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Lips meeting lips

Chapter 6

Murphy's Law: Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.

This was oh too true for Ranma Saotome. And it sucked.

He looked over the girl sitting to his right. She was writing in her book, occasionally looking up at the teacher, like a perfect little student. He, on the other hand, didn't even know what subject they were talking about. He was just waiting for the bell of lunch to ring so he could first, eat; and second, talk to Akane Tendo, the most annoying girl on earth.

She suddenly looked up, and caught him staring at her. Brown eyes clashed with his, and Ranma forgot they were in school. It was weird. He never thought brown was a pretty color. His dad had brown eyes, and he thought that they looked….poopy.

But the eyes of Akane Tendo were… beautiful.

They spoke to him, communicated with his soul. They fed this yearning and desire that he had never realized he had, and how to satisfy it was beyond him. There was contentment, and yet frustration as he wanted… more.

She blinked and the spell she wove was broken. Ranma was dragged back to the earth with a sudden pain on his head. He looked around him and realized that he had inched himself closer to her desk, a spatula was smashed upon his head, and more importantly, every eye was on him. The faces around the room ranged from confusion, anger (emanating mainly from Ukyo) and sheer smugness. There were a couple of romantic sighs, and Ranma frowned. He hesitantly looked up at the teacher.

The professor's brow was twitching. "Saotome, please sit down and join us in our lesson."

Ranma sat down grumbling and removed the weapon from his head. He turned to Ukyo, who gave him an indignant, 'Hmmph' and turned away from him. Then he returned his gaze back to Akane. He was annoyed to see that her eyes were on her book, writing nonchalantly. He glared at her. The classroom resumed its note taking, and he went back to ignoring the teacher.

She was being totally unfair. And cruel. That was no more apparent than in the way she had treated this morning.

The Tendo's and his father had accused him of neglecting his duties to Akane. They squabbled over breakfast that it was high time that he take some initiative steps in their relationship.

"I don't mind, Ranma! It's natural for two growing children, especially if you're engaged." The Tendo Patriarch had told him gladly.

The panda next to him nodded, and held up a sign that stated 'Be a man already!'

Ranma ignored them and continued eating.

Akane came to the table and sat next to him. Ranma tensed; remembering that the night before had ended unresolved, and

The family in turn started attacking her. "Akane, you have Ranma!"

Akane glanced at them wearily. She picked up her chopsticks and began eating, as if this was a normal day. He slightly admired her. Soun pleaded, and Genma held up various signs both directed at Akane and him, and some at both.

Ranma was encouraged by Akane's cool behavior and a little taken aback also. It worried him.

He set his bowl down, and then finally proclaimed, "What Akane does doesn't really matter to me. She can kiss whoever she wants."

The family went silent. An awkward moment passed, then two…

Finally, the silence was thankfully interrupted by Akane. She turned slowly to him. "You couldn't be more right, Ranma. I mean, YOU have already kissed plenty of girls." She turned away suddenly, a blush creeping on her cheeks. Ranma eyes widened at what she said and this particular reaction. "I think it's time I get to kiss somebody."

She looked up at him, no sign of fight in her. No. She was not challenging him, giving off that air of She looked determined, like she made a decision.

What decision? Ranma wanted, yet dreaded, to know.

She stood with one fluid motion, looked at the rest of her family with an almost exasperated look, and left the room. She returned a minute later, carrying her book bag. She gave a quick, "I'm going to school, and promptly left the house.

Without him.

"What….was that?" Ranma said incredulously.

"Well, well, well…" Nabiki drawled as she sipped her tea. "Looks like Akane has grown up over night," She's leaving you in the dust, Ranma."

Ranma glared at her and stood from the table. He was about to leave after the tomboy when Kasumi called him. "Ranma?"

He trotted over to the kitchen to where she was. "Uh, yeah, Kasumi?"

Kasumi looked at him. "Ranma, Akane is a really sweet girl, and despite that she's violent, she's really innocent. Please, try and make peace with her. I'm sure she truly doesn't wish to give away her first kiss."

"First kiss?" Ranma repeated. That thought made him dizzy. He nodded dumbly at Kasumi. "Yeah…Ill do that."

He ran out the door and looked for Akane down the road. He spotted her figure and ran to join her.

She walked confidently, apparently not concerned that he was not with her.

He jumped on the fence next to her.

