The snowflakes fell genially in the middle of the largest hunting area called New York. Peter let out a sigh while sitting on the bench as the tiny white drifts melted the moment they hit him. Despite the cold snowflakes cascading on him from the dark clouds that hovered above and sunk into the ground once the hit the ground, Peter was still able to enjoy himself immensely by sitting on a park bench in sunglasses, observing the humans while they entertained themselves. He watched young couples walking by holding hands, sipping from steam filled cups. He noticed a group of middle-aged women, gossiping along, carrying what must have been hundreds of colorful bags from their latest shopping sprees as they passed old men arguing on park benches. He could sit here for a week and still see humans of almost different culture rush past him without knowing they were his prey. In fact, they were almost oblivious to him while they continued their lives, simply living together in this large city.

Peter wasn't making his observations for long when his attention was drawn to one human particular. He noticed a young girl throwing snowballs with her friends. It was something about this girl that had drawn his attention. This girl had to be about ten years old with beautiful black hair that descended downwards in shoulder length tiny curls, desert tan skin, and darling dark brown eyes. She was adorable . . . For a human.

Peter watched as a kid chucked a ball that dropped to the ground. The ball rolled towards the young girl he had just noticed. This caused Peter to sit up with a little jerk and then lean back against the bench. It startled him to see how the ball just came to the little girl. It was as if her fingers were calling for it. It was like an unknown forced helped the ball to her hands without her even having to touch it. This was very unusual, indeed.

"Charlotte," Peter called.

Quickly, Charlotte came away from the sidewalk next to Peter, dancing over to him and sitting next to Peter with a kiss.

"What?" She asked, smiling as Peter gazed at the girl.

"See that girl? The one with the black curly hair, in the snow covered jeans, with the star necklace?" Peter pointed to the young child. "Watch her."

Charlotte looked closely as she watched the girl go up to bat. The bat was inches from her hands, yet she didn't have to grab it, it just flew a short distance to her palms. She walked up as the children threw a snow ball for her to hit.

"I bet she didn't even notice that," Charlotte gasped amazed as the girl hit a home run.

"Go, Becky, go!" The children screeched as the girl, whose name was obviously Becky, slid to home base. They then watched as the helmet came to her hands from a couple millimeters away.

"She's special," Peter pointed out. "Something about her is special. I have a good feeling about her."

"Me too," Charlotte responded, never seeing anything like it. "She is a cute little thing, isn't she?"


Becky was now fourteen. Her skin was now a golden tan, and her raven black hair was down to her waist, she was starting to develop an hour-glass body but still remained a sweet youth, and a smile filled with braces. It seemed like her skills had improved too. Peter and Charlotte were passing through New York for hunting purposes. They were just passing through Lower East Manhattan, where they came across the girl they spotted seven years earlier, with her pens and pencils flying to her hand as she reached out for them without thinking. They now found themselves watching her again, even if it meant spending the day next to a window of an ice cream parlor across from Becky's high school. They had no particular reason to be in New York, but it was curiosity that led them to Lower East Manhattan. They were still stunned that Becky has yet to catch on to her unique skill. They figured it was probably something only vampires would take time to notice. By now, they were sure she was definitely something special.

"She still has it," Charlotte stated, still amazed even after seven years of checking on her when they came through the city. "Do you think someone should change her?"

"I could see that becoming a powerful ability if she were an immortal," Peter pointed out. "But who would do it?"

"One of us, perhaps . . .?" Charlotte suggested.

"What do you mean?" Peter asked, his tone revealing his confusion.

"Have you ever thought of it? What it would be like to have our own coven?" Charlotte blurted out suddenly.

"Not really," Peter responded surprised by her suggestion, then looked back towards her. "She's too powerful to waste, but I'm not too sure if we could handle a coven."

"Speaking of covens," Charlotte smiled, rapidly changing the subject. "Look who's here."

