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A drabble about Jenny after her death as told from Gibbs perspective. He thinks of all the times Jenny's said she hates it when he does something and he knows she's lying.

Brought on by the opening of" Model Behavior".

"I really hate it when you do that."

She says it every time he sneaks up on her and it makes him think of all the times he's done just that.

The times he's been waiting for her in her study when she's worked late, with the lights off. He'll swivel around and she'll have her gun pointed at his heart. She'll curse at him and they stay up into the early morning hours talking and drinking bourbon.

The times he's walked into her office without knocking and she'll say it or make a remark about Cynthia. She's always there with a quip to irritate him or make him want her, usually both. He loves her for her temper even when she pisses him off enough to hate her.

Then there was Paris, farther back, but just as fresh in his mind. There were the times he'd sneak up on her and she'd mumble it with a smile, turning around to face him and reaching up for a kiss. The times she wouldn't sense him and he'd curse her for it, because he knows he won't always be there to protect her before holding her while he could.

There were countless other times she'd spoken the phrase that he could remember and probably some he'd forgotten.

He only wished he could hear her say it again and finally tell her how much he loves her.

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