Welcome to Hotel Hell

Late one Friday night, Linkin and Mindy were having hot, steamy sex in their apartment when the phone rang. Linkin could hardly hear it over Mindy's screams of orgasmic pleasure. "Hell? Whoever this is I'm kind of busy right now." Said Linkin as Mindy continued to scream with pleasure as Linking continued to fuck her. "Will you two stop fucking around!" shouted the voice at the other end which belonged to the police chief. "Some StreetTuff zoras are causing all kinds of trouble down at the Stock Pot Hotel!" I want you and Mindy to put some damn clothes on and get over there!"

Linkin and Mindy started to get dressed while Linkin filled her in as to what was going on. "I can't believe those damn StreetTuffs are fucking around again!" said Mindy as she slipped into a tightly fit pair of blue-jeans. "This is the second time this week those guys have caused trouble. Remember the StreetTuff that broke in here a few days ago?" said Linkin as he put on his long black over-coat. "I remember that was the night you fucked my brains out. Said Mindy as she started to load her gun with six bullets. She wad determined to make each of them cause unbelievable pain to whomever they were hit by.

The Stock-Pot hotel was just down the street from where Linkin and Mindy lived. Like everything else in the asphalt jungle, the Stock-Pot hotel was a broken-down hotel with each room more banged up than the last. The plumbing hardly ever worked which caused many of the floors to stay flooded. The wallpaper was non-excitant, and the wallpaper that somehow survived the harsh treatment of the hotel's decay over the years was faded to a point of near transparency. The local drug dealers and prostitutes that stayed at the hotel couldn't care less of the many flaws of the place. As long as the hotel had four walls and a roof, everyone was happy. The hotel was run by a used-up prostitute named Anju. It was said that many years ago when Anju was still a young woman, her foxy attitude and sex-appeal could out-match even Mindy's. Now Anju was middle-aged and the harsh treatment of live had all back taken away her beauty and her will to fight. She and the hotel were the same. Both of them were on the verge of falling apart.

Linkin parked the car in front of the hotel and he and Mindy walked in. Anju, out of breath and covered in sweat, met them at the front desk. Her clothes were torn in several placed and it was obvious that she had somehow managed to escape from a fight, or perhaps something worse.

"What's going on here Anju?" asked Linkin as he looked around the hotel. The place looked as run-down as always. The only difference was that there was more blood on the walls then their normally was. "A group of zoras came in here about an hour ago. They said that half of them wanted rooms on the second floor, and the other half wanted rooms in the basement. About ten minutes later, I heard gun-shots and people screaming all over the hotel." "Do you remember how many their were?" asked Linkin. "There were six of them. All of them looked like they were StreetTuffs, but that didn't bother me. The streeTuffs come here every once in a while" said Anju. "Well that's perfect baby! That makes three for me and three for you" said Mindy happily. "Mindy, you take the basement and I'll take the second floor. Be careful though. These streetTuffs don't play around."

As Linkin climbed up the stairs to the second floor, he could here people screaming in the distance. "What the fuck man! Why don't you let us go! We didn't do anything." Linkin could hear a sizzling sound as if something was being burned fallowed by the screams of the voice once again. "AAAAGH FUCK MAN!" Linkin was near the room were the voices were coming from. The door was opened just enough for him to look inside without being noticed. In the room, Linkin saw three zoras with black leather jackets and blood-stained jeans standing over a man tied to a chair. One of the zoras was holding a lit cigarette close to the man's face. "Now look stoner, we didn't say you did anything. All of us are just really bored so we figured we would come here and start killing people." The Zora was about to burn the flesh off the man's face again before Linkin kicked open the door and pulled out his gun.

When Mindy walked down the last step of the stairs down to the basement, her boots were immediately covered in two inches of water. The entire basement was flooded, but this was normal since the hotel's water-pipes were in terrible shape. As she walked carefully down the basement hall, she notices the lights flicker on and off. As she looked around on the wall, she saw a banged-up fuse box which was barely attached to the wall. Electrical sparks were shooting out of it every so often. "fuck! If that thing falls, I'm in a lot of trouble" Mindy thought as she examined the fuse box. Just hen, three zoras came out of the room across the hall. Judging by all the smoke that was flowing out of the room, and the fact that the zoras were all laughing and hanging onto each other, it was clear that they were all stoned. Mindy formed a plan as she saw the zoras walking towards her. "Hey baby! What are down you down here…. Wait… what!" said one of the zoras as he stumbled towards Mindy. "Hey boys, I heard you guys were having a party, so I thought I would come down here and show you guys a good time." Said Mindy in her smooth and seductive voice. The zoras started to stumble towards her. Thanks to the side-effects of all the weed the zoras obviously had, the thought of sex was the only thing on their mind. It clouded their judgment completely. "not so fast boys. Let's go in the next room and I'll give you guys pleasure beyond your wildest wet-dreams. Mindy led the zoras to the room across the hall. In the room, Mindy took each of the mattresses that were on the two beds and put them side-by-side on the wet floor. She then went into the bathroom and pulled off a large amount of toilet paper. After spending about a minute forming three blindfolds out of the soft fabric, She walked back into the room. "Now boys I want all of you to but these on and lay down on the bed with your pants off and your dicks out" Said Mindy as she handed each of them a blindfold. The zoras obeyed her without question.

