So, sort of short, but I like it. As you will quickly see, I know next to nothing about Kiari's father, only that he is the mayor, and he adopted Kiari after she was found on the beach by Sora. With that information in hand, I set out to write a fanfic from his perspective. Yeah... Anyways, I hope I didn't mess up his life too badly, and I hope you still enjoy the fic. Oh, and this is set before Kingdom Hearts, just to clarify. Enjoy!

He watched as the two young boys skipped out the door with his daughter. It's not that he didn't like them, they were fine enough he supposed, one could even say he liked them. It was simply that he knew all to well where this was going someday. After all, had it not happened to himself? Three best friends, two male, one female... the outcome was inevitable.

He shook his head thoughtfully. "No use dwelling on that," he reminded himself forcefully, "it's a long way off yet. Let her have her childhood." He smiled softly. He would trust his daughter when the time came. Even at a young age, the girl had an impeccable judgment in character. Besides, in a way, did he not owe the two boys now skipping down the road with his Kiari? Had they not brought him and his beloved Darcy the child they had been wishing for for so long?

"Yes," he nodded, remembering, "It had been those two." The two ruffians lived near him, long before he'd become mayor of thier tiny town, often playing in his own backyard, so had come to him with thier find when the girl had washed up on shore.

"Mr. Shelis, Mr. Shelis! Come quick! We found a princess!"

How he had laughed at them then, not realizing how serious they were. Imagine his surprise after being dragged down to the beach to find a little girl laying on the sand. "Yes," he thought smiling, "He did indeed owe those two a great deal."

He didn't know which one he favored for his daughter when the time came, his preference continued to shift. Some days he'd see how the smiling one, Sora, made her laugh, and could only think of himself and his wife. Other days, he saw the strength of the other, Riku, and knew whatever happened in the life they lead, at least that boy could protect her. Of course, there were other things, so many other things, that made him continually change his mind. That Sora, so lazy, so carefree, some days he'd think it had to be Riku, Sora would never take anything seriously... but then... some days he'd look and see an unusual expression on Riku's face as he looked out to sea, and he thought, no, not even his Kiari would keep that boy here, and he wasn't sure he'd want her to try, but... he shook his head. She'd be fine with either one of them. She'd be happy with either one of them. And besides, it was a long way off yet...

So, did I screw him up too badly? Let me know. Also, I know, it's a little odd, some of his thoughts being in quotes and some not, it's just how I wrote it at the time. It wasn't too confusing, was it? Anyways, please review if the mood strikes you. Love to hear from y'all. ;)