Peter looked up to see two vampires, one had a short pixie like body, with short black hair, wearing a large hat covering her spiky black hair, holding the hands of a tall lean vampire with honey blond hair in a trench coat and detective like hat with two golden eyes that stood out the most. Peter smiled, recognizing the couple as his good friends Alice and Jasper.

"Jasper! Alice!" Peter smiled calling them out, as the couple turned spotting them in the ice cream parlor. The two smiled relieved to see them as Peter went to open the door to let them in.

"Why, isn't this a nice surprise?" Peter said happily as they came in through the door.

"We've been looking for you," Alice said, hugging them both as Jasper pulled two chairs up to the table knowing he didn't need an invitation to join them.

"What's wrong?" Charlotte took notice of them. The couple looked so worried; it was as if their very lives were at stake.

"We need to ask a huge favor of you," Jasper started instantly.

"What?" Peter asked, his worry seeming to press against Jasper as if he might explode any second. Peter had never seen Jasper like this.

"Do you remember our brother Edward?" Alice asked.

"The one who can read minds?" Peter inquired glancing over at Becky who was now reading some notes with her friends. They always wondered why Carlisle changed him.

"Yes," Jasper answered. "He and his mate are in deep trouble with the Volturi."

"He has a mate?" Charlotte gulped, surprised.

"Yes and the Volturi think they broke the law. But they didn't," Alice explained concerned. "We need vampires to stand up for them and say they're innocent."

"So will you?" Jasper pleaded. "…for us?"

"If you put it that way . . ." Peter answered, glancing towards Charlotte.

"Good, now for some further explaining," Alice sighed as her and Jasper glanced towards each other unsure whether or not letting them know would be the best idea.

"You don't need to explain anything," Charlotte said calmly, "We'll just see what's going on when we get there."

"Thank you," Jasper smiled to them. "We need to catch a plane, we can't really say where, so do you mind…?"

"Going there alone? Not a problem, we will be on our way." Peter smiled at their concern for their brother. "You really care about him don't you?"

"Of course he's our family," Jasper said as Charlotte glanced back at Becky, who was happily flirting with a group of boys that approached the girls.

"Then we'll be glad to go." Charlotte smiled. "He is lucky to have people who care for him like you."

"We'll do this for anyone of them," Alice said casually as Peter looked over to see Becky quickly say good bye to the boys and went to the crosswalk, and stood there waiting to cross the street. "It is hard to explain."

"You don't have to, we'll be on our way to Forks as soon as we can," Peter nodded towards Charlotte sitting on his right.

"Thank you," Alice hugged them both before saying goodbye and leaving.

As soon as Jasper and Alice left, their eyes went back to Becky as she crossed the street. Their sunglass covered red pupils narrowed to a car coming towards her at a fast pace. Peter and Charlotte watched tensely as Becky moved right out in front of the raging car. They both stood instantly as the car stopped inches from the girl. Both remained scrutinized to the whole scene as Becky yelled at the man for almost hitting her, the man yelled back at her for not looking both ways when he clearly wasn't paying attention. Becky ignored his arguments as he shouted to her in vulgar language, she peacefully continued her way to the other side of the street.

"This will be good," Peter said letting out a sigh of relief, now anxious to see how covens operate.

"We should see how coven life is," Charlotte nodded with agreement, shocked by how scared they became over that human girl's life put in danger. They now knew this girl was truly part of their lives.

Peter grabbed Charlotte's hand and gave her a quick peck on the lips. They both grinned as they moved out of the way as Becky swung the door open. The couple watched as she happily walked into the ice cream parlor and joined a group of girls sitting near the counter. The two observed the sun set over this tiny hub in the middle of the great big city. They turned back to her, it seemed Becky noticed them, they smiled at her and she smiled back. They then stood up from their seats, and walked out in to the neighborhood, remembering the license plate of the man who almost took her from them. The couple sped off to prepare for what they knew they must do. Peter and Charlotte only hoped the next time they see Becky, she would be ready for them to be just as much a part of her life as she had become for them.