"Oh? Ranma. I'm glad you're not going to be late," she said friendly like.

Ranma looked at her, exasperated. "What is up with you, Akane?"

She frowned at his question. "What does that mean?"

"You're acting weird, that's all."

She shrugged. "It wouldn't be the first time, now would it?" She laughed, and Ranma was growing more and more worried.

"You didn't see Shampoo, or the rose girl, have you?"

"What? Kadochi, you mean? No, I haven't." She shrugged again, and then smiled at him. "I'm not under a spell, Ranma. I just… realized something."

"And what is that?"

"Well, that it's really no big deal. It's not like this kiss is going to alter my whole life and such. It's just a stinkin' kiss. I was overreacting. Now…I'm kind of excited."

Ranma felt as if his heart was in his throat, choking him. How could she think that? "And you don't care who it is?"

She looked at him, and then shrugged lamely. That action spiked his already boiling blood.

"What if it's Kuno? Or Gosenkugi? Huh? You still gonna do it?" he yelled at her, heat rising to his face.

She looked shocked for a second, then recovered. "I hope it's not. I'm pretty sure I can convince the Love Club to make sure it not them." She sighed. "You know what, Ranma, thanks for bringing that up. I hadn't thought about that." She brushed her hair back, and continued. "I'll make sure they don't get in. Especially Kuno."

"That's not the point Akane. This is a… kiss! Your first kiss!"

Akane glanced up at him, eyebrows raised. "How do you know about that? How do you know it's my first kiss?"

Ranma froze on the fence. "Uh—I—uh—heard… that it—well..."

Akane was growing annoyed; he could see it on her face. And that made him angrier. How dare she get annoyed?

"Anyways, Ranma, first kiss or not, it's still just a kiss." She huffed out impatiently.

"It's important!" Ranma replied hastily. "It is!"

Akane cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, really? So then you and Shampoo are really serious then?"

Ranma gaped at her. How the hell had that come up? Shampoo? What did she have to do with anything?

"What's Shampoo got to do with this?"

Akane scoffed. "Really, Ranma? Wasn't that you first kiss? At least as a guy…" She drifted off, suddenly nervous. "I'm sorry… for bringing that up."

Ranma stared at her, jaw tight.

Sanzenin… that kissing jerk, the one who had kissed him. And then Shampoo, who had kissed him a little later. He winced, flashes of those incidents passing through his head. It pained him to remember, and even more so that she remembered. It was like a knife to his already hurting masculinity. Those kisses hadn't been important, so they didn't count. It wasn't as if he wanted them. Not in any way wanted them.

"Those don't matter," Ranma said forcefully.

"But they were your first kisses, and according to you, they're important." Akane sighed again, and then stared up at him. "It was those experiences that you had that made me realize that kisses don't count unless you like the other person. Whoever I kiss won't be someone I like, so it won't matter."

She started walking again. "C'mon. We'll be late for school."

Her conclusion made sense. And that was what ate at him. He couldn't get his head around her calm solution, and neither did he want to.

When he thought of her kissing some guy, it made him want to punch the living daylights out of something.


"Whoever I kiss won't be someone I like, so it won't matter."

Ranma frowned as he thought of her comment. What had she meant with that? He planned to ask her as soon as lunch came along.

He glanced at the girl again. His eyes drifted down to her lips, and he was suddenly curious of how they felt. He shook his head hard, and looked at the teacher forcing himself to listen. But his mind was not cooperating. His thoughts kept throwing him daydreams of a pair of untouched lips.

The bell rang, and Ranma was grateful.



He was suddenly pushed away from his desk by a huge pink cloud. Keiko and her gang surrounded Akane.

"We have something special for you, Akane!" Keiko exclaimed. She gestured to the some girls behind her. Ranma nimbly jumped up and grabbed onto a light fixture. He watched wearily as a long wrapped package came into view. The rest of the class crowded around the pink swarm, even standing on desks to get a better view. Akane just sat patiently, with a look of longsuffering on her face. They brought the package unto her desk.

Keiko started excitedly, "Akane, this is what you'll wear next weekend to the fair!"

The girls in pink squealed delightfully, various voices exclaiming that Akane open the package immediately.

Akane looked shocked, embarrassed, and pleased all at the same time. Ranma on the other hand was annoyed, angry, and downright pissed at the situation at hand.