"Well isn't this a damn shame" said Linkin as he held the gun towards the zoras. "I was hoping this would be more fun. I mean at the very least I was hoping to chase one of you down the hall fore a while, but I guess I'll just kill all of you right now." Linkin fired the gun and blew the heads off of two of the zoras. Thick blood and rain tissue covered the walls as the remaining zora and the man in the chair started to scream. "Everyone just shut the fuck up! I don't even know why you're screaming!" said Linkin as he looked at the man in the chair. "I'm here to save you and all you can do is scream your fucking head off!" Linkin held his gun pointed at the remaining zora's head. "fuck this! I want a chase and damnit I'm gonna get a chase. I'm gonna count to ten, during that time I want you to make a break for it so I can chase you down the hall" said linkin as he still held the gun towards the zora. The zora started to back away out of the room slowly as Linkin started to count. "1, 2, 3, 7. 9. 10! Here I go!" the Zora was halfway down the hall screaming his brains out as Linkin chased after him. He fired once but missed as the zora turned the corner at the last second. The zora slid into one of the rooms as Linkin was chasing him. The room had a closed window which leads to a fire escape. The zora didn't bother to open it up as he smashed through the class which cut him very badly. When Linkin entered the room. He notices the broken window and stained of blood covering it. "What a dumbass. I know these windows are hard to open, but he didn't have to jump through it. That's a sign of pure laziness" said Linkin as he calmly walked toward the window and opened it. The zora was almost down the fire escape before Linkin jumped over the railing of the fire escape and nearly crashed into the ground below before he grabbed the edge of one of the railings of the last flight of stairs down. The zora was just a few steps below him before Linkin pulled himself over the railing and grabbed the zora from behind. "Hey man you win ok!" said the zora as Linkin continued to have a tight grip around his neck. "I know." said Linkin as he shot the zora in the leg. Before the zora's screams could be heard, Linkin ran his face into the hard brick wall of the hotel and started grinding his face against the hard cement. Blood stained the brick wall as pieces of flesh started to fall of the zora's face. Linkin then pulled the zora's head back and slammed him against the wall until he heard his skull crack. "Fire escapes are for emergency only" said Linkin as he threw the zora over the railing and climbed through the window back inside.

The three Zoras had their dicks out ready for the pleasure Mindy was about to provide for them. She bent down and started to stoke two of the zora's dicks which each of her hands while her mouth sucks the remaining one. She continued this alternated between hand and mouth with each zora until all of them were moaning and panting like dogs. Each of their dicks were firm and stuck up in the air while their balls grew more closer to their dicks. This was what Mindy was waiting for as she started to rub and lick the zora's balls. "Are you boys ready for some real fun?" asked Mindy as she got up. The zoras moaned in response as pleasure over filled them. She then pulled out a sharp jagged knife that she kept inside her jacket pocket. "Ok boys. Here it comes" said Mindy as she squeezed each of the zora's dicks gently which caused the zoras to moan even more. Suddenly, Mindy jabbed the knife into each of the zora's ball-sacks one after the other. Blood, along with other fluids, spilled out of each of the zoras as an un-worldly pain came over all of them. Mindy then flipped the mattress over causing the zoras to land in the wet floor below. She could still hear the sounds of pain coming from the zoras as she walked down the hall and up a couple of stairs. Before she left completely, she shot the fuse box off the wall causing the electricity to make contact with the wet floor. For a few more seconds, Mindy could hear the screams of the zoras as she was at the top of the stairs before all the lights in the basement went out and the noises stopped.

"well it looks like our job here is done" said Linkin as he and Mindy stood at the front desk in front of Anju. "Sorry about the power going out in the basement Anju" said Mindy as she and Linkin were about to leave. Don't worry about it. You two took care of those StreeTuffs and that's all I care about" said Anju as Linkin and Mindy left. "I've got a bad feeling about these StreetTuffs. It's not like them to act this way" said Linkin as they started to drive down the road. "Hmmm don't worry about it baby" said Mindy as she began to run a hand along the front of Linkin's paints. Let's just go back home and make sweet love." "Damn Mindy you're more fired up then normal. What's going on?" Mindy smiled and licked her lips. "Let's just say there's a taste in my mouth that I'm dying to get rid off."