar expression, yet still managed to reply to his liege. "I am honored Your Majesty… But, why me?"

The Emperor was just as quick to answer that question. "Because you are among the few that knows…" he then stopped in the midst of the fog, which enveloped around him and Suzaku. "…about Zero's identity and the existence of Geass."

When the fog cleared around them, Suzaku realized that they were no longer standing in the middle of a corridor. Instead, it looked like they were before a temple of some kind, one of striking Greco-Roman design. Surrounding them and this apparent temple was a twilit sky, endless in scope, while above them was an image akin to the planet Jupiter.

"This place…" Suzaku spoke up as he marveled at the scenery. "Is it a shrine?"

"No, it is not." the Emperor replied. "This is… this is a weapon for destroying God."

"A weapon?" Suzaku exclaimed, failing to understand the Emperor's choice of words.

The Emperor then turned to look back at him. "It is called the Sword of Akasha, and it is the most powerful weapon in all of Britannia's arsenal."

Taking in that explanation, Suzaku continued to look around his surroundings. While it all looked like the true sky, something in his gut told him it was not, and the image of Jupiter overhead seemed to support that conclusion. "We're no longer on Earth, are we?"

That earned a small laugh from the Emperor. "No we are not. We are now in the World of C, a collective unconscious of humanity formed out of peoples' minds and memories. It has also been referred to by others as the Sea of Transmigration, The Great Consciousness, and even Heaven or Hell."

"A collective unconsciousness?" Suzaku uttered with some disbelief. "How can such a world exist?"

"It exists only on this metaphysical plane of reality." the Emperor summarized. "Here, the wills and personalities of all forms of life, living and dead, merge together to create this space, transcending all individuality. You could say that this is the purest form of existence itself."

Suzaku contemplated that for a moment, taking in its meaning. Metaphysics had always been more of Lelouch's favorite subject than his, but the way the Emperor described it, he seemed to understand to some degree. This world was basically the subconscious unification of all life that dwelled on Earth, perhaps in the entire universe, and that it existed on a level that surpassed normal understanding. Yet, it was shaped in such a simple form compared to what Suzaku would have thought, and he wondered why this was.

And once more, in the midst of his thoughts, the Emperor spoke. "Kururugi, in honor of your dedication to my service, I have one final gift to bestow upon you."

When the Knight of Seven turned to listen, the Emperor granted him a small, enigmatic smile. "…Would you like to speak to Euphemia one last time?"

Author's Notes: This one's shorter than usual, but I get the feeling nobody's going to mind. ;-)