She slowly unwrapped the brown paper, a black blue materiel was revealed. There was a collective gasp among the crowd, and then there were murmurs.

Ranma glared at the material. It was a new addition to the problem.

Keiko took the dress and shook it out in front of her. It shimmered in the sunlight. Even Ranma, who knew nothing of dresses or fashion, had to admit that it was quite a pretty dress.

Akane eyes widened at it. "Oh… Keiko... I—I couldn't…"

Keiko brushed away Akane's shy words. "Don't you worry about it now, it's our pleasure." Then she announced to the crowd. "This entire week we will be selling raffle tickets to Akane's kissing booth! Act fast before they all run out."

The pink swarm opened to let their president pass. Then they filed out behind her in an almost military fashion. All the males in the room took one look at Akane, the dress, and then bolted out the door, eager smiles lighting up their faces. No doubt to buy those infamous tickets. A few non Love Club members remained. They wished Akane well, and then left the classroom. Ukyo remained hovering nearby. Ranma winced when he thought of Akane and Ukyo in the same room together.

"Akane?" Ukyo said hesitantly.

Akane turned to the other girl. "Yes?"

Ukyo looked nervous, and Ranma didn't like that. "I—I think you'll look beautiful in that dress."

Akane looked surprised, but then quickly responded. "Thanks, Ukyo. That means a lot to me."

Ukyo nodded and then left quietly.

The room was empty now except for Akane and Ranma, who was still clinging to the light fixture. He watched as she sighed, her shoulders slumping in a defeated sort of way.

"What have you gotten yourself into, Akane Tendo?" she whispered

Ranma snorted. "Yeah. That's what I'd like to know."

Her eyes shot up and met his. Her brow furrowed. "What are you doing up there?"

"I didn't want to be trampled by your followers," he shrugged, and then lightly dropped to the ground. His body was tense as he stood beside her, waiting for someone to interrupt the quiet moment. But no one came.

Ranma brushed a hand through his hair.



They had both started at the same time. Ranma nodded to her. "You go first."

She looked away. "I want to apologize for last night," She said softly. Ranma gave her a puzzled look. "I guess I should've been more thoughtful of you in this situation."

Ranma had no idea what she was talking about. He was about to interrupt when she started again. "I didn't think about the effect it would have on you." She sighed. "I mean, you are my fiancé. So obviously it would affect you." She seemed to be talking to herself more than to him. She shook her head.

"I know why you don't want me to kiss other guys. It's because of your honor. I didn't think of that."

Ranma blinked. He hadn't thought of that. His honor? He didn't want her to kiss another guy simply because she was his. But she didn't have to know that. "My honor?"

She nodded. "Yuka explained to me this morning. She said that you probably cared because it would affect you honor. I mean, your fiancée going around kissing other men. It probably won't put you in the best light."

Ranma nodded, eager to have her convince herself than him having to confess anything. Or put his plan into action.

She looked up at him, and he saw… Regret?

"But, I'm sorry Ranma… I've decided that this is what I want to do. And… and you won't stop me."

Ranma's eyes widened, and then narrowed dangerously. "Oh? Is that right, Akane?"

She gulped and nodded. "But Let me explain…"

"No need, Akane. I understand perfectly." Ranma replied darkly. He wanted to grab her and shake her. What was going on in that brain of hers? "My honor doesn't mean anything to you?"

She looked shocked for a moment. "No, I—"

"Is that what you're telling me? Well, like I said before, don't worry about me or anything. Go ahead and do whatever the hell you want. I. Don't. Care. If you don't care, why should I?"

"Ranma! You don't understand! I need—"

He slapped a hand onto a desk, and it crumpled beneath the force of the hit. "No, damnit! I don't understand. And you know what? I don't want to either."

And with that, he turned and walked out of the room.

Everything that had happened in the last two days was suffocating her. So when Ranma left the room, the tears that she was holding back fell freely. It was a moment like this where she dreamed she had her mother.

But no, Life had taken that away too.

Instead, Akane folded her arms across her desk, sunk her head into the material of the dress and cried quietly. She was utterly alone.

This was a very, very depressing chapter…. I do know that. Unfortunately, I can't change it. I want EVERYONE to be depressed! No, Not really. But do not worry; give me a chance to redeem myself! The next couple of chappies will be WAY happier! I promise. Plenty, of action! I know I said that before but…. This time I do not lie.

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