"What do you mean?" Charlotte looked over at Rebecca.
"You know, home." Emma pointed out. "The place you go to at the end of the day."

"Peter," Charlotte started as he came out. "Rebecca has a question."

"About what?" Peter asked coming out. "I started the fire in the kitchen."

"Come on, lets leave it." Charlotte said as she led Emma and Rebecca to the forest trees.

"Where are we going?" Emma asked.

"Up the trees, we'll have to make sure the humans get it." Charlotte explained.

"Can't we just call the fire department?" Emma asked.

"Than we'll get in trouble," Rebecca pointed out. "Arson, murder, robbery, theft, kidnapping, anything else you want to add to that list."

"We done worst, trust me." Charlotte said to Rebecca as she led Emma to the woods nearby. "Now if we get high enough up this tree, the humans won't see us."

"What if we fall out?" Emma asked.

"You won't trust me," Peter explained coming down to join them. "Your more balanced now, and you have much faster reflexes than humans. Come on, we need to get going I can already hear the neighbors calling 911." Peter said as he started climbing up a tall pine tree at a fast pace followed by Charlotte who only went up a couple branches.

"Rebecca," Charlotte stopped noticing the two newborns staring at her and Peter clinging to the trunk. "Jump, for me will you. Emma, jump after her and reach this branch."

"Its too high," Rebecca pointed out. "We'll fall and break a bone, and I doubt us killers get medical insurance."

"No, you won't break anything," Charlotte informed her. "Trust us."

"Why should I trust you?" Rebecca asked.

"Because we created you," Peter answered as Rebecca gave him a sadden look.

"Charlotte, you need to get down from there." Emma pointed out. "I fell from a tree once and broke a bone, it really isn't that fun."

"Well, that was when you were a human." Peter pointed out.

"Didn't you say vampires have the same structure as humans," Emma asked as Rebecca let out a little laugh.

"That was when you were asking whether or not we had wings," Peter explained with a little frustration.

"I'm not going up there with you," Rebecca said firmly looking directly at Peter. "I don't trust you, not after what you did."

"I could of done worse." Peter repeated.

"You took me from my home and my life, yet you show no remorse." Rebecca pointed out. "You took everything away from me."

"I am not going to feel guilty for biting you, I had every right to do what I did." Peter said remembering Amun's words. "So just give this life a chance and jump."

"No," Rebecca answered. "I refuse, I won't go till Emma goes."

"Emma," Charlotte called as she looked up with her fading ruby eyes. "Here reach out for my hand and I will pull you up."

Emma saw Charlotte's tiny hands reach down towards her. They were out of her reach, she had to jump to get them. As Emma leaped for the hand, Charlotte quickly pulled it away causing Emma to reach the tree branch quickly pulling herself up fearlessly. Emma was surprised by her balance towards the tree, normally she felt a slight fear of heights but she was able to look down on the tree and felt no problem with the balance.

"Good," Charlotte smiled. "Now, Rebecca, your turn."

Rebecca did not trust these people, the only reason she stayed with them is because she feared who she would run into if she left them. They were the only ones she knew who would not harm her, she still didn't trust them. She also felt some sympathy for Emma and was worried what might happened to her if she wasn't out to keep an eye on her. Charlotte was a bit more trustworthy than Peter, simply because she wasn't near as demanding as he was and she did not force that horrible pain upon her. She saw the house burning as the rain started fall upon it, putting the blaze out. She knew the authorities would be here any minute. She jumped right to the branch.

"Alright, are we ready?" Peter asked as the two newborns came up to the branches.

"Where are we going?" Rebecca asked.

"Depends where we want to go," Charlotte answered.

"Can we go to your home?" Emma asked.

"We don't have a home," Peter started.

"That's awful, your homeless," Emma felt shocked.

"No," Peter started. "We are not homeless, we don't need a home."

"We aren't going to live like animals and roam around are we?" Rebecca asked. "We are going to stay somewhere."

"Well, no," Charlotte answered. "We are nomads."

"You are what?" Emma asked.

"I personally think that statement would be better without the no in it." Rebecca responded

"Emma, you do know what nomads are, don't you." Peter asked ignoring that comment.

"No," Emma answered, Peter and Charlotte were not surprised.

"People who migrate, don't have a home." Rebecca answered. "That can't be us can it."

"Yes, that is exactly what we are," Peter said as they started traveling higher up the trees going from branch to branch.

"What?" Emma said confused as she started following Charlotte closely. Charlotte saved her life, she was safe with her.

"Well, I shouldn't be surprised considering you two are completely uncivilized." Rebecca went on.

"You'll get use to it," Charlotte pointed out as Emma stayed close to her as they traveled over the trees at a fast rate, holding her sholders.

"Emma," Charlotte started as they came to the Ohio border. "What are you doing?"

"I'm scared of heights," Emma pointed out.

"I told you, you don't have to worry about that anymore." Charlotte said calmly.

"But I'm still scared." Emma said.

"And you can let go of your fears," Charlotte said as Emma gave her a fearful look.

"Alright, we will head to the ground," Charlotte said feeling some sympathy. They dropped straight to the ground landing on their feet, followed by Peter and Rebecca. Peter and Charlotte couldn't help but notice their newborns amazement at the sign: 'Welcome To Ohio' near an abandon road.

"How did we get here so fast?" Emma asked. "We just walked at normal speed."

"And fast is vampires normal speed." Peter explained with a smile.

"So are we the only vampires?" Emma asked the next day.

"No," Charlotte answered. "We have many vampire friends."

"And you all get together for a murder spree?" Rebecca said with a little attitude.

"No," Peter answered, careful not to let it out they had other options. "We get together as friends."

"I see what you mean, are they nomads?" Emma asked.

"You'll meet them as we come along." Charlotte answered, as the wind blew and the amazing scent of human blood filled the air, she looked up to see Emma in that gaze as Rebecca tried to go off, but was stopped by Peter who was trying to explain they can't go after humans in sunny weather. Charlotte looked over, Emma was holding on tight to a tree, trying not to go, her eyes were starting to fade and she had went through her first two days without drinking anything, she had to have an awful thirst. This would be a good time to persuade her to live their way.

"Emma, are you thirsty yet?" Charlotte asked as Emma looked up.

"Yes," Emma answered painfully.

"I told you how we fill that thirst," Charlotte said calmly.

"I told you, I am not using humans." Emma said again as she remained close to Charlotte, trying not let go.

"Why not?"Peter asked.

"I won't like it," Emma gulp. "Their blood."

"You haven't even tried it," Charlotte pointed out.

"Well, I am not going to," Emma was very firm as she looked at them. "Think about it, every human you kill, your taking someone's life, someone's child, someone's parent, someone's friend, how do you live like this."

"But you have no choice," Rebecca pointed out angry. "They turned us into vampires, that's is what vampires do, it's the only way to survive."

"You'll grow weak Emma," Charlotte said firmly, not adding on to Rebecca's comment. "I seen vampires who go for long periods of time without drinking, you'll grow weak, but you won't die. Do you want to live that weak, an eternity were you are too weak to move?" Charlotte asked.

"You will be with me," Emma started as Charlotte looked over to Peter. The scent pass, the human was able to make it out of the woods safely.

"Let her bend," Peter committed as Emma and Rebecca continued walking through the woods.

"When do you think we could show them?" Charlotte asked thinking of their friends.

"When Emma bends," Peter answered. "She's a vampire it's her nature, once she realizes she is above humans than things will go a lot…easier."

"You are right," They said, something was strange about Emma, they felt some guilt for wanting to take that human when she was around.